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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans India

June 8, 2012

Lizzie asks…

I am relocating to Redwood City, CA from India with my family and interested in buying a house?

Hi, I am relocating to Redwood City, California for work with Oracle HQ. We want to buy a house mortgage. We would be able to make a down-paymentt of 20,000 dollars. Pls advice on:

1. Would it be good to buy a house since we plan to stay in USA for more than 7 years?

2. Without any credit history in USA, would it be possible to get mortgage backed house? would my job with Oracle and the liquid cash of 20,000 be of any help?

3. I have a small boy of 1 and half years old? What kind of house can we go for if we want to invest the minimum possible (1 bedroom, or 2 bedroom)

4. Since my office is in Redwood City and we woudl prefer to stay closest to the office. Is there any locality that would suit our type of family, need, cost more than other?
Addionally, would like to share my monthly income before taxes is $5000. Pls advice if this is good to survive for a family of 3 and also to buy house on mortgage.

Administrator answers:

You do not have enough money to buy anything in Redwood City. 20,000 is not very much money.

You can most likely afford something in East Palo Alto (which is a different cit then Palo Alto). It is a short commute into Redwood City.

You can not legally live in a 1 bedroom in CA with your child. You have to have at least 2 bedrooms. A 2 bed in East Palo Alto will cosst about 300,000 and in Redwood City is 400-500,000

Carol asks…

relocating to india?

We live in US and have been here for past 10 years. Our son is 4 years. We belong to Uttar Pradesh. We visit India every 2 years. So, we do not have much idea about salary or real estate there.

We are planning to move to India for good in next one year. The decision was taken for personal reasons. We want to settle down in Mohali, Panchuka , Chandigarh area.

Can someone tell us how much salary can I expect to get there. I have worked in .Net and java for past 10 years as a developer and team lead. Also, how much does an average house cost? Say 3 bedroom independent house? No flats.

I know the questions are too vague. But all I need is to get a rough idea of what I can expect to face in India. Will the salary cover the expenses there? Remember money is not a decision maker here. So, as long as I can earn median salary and we can live an average middle class life, we are fine.

Also, any information about these cities will be greatly appreciated. We have no idea about these ci

Administrator answers:

Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula form what is called the Tricity. Real estate prices are comparable in all 3 cities. Independent houses and plots are slightly more difficult to purchase simply because there are less numbers up for sale and most of them have been re-sold quite a few times. Plus there is not too much space left in good areas where new plots/construction can come up.

All said, the tricity is a good option. I have stayed in Chandigarh for 2 years and will vouch for that. Quality of life is also good considering the good roads, civic ameneties, peaceful life and generally good people.

With your job experience, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get a decently paid job. But I should tell you that, on an average, the salaries and opportunities in Tricity are lower than Delhi/Gurgaon. However, the scene is improving with major companies slowly establishing bases there. Infosys, IBM Daksh, Quark, etc. Are already there.

Prices of independent 3 bedroom house is a bit difficult to pin point as that depends on location, quality of the construction as various other factors. I am sure you will agree to this. Going by the rates of flats going there, you will have to look at figures upwards of 1.25 crore rupees for a 3 bedroom independent house.

Ken asks…

How is it living in Singapore?

Hi all,

I am planning to move to Singapore from India.

I have a few questions and would be really greatful to all of you if you could assist me with your inputs!

1. Is a salary around 5000 SGD good for a single guy?
2. I would like to stay alone in a good house, 1 or 2 bedroom, fully furnished. How much will it cost, including average expenses for water and electricity?
3. How are things like laundry, ironing of clothes etc done? And how expensive is it?
4. How well furnished will the house be?
5. Can I get a condo for a single person – independent, will not share – for about 1200 SGD?
6. How expensive is travel?
7. Does it make more sense to stay away from main city, considering that i have heard that it is not more than 40 minutes from one end to another in Singapore? Will the rents be cheaper here?

Thanks a ton in advance!!


Administrator answers:

I’ve been all over India in my younger days, so this is my unbiased opinion.

1. Yes, if you wish to continue an average lifestyle.
2. 2,000 SGD should do it, rent, utilities, property tax if applicable (probably not)
3. Erm, the same way you do laundry in India? Minus the Dhobis of course. Seriously, no comment about that question. If what you mean was are there facilities to get a service wash, dry cleaning etc, the answer is yes, of course. But seriously, unless you work till 11pm at night everyday, I don’t see why you can’t do it yourself (unless you don’t know how – well, then u just need to learn =) )
4. If 2000sgd, pretty good, decent. Golden rule, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
5. Condo, No. Simple flat/HDB, yes.
6. If you are earning 5000sgd per month, not expensive. Your maximum transport cost from any part of the island to another using bus or MRT will never exceed 5SGD a day.
7. First, I doubt you can find a place to stay in the city. If you are indian, and from the sound of it, probably can’t cook (no offence), stay near little india, you can eat all your meals there happily. Staying near Bugis is ideal, you are on the fringe of the Central business district, and yet at the same time near everything else you might want.

You are very welcome and I hope you enjoy your time in Singapore.

William asks…

Is it wise to keep staying in a smaller house, instead of a big one to avoid in-laws staying over.plz advice?

I live in a rental one bedroom near NYC and it is very very posh. Its a highrise building with sweeping views and lots of people around. I have a fear that when my MIL and FIL visit from India they might just like it too much. Right now we cannot afford a two bed in this area and when we have start a family we plan to rent a 2 bed. I have very irritating in-laws, both are retired and love coming from India to live with us and my BIL. My BIL (hubbys bro) bought a huge house and ended up housing them for almost 3 months last yr whereas I had a small apartment and so we had a reason to tell them to go sooner and they did not feel bad.
I need some very honest advice and please dont joke and make fun of this question. I have an honest query and need honest answers.
Thanks much

Administrator answers:

If they can afford to travel here, then can they afford a hotel too? Maybe suggest an efficiency motel room for an extended stay. Sounds like you have a lovely home now, I wouldn’t move until MY child needed its own room, as babies do not need their own space for awhile.
Make sure you respect your husbands wishes , as they are his parents and you do not want to insult him/them.

Michael asks…

Savings in Saudi Arabia?

Hello, I have been offered a job in Dammam, KSA by a reputed company. I have more than 12 years of experience in India as a civil engineer in the consultancy field. The package offered to me is as follows:

1. Monthly salary: 11K SAR
2. Transportation allowance: 1.1K SAR
3. Housing allowance: 2.75K SAR

Annual bonus, annual one month paid vacation with return tickets for self and family, children’s education and medical expenses will be borne by the company.

I need advice on the following:

1. Is the compensation package offered reasonable in the current market conditions?
2. Will I be able to acquire a new car on lease / instalment basis with the transportation allowance of 1.1K SAR per month. Which is a better option among lease and instalment?
3. I plan to live in KSA alone. Will I be able to save around 10K SAR per month with the salary offered if I live an average life in a single bedroom furnished apartment/house

Thanks in anticipation of a reply

Administrator answers:

1) 11K in Saudi is a decent pay.

2) You can buy used cars like Toyota Corolla, Nissan Tida for really low prices.Fuel is really cheap in Saudi (less than 1 riyal per litre).Maybe you can share a car with other employees if you decide to stay together.Anyway don’t try to depend on public transport and it is nearly non-existent.

3) You should ask a housing allowance of 4-5K.

4) I appreciate your decision in not bringing your family.Saudi youngsters (both male and female) have no respect for foreigners.

John asks…

how to deal wth desperate mother-in-law?

mine is an arranged marriage wherin my MIL liked me a lot for her son.after marriage she didnt let me go wth my husband n politely made me to live wth them soon after my FIL,MIL n me joined my husband later n started living together.after knowing our honeymoon plan, she again started scheming to come wth husband is perfect n loves me a lot .though we didnt go to our honeymoon vacation as hubby found it very complicated to go to honeymoon wth his parents n we postponed it.then tiptoed we both planned our honeymoon as an official tour wherin only wives are allowed.then i saw her politely scheming so many times that i started having depression n occasional burst outs in our bedroom wth my hubby.though i didnt stop ignoring them n always treated them well n looked to thr each n every needs…used to play cards wth them so that they dont get bored,used to do grocery shoppings wth them.whatever i’ll buy alone wth my hubby, they used to make faces n never liked my choice.she then started making faces when even for half an hour i’ll go out wth my hubby n one day when i was leaving to buy a quick grocery wth my hubby, she said that me n my hubby enjoys n they are at our house as a caretakers of our house.n she said this even when i always took them for shopping ,to every friend’s home,, n my hubby never went out alone without was only thrice that i went out alone wth my hubby n that too coz it was late at night n we have to buy something very important quickly n its useless to take out car for that when we can go quickly in bike.then gradually my hubby also started feeling scared sitting wth me in front of her parents n even talking to me.
opportunity came n we both came mil did whatever she could to split she called my father n cried in front of him n asked him to separate our wedding n that ur daughter fights a lot wth thr son.on the contrary, i was having such a nice time wth my hubby n it was like the honeymoon we never had after our marriage coz my desperate MIL.
i always wanted a family where thr are elders at hubby is thr only son n FIL is always nice to me n we kind of make a perfect family…its just my MIL wants that everybody in family give importance to only her n revolves around her n craves for my daughter is born n she is just 5 months…we called then abroad on travelling visa to stay wth us n have some nice family time wth them.i was so happy when they were coming n even erased all bad behaviour that she did to me after marriage just to enjoy a nice family time coz i cannot ignore them.i dont want to treat them as a responsibility but as a close knit family n also thought over the times she knew where she did wrong but to my greatest surprise after arriving here within 3 days she kind of snatched my infant daughter from me n made me a daughter who is just 5 months is crying in my lap n is longing for my mil is not leaving my daughter even for a second in my hands n constantly saying that we will take her to india n u can plan for a secong child n give my daughter to them.OMG i got terrified.i breastfeed my baby 2 times in a day alongwth formula feeding,. so she even came to my room where i was breastfeeding her .n said u can feed her in front of me.i was like NO MUMMY ….i cant feed her in front of U.she is not leaving my daughter even for a second even while breastfeedind her. though today i spoke to my hubby n he kind of took my daughter for a while n gave her to me as well. n all this time i can see the look at my MIL’s face.she was thing is grandma’s love…but her love seems to be abnormal.i wanted a family time n kind of took the birth of my daughter as an oppurtunity to start living together for the rest of thr lives but she seemed impossible to me. still i cant ignore them n wamt them to live wth us always but i find myself quite at loss to deal wth her…need suggestions folk
also whenever i tried having discussions wth mil in d past over some issues…she never understood n always raised a fight at home.hubby feels scred of her but is ready to scheme wth me for having a blissful family time.its just that we are short of ideas to deal wth mil is obsessive type of lady…like if she likes any dress of particular colour, she will have it come what may.i am like i dont get any desire of having particular dress in partcular only.on d copntrary she has a deep desire to the limit of i feel scared coz after marriage she cudnt bare to see her son in luv wth me n then we had some occasional fights.when she cudnt control our marital life, her focus changed to my daughter.if she’ll start luving her too much ..she wont control herself some weeks later to see my daughter in my hands or even smiling at me.plz advice.

Administrator answers:

Good thing is ur hubby is supportive..
If u r being nice to her she is taking advantage of just be nice with her if ur hubby is at other times start giving back answers..
Make her life uncomfortable with u guys ..u and ur hubby make her realize that she is third person in the life and she is dependant to u the following
1. Take ur baby and go out with ur hubby out in weekends.
2. Both of u show love towards each other in front of her
3. Ask ur hubby to just ignore what ever she says against u..ask him to be supportive to u
4. Be nice to ur FIL
If ur MIL says that she is in house as caretaken then tell her to enjoy with her hubby and give her house keys and some money.
I knw the above 4 are bit uncomfortable..but if u do those she will accept the fact that she is mother in law and not ur hubbys wife. She is third person and she cannot break ur relation ship with hubby..
She has to be scared of breaking things.
Tell ur hubby nicely tht ” ur mom is unable to accept me as we are away from each other when she is at home and not going out.she will accept me if she sees tht our bonding is strong. We have been sacrificing but nothing has let us try this.”
Dont give ur baby to her continuously, like give ur baby 2 her when hubby is at home..later tell him tht ur mil is not giving ur baby 2 u..
U need be bit cruel and tactful to thez kind of women..and dont play cards or entertain her..just go out with ur frnds, baby and enjoy..let the old lady stay alone at home and knw things.
If u think of them to stay with u permanently then ur married life will get effected. Send her to hometown asap….may be u can think of it once ur baby grows up well enough .

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