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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans 1000 Sq Ft

December 2, 2012

Mark asks…

3 Ton A/C for 1096 sq. ft. cinder block home?

I have a house that is made completely of cinder block (even interior walls). I also have single pane windows and a metal roof with no insulation what so ever. It is a open floor plan 2 bedroom home. My question is that I had a 2 ton unit that went out last week and the HVAC gentleman said a 2.5 ton would work but really suggested a 3 ton. The 3 ton is $1000 more and I really want to be sure that I have the most efficient A/C for my size house and building materials. Humidity tends to build quite a bit because of the st up. I like to trust the professionals but don’t think it hurts to get a second opinion. Thank you all. Note: it is a dry air unit, whatever that means.
I also wanted to add that I am in Texas with very hot summers. It has been 100-112F for 2 weeks straight and my 2 ton unit ran 24/7 no matter what the thermo-stat was set to.
The $1000 extra dollars also includes going from .5 to 1 inch copper lines as well as new coils.

Administrator answers:

No way a 2 ton unit will cool this home. You already know that. I wouldn’t bet on a 3 ton doing the job. The home you describe is almost impossible to cool in 100+ degree heat. Needless to say, invest in some insulation of some kind! Good luck!

One thing I don’t understand is your statement concerning going from 1/2 to 1 inch copper lines. Are you speaking about refrigerant lines? A 3 ton unit normally has 5/8 suction amd 3/8 inch liquid lines. Increasing this line size will not make a difference. Actually they need to remain the correct size.

Sandra asks…

real estate law question?

Here is my problem, My wifes grandparents are 85 and 91yrs old. They own a 1800 sq. ft. 2 story home that they have lived in for the past 17 years. Their property taxes are 1100 dollars under the current SOH and homestead plan. Without the exemptions the taxes would be 6700 dollars based on a market value of $284,000 per the county website. The grandmother has not been upstairs in over 5 years due to physical reasons and of course that is where the bedrooms and bathtubs are. So they have their beds downstairs in the dining room and she baths herself with a washcloth and a bucket. My wife and I live in a 1 story 1000 sq. ft. home with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths which was fine for us until we had our first daughter 3 years ago and then twins girls last year. Our taxes are 985 dollars a year under the current SOH and homestead plan, we have lived here for 9 years. Without the exemptions the taxes would be 3300 dollars. The grandparents have offered to swap houses with us which would help all of us out. We need more room with the children and they need for grandma to shower for obvious health reasons. They intend to leave the house to my wife after they pass anyway so they figure why not do the switch now. They dont want to buy my house but are willing to rent it to cover our current mortgage payments. How, if any, is there a way to make the move without the property taxes jumping to 10,000 dollars a year between the two properties. The $2100 in property taxes we pay now between the grandparents and ourselves we can handle but jumping to 10 grand seems absurd since neither of us are anywhere close to being rich. They are obviously retired and living on a small fixed income and we are tapioca due to the cost of 3 kids and only 1 income producer as my wife stays home with the kids. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I say we make the switch without saying anything to anyone but grandpa doesnt want grandma to get thrown in the pokie in the county finds out. Thanks for your time
We live in Florida

Administrator answers:

What you’re proposing to do is considered fraud. Their taxes are cheaper due to age and homestead exemption. If they do not live in the home, they cannot claim homestead exemption. Period.

If you get caught, not only will you have the additional taxes to pay, but back taxes, interest and penalties.

If you can’t afford it, then don’t do it – same as everyone else.

Linda asks…

CPS in north cali.. should I report?

Im a neighbor in a duplex, with single car garages separating the two units. Two bedroom duplex, one bathroom 1950s era construction. Large backyard, small front yard. Just to give a description of the floor plan and housing size. Approx 1000 sq ft. Ive been a tenant for 2+ years and they had moved in Dec 08. They moved in with 3 adults (300+lbs) and 4 children. As well as babysit for income 3x week. Long story short, They’re over all loud people, who’s voices carry, but Saturday i heard a woman yell to one of the children “if you dont shut the fu*k up, im going to slam your head through the wall” .. Needless to say, children are defenseless. The oldest child is 9-11 and she seems to be in the same repetitive actions as her family.

Am i butting my nose in (because its been made public by their general actions of lack of tone control) or should i report it? Ive heard CPS in california is shotty, at best. Im at a loss. Those kids are still young enough to be helped without serious counseling. Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Actually your better bet would be to check out the zoning for the duplex.

I believe that if it is as you say, they have too many people living under that roof. 2 bedrooms and 7 people does not add up.

It also sound as if they are running a daycare out of there. If so the they need to be licensed.

CPS in Northern California is a crap shoot. Think back to that poor boy in Tracy who was being tortured. He was under control of CPS.

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