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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments

July 25, 2013

Sharon asks…

What are the occupancy allowances for 1 & 2 bedroom apartments in Joliet, IL?

I am pregnant and my husband and I are looking for an apartment. We really can’t afford a 2 bedroom but we can’t find any places willing to rent a 1 bedroom for two adults with a baby on the way. I was told by one guy that the reason due to the city of Joliet “cracking down” on apartment occupancy. I just wanted to know the actual ordinance and what it states.

Administrator answers:

Call the Town Building Code Enforcement Office and ask for a copy of Zoning Laws, State Regulations and the Occupancy rate. Every state it is 2 to a bedroom. Some landlords will let an infant stay in 1 bedroom but they are hard to find

Paul asks…

Approximate costs per month for low-mid end 2 bedroom apartments in Bridgewater, MA?

I am looking to rent an apartment in bridgewater, MA next fall with a friend. We are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment relatively close to the state college. Does anyone know the range of cost for a lower end apartment of that nature would be? All the apartments online are higher end, and we arent looking for that. Any feedback would be great, thank you.

Administrator answers:

Expect 1200-1500 per month.

Chris asks…

What do 2 bedroom apartments generally run in north miami beach area or a short drive from that area?

I’m looking for an answer from someone who knows the area. I’ll be bringing children down there so it needs to be a safe area. I’m not opposed to houses…I’m more looking for the lowest rent ranges while still paying enough to be staying above dangerous and run down apartments and areas. Any info/advice would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Best thing would be to google it i haven’t been shopping for a house in a while.

Richard asks…

Where can I find information on 2 bedroom apartments in Cabo San Lucas?

Everywhere I have searched, all I come up with are VACATION rentals. I am not interested in spending $3,000 a night for a beach front property. My friends and I would like to move to Cabo and have an affordable two bedroom apartment. Something in the price range of $500. Is this possible? No hostels, no private parties. Can anyone answer this one? Thank You!

Administrator answers:

I would check the local newspapers in that area, or even call a Realtor, some real estate offices have rentals available. If none of that works..
Here are a couple of websites you can try…

Good luck!

Robert asks…

1 bedroom apartment for 650 2 bedroom apartments for 760 and 825 which to choose?

0 kids are involved
8 hours ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
the 650 is 1 bedroom with normal size living room and normal size bedroom

the 760 is 2 bedroom with mid size living room small bedroom and a normal size bedroom

the 825 is 2 bedroom with normal living room small bedroom and normal bedroom

which would be best buy for a boyfriend/girlfriend couple?

Administrator answers:

That’s a pretty big price range. Although I would prefer to have a 2 bedroom place, where someone could just go into extra room for some privacy, what can you comfortably afford.

If you got the $650, you could be saving up for a house, but if you needed to be alone or if someone needs to spend the night, you’re cooked.

The $760 seems to have a smaller living room, but may be the best compromise.

The $850 seems to have a slightly bigger living room, but the bedrooms are pretty much equal.

I think I’d go with the $760, for comfort and economy, but maybe the $650 to start up a little nest egg instead.

Thomas asks…

What is the average water bill for a 2 bedroom apartment, and how do your apartments calculate your rate?

For example my apartments calculate based on square footage and how many people live in the apartment

Administrator answers:

In my state, if each apt. Doesn’t have a separate meter, the water has to be included as part of the monthly rent. The land lord can not charge anything for the water.

Just for your info, two people usually use about 5,000 gallons each month. Find out what the water cost in your area for 5,000 gallons and you should be fine.

Steven asks…

2 bedroom apartments in Fort Myers, what do people pay for water gas electricity trash sewer cable internet?

I am a college student and am looking at apartments and would like to know what how much I need.

Administrator answers:

Electric $80

Gas (if you have it) $25. If you have gas, your electric will be lower.

Water $25

Trash-Sewer usually included in water bill or paid by landlord.

Internet $25 sometimes included

Cable tv $25 sometimes included

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