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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments In Boston

June 28, 2013

Richard asks…

Area of Boston that has affordable rent and decent schools?

can anyone tell me ideas of areas to move in Boston that are affordable(2 bedroom apartment like under 1100 a month) and the schools are decent or good? I am looking into Malden and Quincy so far. I would also like Waltham..but it’s more of a commute(I have a car but my sons father and family do not and live in Boston)..anyone?

Administrator answers:

I would look at Somerville or Medford. Schools are better because you have more grad students and young professionals. And they have very good public transportation. Even better is Arlington, but it may be hard to find apartments in that price range. (I grew up in Cambridge, so I only know that side of town.)

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