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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments Lincoln Park Chicago

May 16, 2012

Robert asks…

I’m looking for affordable apartments near lincoln park, Chicago.?

My sister and I will be moving to Chicago in November and are looking for 2-3 bedroom apartments near downtown. I have looked at Atrium Village apartments and it says the 3 bed 2 bath apartments start out at around 1,200 a month. I have yet to contact them. I am really excited to transfer from rural life to city life, but I want the move to be scary and hectic. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. FYI My sister is 21 and I am 18. We will be splitting the monthly rent and sharing the cost of all the aspects of the apartment. We will both have to find jobs, however, during the time of move I will have around $15,000 in my bank account so I know I will be stable for a while. Sorry I know this all seems jumbled up, but it is our first move and I need to know as much as possible. Thank you!!

Administrator answers:

I would read up on Atrium Village, not too sure about that. If someone lives next door and they’re on Section 8, they can stay up all night while you have to go to work in the morning.

You need a locator.
This is just one example,

Joseph asks…

How/Where can I get the best deal on an 3 bedroom apartment in Chicago?

*Central AC
*Washer/Dryer in unit
*3+ Bedroom
*2+ Bathroom
*Rent less/equal to $2,100/mo (total)
-lincoln park

**parking & balcony would help influence

Administrator answers:

Subscribe to the local paper, and/or check Craig’s list for the areas you are interested in.

Susan asks…

nice neighborhoods in chicago?

i am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in chicago for no more than $2,500. I want to live in a nice area with a low crime rate, very clean, and decent apartments. I heard Hyde Park, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and Rogers Park were nice. Does anyone have any information on them or an area i can live?

Administrator answers:

Hands down answer is Lincoln Park, as close to Lincoln Park and Lincoln Park Zoo and Old Town and Lake and Downtown as possible. Get a place with a park and lake and downtown view; southeast corner. Good luck. You should have no problem. Try the street called N. Lindoln Park West, working from south to north. Peace

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