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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments In Morgantown Wv

September 11, 2012

Steven asks…

Donations for 2 rescued dogs? (baby items, outgrown dog toys, etc.)?

Hi all! I’ve been fostering a gorgeous brindle 2 year old boy, and a 2 month aussie (whom I think I may keep). My apt is very large and I have a huge backyard with a zip line that you can attach runs to so the dogs can run around everywhere they’d like outside. (we love to play.) My only problem is that my Aussie refuses to leave my side. I’m a college student and my apartment only has 2 doors, one for the bedroom and one for the bathroom.

If anyone has any old baby things such as baby doors, play pens, cribs, baby gates, or even just puppy and dog stuff that you’ve outgrown (crates, pens, etc) Please either message me or let me know.

The crate I have to housetrain the aussie was the 2 year olds, so it’s much too big and I have to block parts of it off (no accidents) so I would REALLY love anything for smaller animals.

I’m located in Morgantown, Wv. But my family home is in Maryland, so if you have something we can work something out.


It’d be GREATLY appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I hope someone in your area sees this and can help you out with a few things. I checked craigslist in your area and there were like hardly any ads…it’s so different from Seattle where I live! You can find pretty much everything on craigslist here. It might not hurt to put an ad in the pet section anyhow…maybe someone will see it and have a few things for you.

Ruth asks…

Can someone recommend a good book or website I can look up different types of homes, Colonial etc? Illustrated?

Im looking to relocate to my dream home in Marietta GA in the Walton High School District. Im coming from Morgantown WV so I have absolutely no knowledge of the area, visited once. I plan to come visit for a week to look at some homes in the next few months. I actually want a book or website I can go to to look up different types of houses, preferably illustrated with descriptions as to why this house is different from this etc. Ive been in several apartments and currently reside in a quadruplet home with a lot of space. Ive been to nice homes and I know what I want and dont want. And while we’re on the subject if anyone knows a good realtor in Marietta GA, I’d like to connect with one. Im looking to rent for now but if the home is everything Im looking for I may consider buying since I plan to live here until my 3 year old can go to high school and college.

A home in the Walton High School District of Marietta Ga
1700+ sq ft
3 bedroom
2.5 bathroom
LARGE walk in closet in master bedroom
basement (prefer finished but not mandatory)
master bedroom large enough to accommodate a king size bed, 2 dressers and a 40″ television. (The smallest room Ive ever been in is the one Im in now. Its so hectic, I keep hitting my knee on the dresser and my foot n the bedpost)

Detached but will consider a townhome with all of the above
3 Level but any home w/ a basement works
pool in neighborhood
pantry in kitchen
carpeted bedrooms while rest of house is hard wood floors
full bath in basement
ceiling fans
fireplace in living room
back porch/deck (not concerned about front porch or deck)
fenced yard
oversized tub in master bedroom
all electric utilities

Thank you everyone.
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Administrator answers:

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