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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans In Philippines

August 12, 2012

Jenny asks…

Buying a house in the Philippines

I actually bought a house and lot in the Philippines. My husband doesnt like the house I got because it was too small so i am planning to change it from 2 bedrm & 1 bathrm to 3 bedrm and 2 bathrm. For the 2 bedrm house lot size is 120 square meter and house size is 40 sq meter. As for the 3 bedroom lot is 132 sq meter and house is 60 sq meter. Prices for 2 bedroom is P1,300,000 and 3 bedroom is P1,900,000. Is it worth to change from 2 bedroom w 1 bathrm to 3 bedroom with 2 bathrooms???
Actually, im in school finishing what I started 7 yrs ago hehe got married to early. anyways, my husband is the one working. He’s white american and Im filipina. The market value is Cagayan de oro is going up. So, it would be a really good investment for us since we dont have enough money to buy a house in California. We would love to own a vacation house in the Philippines where once in awhile we can get away from America. (i grew up in USA and just got tired of living the fast phase) We figured why not buy a house in the Philippines while we are still young and we can afford it?? The only problem is if its worth getting a 3bdrm and 2 bathrm for that price??Well, most newer subdivisions around in Cagayan with 132 sq meter lot runs around 2 mil. Also the community has swimming pool, 24 hr security, private service, clubhouse, soccer field, basketball court, tennis court,playground and a mini park. So, its really nice esp we have a kid :) TY all
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Administrator answers:

Quantitatively speaking, the only factors that matter are:

1) If the price for the larger 3br is at or below whatever the current market value for other such homes in the area go for–then yes, it’s worth it.

2) If the 3br now meets your minimum standards for liveability then yes, it’s worth it.

3) Last and most important, if you can actually afford the home without having to bend over backwards to pay for it…then yes, it’s worth it.

Too many people don’t understand #3 and are paying for it dearly now.

John asks…

how much to rent a nice house in the Philippines?

I planned on spending around $400/mo or around 10k per year on a 3 bedroom home

Then I spoke to someone who had lived there for a long time and basically responded like “what?!?”

He then told me around 5k US would get you a nice house easily and would last a year, he said that was even expensive

So now that leads me here. I plan on being a dive instructor and have yet to decide on where I want to specifically move. I want to move to a Christian part of the Phils and I was thinking Cebu or Puerto Galera. However the guy told me to watch out for the Muslim terrorist areas and said most of the Phils are Muslim and small sections are Christian. I think he is wrong but he’s an older philippino guy, like 40, and he may be right cause he used to live there.

Anyway can someone point me into an area given what I’m lookin for, and what to expect to pay for a nice house in that area?

Should I buy a vehicle when I move and are they expensive?

Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

If you want to rent a “nice” 3 br home in a gated/guarded subdivision you are looking at P20,000 minimum up to P30,000. I live in Iloilo City on the island of Panay (that big island south of Boracay). Iloilo City is about 4 hours driving time to Boracay beach and the gateway to Boracay durring peak season.

We have a few diving instructors here that offer instruction locally or take them on “package deal” diving trips to Boracay.

Iloilo City is smaller than Cebu, but offers many of the same ammenties. I.E. Good medical care, shopping malls, resorts and resturants.

Nost of the Philippines in the Visayas (Middle) and to the north twars Luzon are Christian. When you hit Mindano and past the city of Davo it is mainly Muselum and where all the “hot spots” are.

The big cities like Manilla and Cebu the cost of living is about 30% higher than here in the visayas.

Public transportation is no problem here with many Jeepney and trikes and they are a cheap way to get around. P70 by cab will get you from one end of town to the other. So a car is not reaslly a necessity and trust me, you don’t want to drive here.
If you buy a vehicle you should get a driver. A good one will cost you P5,000 a month plus room and board.

If your looking to buy decent used transportation such as a Tammarrow fx (small toyota no frills suv) your looking at P200,000. If your looking for a nice double cab pickup in good condition expect to pay P300,000 to P400,000. A used big suv like a crosswind will cost P500,000 to P600,000.

Furnished homes and apartments don’t exist here. Neither do short term rentals. One year lease with 2 months down as security and first month upfront is the norm.
The cheapest way to go is to stay in a decent pensione house. P15,000 a month for a room with aircon, hot water and catv.

Feel free to write me offlist if you’d like to know more from an american living here.

Richard asks…

Can anybody tell me how much are the prices of cement and wood tiles in the Philippines?

I am planning to build a 3 bedroom house but my budget is not that high. It is about 200 sq. m. and my lot is 450 sq. m. I would like what are the prices of cement (for one bag) and of the wood tiles (per sq. m). Any brand that is available in the Philippines would do.

By the way, I live in Mindoro Oriental.

Administrator answers:


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