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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments In Dallas Tx

November 13, 2012

Mandy asks…

Are there any apartments in Dallas that allow cats AND bunnies?

Me & two other friends are looking to move next May to a 2 bedroom apartment in Dallas, TX (I’ll be the single roomer.. D: forever alone.).

I currently have a sweet little domestic shorthair kitten named Cupcake, & i’m hoping to get an American fuzzy lop bunny soon to complete my Forever Alone family. But i’m waiting until i find out if there are even any apartments in that area, that will allow me to have one. (I don’t want to sneak one in, & risk getting evicted o_o)

I’ve noticed, in my search, that some are “pets allowed”, and a few specify that they only want cats, or dogs under 25 pounds, but some others just want you to, like, call or something. And I would, but then i’d feel really stupid if they said no.. I’m weird like that.

So yeah, if you’ve ever lived in that area & know of a place that allows bunnies/kitties, PLEASE answer? :)
Oh, and my friend CeCe also wants to get a dog. I don’t know what kind.
So…one doesn’t exist? :(
Okay, it’ll just be me & Cupcake then. Plus my roommates. And a dog, if CeCe decides to get one (she’s kinda back-and-forth on it right now, so i guess we’ll see.) But as soon as I move out (much, much later, of course) into a house, I will finally have my bunny :) it will be adorable. :3

Administrator answers:

Yes indeed

Betty asks…

Any nice apartments under $900 in Dallas, TX near SMU-North Central Expressway Area?

I need a nice 1-2 bedroom apt all bills paid under $900 ASAP in Dallas TX near SMU and North Central Expressway. Please REPLY

Administrator answers:

Try contacting an Apartment locator, their service is free.

Linda asks…

High for an electricity bill in Dallas, TX?

Just wondering if $115 is a lot for a month’s electricity bill in a 2nd floor one bedroom apartment? I keep it set from 78-79 most of the time. The lowest I have ever gone was 77, and that’s rare. I thought it would be around $70-80 a month.
Thanks, I guess it just seemed a little high. I’m coming from California where I didn’t have an electricity bill.

Administrator answers:

That a normal price to pay.

Sandra asks…

Maybe moving to Dallas, TX….need advice and information?

I am looking at moving to Dallas for job reasons, and I need to know opinions on living here and some specific questions like #1. Where are some of the nicer, safer, yet still affordable suburbs to live? #2. How much could I expect to pay for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with at least 1,000 sq ft in a good neighborhood? #3. Is it true you don’t pay state income tax (or is it sales tax)? Does this significantly help with your paychecks? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

We moved here from So. Calif. A year ago, and should have done that alot sooner! I love it here! No state income tax, but the property taxes are double in California:) … The northern suburbs of Dallas are really nice, and very safe. Frisco and Plano are quite large cities, and have a wide variety of price ranges. Richardson is just north of Dallas, and is probably the cheapest of the northern suburbs to look at, although I think it gets “safer” as you get farther away from the city:) …. Allen and McKinney are wonderful places to live, but you’ll travel at least 30 min to get to Dallas … So it depends where you’ll be working …..WELCOME!

Jenny asks…

Apartments in Longview, TX?

My husband and I will be moving to Longview, TX from Dallas this summer because he is going to attend LeTourneau University. We are currently searching for apartments, but I’m a little disappointed because every place I see seems to be outdated or ugly. Does anyone know of any good apartments in Longview that aren’t too incredibly expensive? We’d like to pay around 800 for a 2 or 3 bedroom. If anyone has any personal experience of living in Longview apartments, please share! Thanks! :o )
Also, any information on a rental home would be great because we have an 18-month-old daughter and we’d love to give her a yard to play in.

Administrator answers:

This is a 2/1 duplex ($695/mo.) that has washer/dryer connections and covered parking. It’s in Hallsville which is just 15 minutes East of Longview. The yard is professionally maintained. You might want to call and see if it has a fenced yard or just and open yard for a swing.


This 2/2 townhome ($695/mo.) has w/d connections, is cable ready and has a small, fenced yard. It’s on the Northwest side of Longview.


These two links are for the Longfellow Arms Apartments (2/2 $855 to $895/mo) with w/d connections, covered parking, available detached garages, and high speed internet. It also has garden tubs.


This is the website all these rental properties came from.

Helen asks…

I am moving to Dallas TX from Mass and dont know the area..What is a nice affordable and safe place to live?

I am looking right now at the 75N area near 635. I would like an apartment that is 2 bedrooms and allows dogs, but doesnt cost more than $900..Is this possible to find in a good safe area of dallas???? Any suggestions would be great, esp. from people that know the Dallas area

Administrator answers:

It all depends on what type of place you’re looking to live in. If you’re looking for something like Boston, then you’re SOL. If you’re looking for something like Lexington/Burlington, etc, then many of the suburbs will suit you well.

The 75/635 area is a bit like Cambridge/Allston in that it’s outside the main city, but pretty close. Plenty of stores, etc around.

If you can add more info, I’d be glad to help!

For now, a great source you can use are the TX apartment locators. They have a database of just about every apartment complex in the metroplex and can help screen out apartments to fit your needs to help save you a lot of legwork once you get out here.

Here’s their website.


Hope that helps!

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