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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments

December 25, 2012

David asks…

What was the average low-to-middle income rent in 1979 on 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments?

Writing a book and in the given time, I was not a renter (too young), but wondering what rent was on your average 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in your average suburban area. Personal experience would be preffered, or directions to a relaible website on the subject.

Administrator answers:

Personal experience: Around $100 for a one-bedroom, around $150 for a two bedroom, in Austin, Texas.

And we thought it was highway robbery at the time!

Daniel asks…

what would a monthly cost for utilities in a 2 bedroom apartments cost in tennessee?

My boyfriend and I are looking to move into a 2 bedroom one bath apartment, and i was curious as to what the expenses would run

Administrator answers:

TN is a big state, and there are hundreds of variables that go into rental costs.
Look in the local paper.

Steven asks…

Rate for 2 bedroom apartments to rent in Edmonton?

For those from, what are the going rates for a decent 2 bedroom apartment in Edmonton. As well, what parts of Edmonton should one avoid. I have a child 11 years old and would like it to be a family/kid friendly are that is still near public transportation (to start) and schools.

Administrator answers:

The Edmonton housing market is really tight right now and finding affordable rental housing can be quite a challenge. That said, rents are stabilizing and a two bedroom apartment can be found for around $1000-$1200/mo.

Areas to avoid? Boyle, McCauley, Alberta Ave. You’ll find the cheapest rent, but the most undesirable neighbors.. These are inner-city neighborhoods.. Mill Woods or anything in the West end would meet your needs, and if you can afford something more expensive, the South side.

Good Luck!

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