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June 17, 2013

John asks…

Explain this dream – werewolfs?

I dreamt I was camping with some friend, ironically they were similar to a book series I used to love to read. By the way I hate camping with out a cabin. So, In the dream I had a brother (I don’t just a brother in law but didn’t look like him ) , anyway the main werewolf which was a man but didn’t look familiar. He was talking to my brother which apparently turns in to a dog (a black lab, which I have but it a girl). So, they were disguessing how they like the outdoors and turning in to this creatures. And how the normally go deep in the woods so they wouldn’t hurt anybody. I wasn’t really “around” it was more like 3rd person at this point. So full moon came out earlier then planned. I was alone with the main werewolf, which was towering over me (similar to the one on harry potter). I had a huge unbelievably scared. My brother jumped between us and told me to run. The werewolf fought with him for a bit long enough for me to get to a two story white house. I have never lived in a two-story white house and don’t really know anyone who has one. I hid in the bathroom?? I have no idea why. The werewolf tried to get me some how the door landed on him and I went to the kitchen and I tried to get away but he blocked my exited. I ran to a bedroom and he came in the had a gun in there. I shoot him once it bought me time to get out of the bedroom and head for the garage. I woke up in a cold sweat scared out of my mind, so scary I woke my husband up by my reaction alone.
Got up got a drink noticed it was around 3:30 , went to the bathroom, tried to get the dream out of my head. I was scared to even turn off the light. When I laid back down, I curled up to my husband but my back was to the window. I had to roll over “just in case”, I guess. I even tried to think of something else.

So I drifted back to sleep, then I was pretty much right where I was before I woke up.
I ran to the garage. There was a old maybe a ford truck had a gun rack in the back glass with a shotgun. My dog was in the truck and told me to get in. She had already found the shot gun shells. I have never shot a shot gun. I was just about to jump in the truck and take off as fast as I could. But then a cool wave of confident came over me. I realized that this werewolf would not stop unless I stop him. It would come after my husband, abby ( my black lab) and my family. I would n’t let that happen. I got the shot gun out grabbed the whole box of shells. It was the shot gun that hinges and dropped the shells in. I rolled down the window to steady myself, but I was standing aiming at the house to garage door. Truck was running. The werewolf started back at me, I pulled the trigger caught him in the chest. I reloaded, and told him, I wasn’t scared anymore and I had penalty of shells. He started to get up, I fired again. My dog found a revolver with silver tipped bullets. I have never shot a revolver either. But I loaded it like dirty harry and when he started to move I shot him again. Then told him it was for abby (my dog) and shot again for me. I sat there a while gun still aimed, as this werewolf died it turned in to a woman. I waited a while longer. And I called the cops, and I woke up.

Administrator answers:

The werewolf may represent change in yur life, but a caliber of change that you are resistant to, but is enevitable

Daniel asks…

Is tenant or landlord responsible in paying the bill for a toilet blockage?

We moved into a private rented property just over 4 months ago, and within the first 4 weeks the toilet blocked up. I did try to unblock it with a mop/plunger but to no avail, so got in-touch with the letting agents who sent round Dyno-rod to unblock it. It was blocked up for 4 days, so we had to use the porta-poti from the caravan whilst we waited to get it unblocked.

Now I initially thought the invoice would go straight to the letting agents for them to pay, because I presumed it’s up to the landlord to pay the bill as I am 100% certain that the blockage was not caused by us.

The first invoice arrived to us in the first week of December, so I forwarded it to the letting agent, in that time prior to us receiving the first invoice, the toilet blocked up again, which confirmed to me that the problem is within the 3ft of waste pipe that comes from the toilet to the wall, then outside to the waste stack. I had a go at unblocking it myself the second time by purchasing a fancy plunger off Amazon and it worked a treat!

Now, the invoices have still been coming to my address and I have since spoke to Dyno-rod telling them that this issue needs to be taken up with the agent but it now turns out that the landlord has told his agents that he’s refusing to pay it, and that it is up to us to pay because we must have caused it, by putting something down the toilet! This, I can categorically deny, was not caused by us because since all this has started, it’s blocked up a 3rd time!!

Now that tells me that there has GOT to be a problem with the waste pipe serving the toilet, the trouble is, does he now think I’m lying when I say it’s blocked up a further 2 times, so that it looks like I’m trying to get out of admitting liability for the block.


If it WAS us that blocked it, I’d hold my hands up and would have payed it, but since it keeps blocking, it proves to me that there is an underlying issue with the drain here. We are, as tenants, are not the type who phone up the agent every single time there is a problem and demand it fixed straight away, usually I’ll sort, fix or improve it myself, sometimes at cost to me, because after all, we are the ones that have to live in the house, I have for example, insulated the attic as there was NO insulation in there at all, made what was, very unsightly garden’s looking great, fitted new carpet to stairs and landing and a bedroom, and plan to repair the garage doors because they are completely rotten!

I have looked at other threads on other websites and forums and I’m getting conflicting information, and ALOT of them also seem to be from landlords caught up in similar scenario’s, and everybody seems to be bashing the tenant’s as tw*ts!! Don’t get me wrong, there are some tenants out there who don’t give a ****, I am not one of them so if your reply is to slag me off, don’t bother replying ye, I need helpfull advice thankyou.

Thanks again :)
The rental agreement states in:

Section 2.18
(The tenant) to be responsible for unblocking or clearing stoppages in any sink, basin, toilet or waste pipe which serve fixtures if they become blocked with the tenant’s waste, or as a result of the action’s or inactions of the tenant, his invited guests or visitors.

Section 4.4
(The Landlord) To comply with the requirements of section 11 of the landlord and tenant act 1985 which imposes obligations on the landlord-
a) to repair the structure and exterior(including drains, gutters and external pipes) of the property.

Now reading them 2 terms seems to makes me liable. But my case still stands as there was a problem with the drain in the first place, not caused by me, and keeps occurring!!

Also, Dynorod’s report didn’t give anything to go on, it just said “Toilet blocked”!! It took the guy 10 seconds with a simple plunger to unblock it (thankyou, that’l be £90 please!!) I just laughed and said “What do y
ou think caused it?” he just shrugged his shoulders and said “It just happens” So that’l be Dynorod’s report at best, I gather!!

masked landlord: I didn’t organise it with Dynorod, it was the agent’s who called them. I just emailed and phoned the agent’s to tell them it was blocked.

Thanks all who have answered so far, 10 points will come to the winner ;)
General Knowledge: I can’t help feeling you got a little excited after I added additional details there?
1) “then you could have DEFINITELY blamed the landlord for it.” I aint trying to rustle up blame mate, the FACT is, it KEEPS happening and will always KEEP happening until the what’s causing it is properly found out.
2) “maybe you or your wife threw a lot of fags in with the dump or maybe your kids tried to flush a toy or sanitary towel?” We dont smoke and we know better not to dump things in the toilet you aint supposed to put in the toilet, it’s called common sense, and it wasnt my child.
3) “Why don’t you look at the positive side of things as your toilet is bound to get blocked again and again over your lifetime ” Over and over again in my LIFETIME?? The dam thing is blocking up at a rate of once a month!! Is this normal to you?

Ye, sounds about right mate, I will look positive as I get my £7 Amazon plunger out, every month, and f
flush away the sh*t that my £600p/m rent is supposed to cover!!

Administrator answers:

If you don’t pay the bill, then whomever organised Dyno-rod will eventually be sued by them. If it wasn’t you, that may not seem to be your problem, however, you have obviously worked hard to make your new home nice, but if the landlord is sued over something he thinks is your fault, then you are very likely not to have your tenancy agreement renewed.

The Dynorod report may identify what caused the blockage – it certainly won’t be something the landlord put down there :) but it could be a fault on the pipe – which would be the landlords responsibility.

The law (section 11, 1985 Landlord and Tenant Act) makes the landlord responsible to fix any problems like this – but that doesn’t mean you can’t be charged for such repairs if it is your fault.

Betty asks…

Should I take this girl in to my house?

She is 16, and she just got pregnant. She has been babysitting my children for 4 years and I have known her since she was born. I go to church with her family. She told me a few months ago she wants children but wants to focus on her life before focusing on another. She came over last night crying and told me it was a mistake. She said she used a condom and took birth control and she imagined she accidently broke the condom. But she said it was a mistake and now she is pregnant. She said she told her parents in the best way she could, but then they gave her 3 hours to pack up all of her stuff and move out. Her best-friend said she would take her till the end of the month.

She was crying so hard. I have babysitted her since she was born and I am like her mother. Her parents are horrible, to me. They do care for her, but they are just super religous and their world is surrounded by God and they emphasis everything. It is good, but they think everything is god and god is #1.

Her boyfriend doesn’t know what to do. He said it is her decision with him. She said she doesn’t know what to do.

I have an apartment above my garage. I have not used it as long as I haved. I have a guest room, I have everyone in my house as imaginable. Nothing in the above apartment. It has 2 bedrooms in it, 1 half bathroom and 1 normal, A kitchen area, and a lot of space. I told her I will think about letting her live there and let her get a job for nannying my children in the after-noons while I work.

She wants to keep the baby. She said she has wanted one for a long time, she has her boyfriends support, her boyfriends family’s support, our support and she does not believe in abortion and hates the gut feeling of adoption. She said she has been doing research for the past week and said keeping it will be the best decision for her.

I plan to pay her $300 a week for babysitting my children 5 days a week from 2 pm till 6 pm and drive them around and she can help on the weekends- her choice. When ever she is free. So about 25 hours a week, 100 hours a month. I will not let her pay rent, it is free. She has a lot of money saved and she said that her parents will provide $100 a week for the baby even though they do not want to be involved. Her older brother who is 28 and has a wife and 2 kids and is expecting twins said he will pay a little money too and will help out on the weekends.

But should I take her? She has no where else to go. Her friends love her, but don’t have room. Her boyfriend and his family also love her and don’t have room. Her boyfriend is one of 12 children and they all live together. They have no room! I love her and I need pros and cons to discuss with my husband about this.
I have discussed this with him. He was there. My kids were at “Open Gym” a daycare on Saturday nights at a gymnastics gym. It is from 6 pm till 10 pm and they wanted to go, even though my husband and I had our date on Friday night. So we stayed home and they came over and we discussed.

I just want the Pro’s and Con’s. Like what if her parents.. And What if she does.. and all. I want a good solution to each one, so I would like to be prepared in each situation.
I have always been there for her. Her parents are moving to Arizona in March. So she will live with me. I just want her to not have a bill for a few months. I just want her to get settled with us then I will charge her bills in a slow process..

Administrator answers:

I see no reason why you should NOT let her move in…she sounds like she will be of real benefit to your family. She WAS raised by good Christian parents, even if she DID make a mistake…she sounds like a very good girl. You have not discussed this with your husband yet? Why not? You want a pros & cons list? Do you expect your hubby to be resistant to her moving in? The best way to convince hubby would be to print out this Y!A question, and let him read it.

Robert asks…

for experienced home builders only?

I have bought a .35 acre of wooded land in berlin, nh. Since i love to 4wheel and snowmobile it has city water and city sewer so no well or septic needed thank god.I got the land for really cheap its a nice lot i got it for only 4,900.!!! its buildable ovb. with no clauses i can build whenever blah blah its just mine i can do whatever. I got a plan set up for 3 bedroom 3 bath with 2 floor and 2 car garage. it has a basement and the garage is attached to the house but the garage is on a slab. builders u kno what i mean. the master bedrom over garage/. my question is without a c how much would it cost from clearing out the land, havinging my designs on blueprint made up, foundation framing HVAC not a problem i own a hvac compony so plumbing electrical drywall paint floor applinces basicly all together how much would it cost excluding land price since i own it and installing hvac cuz ill do it myelf and imma be my own contractor

Administrator answers:

Still talking about $160,000 + depending on inner fixtures.
Check with Home Depot, Menard’s, Lowes, etc.. They have ‘catalogs’ of homes, sheds, etc.. That you can purchase blueprint and materials for the home. Putting up the structure normally costs same as materials. So it the materials for construction is $40,000, it will cost an additional $40,000 to put it up. If you are doing your own blueprint, the ‘catalogs’ will at least give you an idea of cost. It may be $4,000 to $7,000 for someone to create a blueprint with your specifications only. It is usually cheaper to modify an existing one. Renting the machine to dig out the basement area may be done by you much cheaper than hiring someone. There are many things you can do yourself after the main frame had been created including walls, insulation, roof & tiling, sheetrock, subfloors, coverings, etc…
ANY contractor other than what you do yourself must purchase the building permit for their job so it there is an inspection problem, it falls onto who purchased that permit.
Good luck.

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