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August 29, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Please help me with this!!!?

Well here goes..

Im 18 and at the moment, im working on offshore installations in essex. Around a week ago, i had a day off work, and that night i went to one of the local pubs on my own. I got there and started my favourite game on the games box, which is quite a unique game. Just as i was finishing up and getting ready to leave, in walks this girl with her dad, who starts chatting to some a of the locals. At that point i wasnt really paying much attention. It was then that i realised that i still had a couple of credits left on the game box, so carried on playing . Not far into this game, this girl comes up to me and says “awww, this is my favourite game… i always play this”. From there on she started helping me out on this game through the remainder of my last two credits.
After all credtis were used, i asked her if she fancied a game of pool. And she said yes. So i racked up the balls, and got beat 3 games in a row, which is quite something, as i practice at pool on my own whenever i go to a pub.
Her dad, at this point, was chatting at the bar, so i bought the dad and daughter and drink just on last orders, and we took them outside to the quiet, where we got chatting.
This girl by then had obviously introduced herself, and i started to find more about her.
What i found out amazed me, as i never thought i would find anyone who i had as much in common with. I learnt that she plans on travelling the world, and one of her first stops is going to be rockhampton in queensland, australia. I learnt that shes the same age as me also.
That not all, but there is too much to list here, otherwise ill be sat typing this all night.

Anyway, she gave me her number and i gave her mine. Two days later, she gave me a call, asking if i wanted to meet up with her in the pub again. I said yes, and we met.
After about half an hour if sitting in that pub just chatting and learning more fascianting things about her, we decided to go into colchester to liquid nightclub, where we were until around four thirty am.
That night was a great night as i had never had so much fun, although nothing happened romantically wise.
Before she got back home that night i asked her out for the next day, yet again into colchester, and she agreed. So that next day we went into colchester, where she started to show me around the place as although i have been here 3 months, i have been working most of that time.
So after seeing a few places such as the colchester castle, she kind of slipped in the fact that she had a boyfriend, who had been seeing on and off for around a year. And from then on through out day she would occasionally drop some line about this guy, but each time she would say either “my boyfriend, or “my ex” meaning the same guy.
Shortly after she asked me if i was seeing anyone, where i told her i wasnt.
After that the day carried on as it was, until we finally got home around four pm.

It was that day i realised how much i started to like this girl, from everything i found out about her.

The next day, i was walking to work around midday, where i saw who i believe to be her boyfriend standing outside her new apartment, waiting to be let in. I then watched from the distance as she came down and opened the door and gave him a hug, not a kiss, and they went inside.

Since then i have been out around colchester with her once more, where iv gotten to love so much about her that its fair to say iv fallen head over heels.

The only question is, what do i do. Im unsure about what the situation is with her boyfriend, or weather she even likes me in the that way for sure, although she does drop what i believe are hints.

To me, its feels like this girl, is THE girl im supposed to be with.. my soul mate.

Everything just seems so magic about her, and just upon thinking of her, which i do often, i feel the strongest of connections. Just pure electric.
It must even be fate that we met how we did, just the under those circumstances, and to find we have so much rareities in common.
From how her dad acted also, i think he really likes me.

So, i guess my question today is, what do i do about this?

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, and give me some advice and share your opinions.

Please, positive replies only.

Administrator answers:

This girl likes you! No doubt about it. But shes on a roller coaster of emotions! Its annoying when girls get that way. But what can you do, right? Lol
so just hang out with her more. Show her you care, interested and stuff. Keep doing what your doing. She did ask if you were seeing anyone, right? So that tells me that shed get jealous if you were seeing someone. Im not telling you to see someone else just to make her jealous, im jsut saying shes that interested in you.
And that hug with that guy could have been anything. Did you even know who he was? He couldve been a close friend or family member for all we know. If it was the guy shes on and off with, i think she wouldve kissed him right away or told him to get lost. On and off. You know. Thats my opinion.
I think, one of these days, shell ask you out.

Mark asks…

I need help on grants?

I want to move to Beerwah Queensland,in Australia. I live in Pennsylvania in the USA. I want to become a citizen before i move there so in a few years I am going to apply for citizen ship.But anyway….i have been looking for houses or trailer(mobile homes). I can not find any mobile homes(do they have they in Queensland?). In the USA they are ALOT cheaper than a house. If i get a house the cheapest house is like 125-170,000 dollars….I do not have that much. So i wanted to get a grant or loan. But while I am in the process of moving i will not have a job! How does this whole thing work? How do i find and buy a house or mobile home in Australia,What are the laws about this in Australia? People have told me to get an apartment first,which i would do but i have pets, 3 cats,1dog,1 python,2 turtle. So alot of apartment where i live do not allow pets. HELP ME PLEASE???? If anyone lives in Australia,maybe i will see you someday! Thanks~Rachel

Administrator answers:

Grant help,

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