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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans No Garage

June 30, 2013

Carol asks…

What would you do? our living situation?

Here is what is going on. Lots of pieces to this puzzle, so i’ll try not to make it too long!

We have been renting the house we are in right now for 2 years. It’s 3 bedrooms with the laundry room in one of the bedrooms, 1 bath, decent yard, 1 stall garage, in town. The past 3 months, this house has been on the market. The people we are renting from want to sell it. A couple times a month, they show the house. I personally am not comfortable being in a house that is on the market, because I don’t like the “what if’s”. What if they sell it and we have no where to go?

We’ve found another house that we would be able to move into in a month (which is when our lease is up). Its for 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car garage, acreage in the country for the same price as what we are paying now. I know utilities will be a bit more, but it is still in our budget. The people we are renting from, are VERY good friends with my parents,which is why we are even able to rent the house. They want someone in before winter and we have to let them know if we want it for sure in the next week or they will find someone else. We would be renting on a year lease at a time, with the ability to stay as long as we want.

My fiance (we are getting married October 16th of this year, yay!!) is getting a new job. He is in class right now to get his CDL (truck driving). He has been offered a job that he is planning on taking, with a salary of $60k. That is almost $40k more than what we are making now! Money for renting will NOT be a problem. From only this information, I want to move into this new house!

BUT here is the catch. We have found our DREAM HOUSE. Old country farm house, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 5 stall garage, 3.4 acres in the country, only 1 mile from his parents and a couple miles from mine. The view is amazing (over looking a hugeeee windmill farm.). I love everything about this house. It has been on the market for awhile. In fact, they took it off the market a couple weeks ago to switch realtors, and when I noticed it not online, I started bawling like a baby. Yes, I am emotionally attached to this house! We are looking into buying it possibly ($209k house, but my dad thinks we could get them down a good $20k) , but won’t know for sure for over a month at least until he is fully settled into this new job.

So what do we do? Do we stay in the house we are in now, with the fact that it COULD be sold in the next couple months and we would have to search for another house to take us, but leaving open the option that we could buy this dream home sooner rather than later. Or do we start renting the new house, getting rid of the option to be kicked out of a house that is getting sold, but putting off buying the dream home for a year and having it possibly bought by someone else (and leaving me in tears again haha) I seriously don’t know what to do!

By the way, as a wedding present, grandma is giving us $30k as a downpayment on a home if we choose.
K: totally left out important information… The inside has been completely redone. All new windows also.
New siding and roof. Taxes are $1700 a year.
We would definitely need someone to go in and look at it to see what it would need, and build up a bit more of savings (which we could definitely do if we rented for another year) to be able to fix stuff that will go broken eventually.
Ugh I know about flooding. This past week we’ve had a good 12 inches of rain in 2 days. EVERYTHING is flooded. Woke up to 2 feet of water in our basement. Roads being ruined and giving out or just basically flooded with feet of water. Hopefully the rain will stop for awhile to let everything dry out!

Administrator answers:

“Old country farm house, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 5 stall garage, 3.4 acres in the country, only 1 mile from his parents and a couple miles from mine. The view is amazing…”

I cringe at being such a buzzcrusher, but. This has “huge maintenance issues” and “non-stop work to just keep things from falling apart” written all over it.

Outbuildings = more places for things to go wrong; your “5 stall garage” will be a 5 stall albatross in ten years if it is the least bit aged right now, and teardowns are expensive

Lots of land = your entire weekends taken over by clearing fallen branches, mowing lawns, you’ll be scrambling to do the basic upkeep

“Old house” = problems with the electric, the plumbing, the windows, just about everything

4 bedrooms = massive utility bills, especially with the old windows…

It will not just sit there and be a wonderful place to live. It will be a fantastic amount of hard work and non-stop expense. I have a 90yo house in the country. Let me throw out some examples:

There was a thunderstorm last week. After my neighbour got the broken tree branch cleared from where it was threatening to fall on the swingset — thank god, because it would’ve cost a fortune to get somebody out here to do that if the neighbour wasn’t so lovely — I noticed that so much rain had come down in the back yard that the little archway thingy over the stairs going down the hill is sort of folding in on itself. Lots of work to dismantle that now looms, and I have no idea how stable the stairs are now…

My basement floods. This wasn’t mentioned where it should’ve been in the purchase agreement, but taking it to court would’ve been so much money and time that I just gave up on it. Eventually it will be a $15k fix. When was the last time you had $15k to spend on something you don’t even use and wouldn’t enjoy?

The house came with antiquated wiring; the estimate to fix this when I bought the house was $1k. Of course it’s an old house and it became a great deal more complex and it turned into $3k, which does not include repairing the walls and re-painting.

I bought three new appliances after moving in three years ago; two of the three have broken.

I would not get a $200k money pit with a family with $60k/yr. You will have NO spare room in your budget; you will have absolutely no room for any sort of luxury and just a couple of fairly minor disasters will leave you in debt.

I feel like a meanie here but this sounds very unrealistic…

If you are able to knock $20k off the asking price I promise there will be $20k needed in immediate fixes. It is not unlikely that you would have difficulty getting insurance if things are not up to current standards; the electrics here worked fine, but were uninsurable as they were. Ditto a lot of the pipes.

With all the work you will NEED to do on an old farm house — your kids will be grown before you can do anything you WANT to do, and it is no fun watching every spare cent fly off to plumbers while you still have ugly carpet.

New interior is nice but not terribly meaningful, especially if the new stuff was done cheaply — and on a $200k older house you are probably looking at semi-disposable landlord-grade fixtures and cheaper paint and pressboard cabinets and stuff. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but…

Also, getting emotionally attached to one house is a terrible way to go into a big investment like this. You need to be rational, and prepared to walk away when the inspector finds mould or whatever other disaster.

Lisa asks…

Which place should I move in to?

Im wanting to move at the end of July and I have two options. Both are about twice as much as what Im paying now. But next year my boyfriend is planning on living with me so I thought it would even out in another year.

The FIRST place is $929 a month and I would pay for all utilities including trash pick up. This one is townhouse connected to many other townhouses. 2 bedroom, 1-1/2 bathrooms, it also has a patio with a sliding glass door,and possibly a car port. But it is a really old building and the appliances arnt that nice and there is no ceiling lights or ceiling fans.

The SECOND place is $1,100 a month, I would be paying for all utilites plus trash pickup. It is a 2 story house with no connecting buildings. It has 3 bedrooms, 1-1/2 bathrooms, 2 car garage and the house is only 5-6 years old so it has nice new appliances and lots of bright windows.

Now remember it would be harder for me to afford the second place by myself but that is my #1 choice, I like the location of it alot better and its not as old as the first one. But Im just thinking I should sign the lease on the second house now and try and save up money or get 2 jobs until my boyfriend will move in with me a year later. Which one would be the better choice??
**I do think the second place is too much and too big for me to live all alone in but after only 1 year my boyfriend will be joining me and paying for half of everything, and moving all his stuff in as well.

Administrator answers:

Personally I like the first one better. Is there any additional factors like why you’d need a yard or a 2 car garage? Like if I lived in MIchigan or someplace with crappy weather or super high crime I’d probably really want my car inside the garage. But otherwise I’m not very picky about it. But if when your boyfriend moves in you are going to fight about the garage….

Do you need a yard? Do you have a dog or do a lot of cookouts?

The first one is smaller and having the connecting houses will really make the utilities lower too. If your boyfriend is moving in with you I assume you guys will share a bedroom. Do you need 3 bedrooms even after he moves in?

Ceiling fans run you about $100 and any 6 yo can replace a fan. All you have to do is take down the existing light, hang up the ceiling fans and then when you move out, put back up the original light fixture.

As far as new appliances, they aren’t your appliances to begin with so as soon as you move out, you won’t have them. It would be different if they were yours but since they belong to the landlord I don’t see the advantage in paying another $2,000 in one year before your boyfriend moves in just for a newer stove.

Daniel asks…

Legal Issues – Sister Child Support?

Hello and Thanks to everyone for answering my other question;_ylt=ArJRjP.R.QiU7q4bEHIEGvAazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20091022103629AAyA9Jz

But this is another issue… My sister…

When I found out that my sister (Jess) was pregnant, I must admit that I was upset with her. For the simple fact that this guy (Fil) she got pregnant with was a real jerk and they were both financially unstable. She lived with him at the time she got pregnant (he still lives at home with his mom in a garage converted into a bedroom) and we accepted him because we had no choice she liked him.

During her pregnancy, he would make her do everything. Cook, clean, Move the furniture and refrigerator around. When we had birthdays or occasions, he would tell her to tell us that they already had plans. But yet when I called her, she was crying telling me that she was bored and doing nothing at home and that he is keeping her from us because he didn’t like us.

For Fathers day she convinced him to let her come over to my house so that we can celebrate this together. He agreed but she got down from the car with my nephew she was (still in pain because she had the baby 3weeks ago from this point) and he just sat in the car waiting for her to come back so that they could leave. I asked Jess what was wrong with Fil and why doesn’t he want to hang out because we are all trying to get along. She said that he doesn’t like us and I told her that it still wasn’t an excuse for him to treat her the way that he does.

I told her that his nasty attitude is starting to piss me off and since she is my only sister, I am not willing to just sit around doing nothing while my little sister is being treated like dirt. I was going to walk out side when my Fiance’ saw how upset I was, he told me to stay in the house and went out side to confront him. He told me that he wanted to speak with him man to man and understand what his problem was..

My sister kept telling my Fiance’ Erock not to do it but he went out side to talk to him anyway. When Erock walked up to the car he said “What is your problem?” “Why are you doing this to our sister and why are you putting her thru so much pain?” Fil got down from the car willing to fight Erock and Erock simply told him that he didn’t go outside to fight but to understand what his problem was. Fil just stood there saying “what do you want to do about it? Here I am lets fight..” Jess ran outside and said no! She pulled Fil back inside the car and he told her to get her things because she wasn’t coming back.
2days pass and we find out that Fil is moving Jess and the baby to Texas. He said that we are always getting in his business and since they are moving to another state, there wasn’t anything that we could do about it. She told me for mothers day, he got up bright and early and left. She thought that he got ready to take her some where or to bring her a gift. She said he was gone all day and didn’t return until midnight on Mother’s day. She told me that she stayed up crying the whole night thru because he left her.
She told him that she needed some money to buy some things that the baby needed and he refused to give her anything. She had to call me to send her money for diapers for the baby and misc things that she needed for herself. She told him that she was tired of him treating her this way and told him that she was leaving him. He told her to go ahead and for her to figure a way for herself to get “back home” (to my moms house) he refused to help her.

My mom and I sent her some money to take a plane back to California. She got back and she told him that she is going to send him to Child Support because during pregnancy and during the baby’s time born, he didn’t give her a dime for the baby. My mom and I were helping her the whole way thru. He told her that she better not or else he is going to fight her for Child Custody. Since Fil said this to Jess, she has decided not to go thru with the Child Support because she doesn’t want Fil in any part of the baby’s life. (Please keep in mind that Fil’s family have a history of violence and drug abuse. He moved back home with his mom which is also housing his two sisters who are also drug users..) Jess doesn’t want this kind of life for Chris so she doesn’t want Fil in his life.

My Question -
What will happen in court?
Should Jess still file for Child Support?
By doing so, does this mean that Fil has a right to see or visit Chris?
Is there a possible way that Jess can just get full custody and also get Child Support?

Please give me your input.

Thanks so much!!

Administrator answers:

1) What will happen in court?

No one knows that until the court date. As a general rule, unless there is a reason that the child shouldn’t remain with the parent they have been living with, then the child remains there (with your sister)

2) Should Jess still file for Child Support?


3) By doing so, does this mean that Fil has a right to see or visit Chris?

By being the father, he has a right to visitation, what visitation he gets is a matter for the courts to decide.

4) Is there a possible way that Jess can just get full custody and also get Child Support?

Possible? Yes. Probable Yes. Again, if the child has been residing with the mother, then it would require the father to prove she is unfit. Secondly, he would have to hire an attorney to do so, also I am assuming is not likely.

Charles asks…

cost building an extension how much?

we are currently planning to build over our garage 25ft x 8ft5 (20m2) single story extension, and hoping to keep costs as low as possible. The plan is to dig foundations (apparently these are good around the garage) and situate several trench block pillars along the inside of the garage, with steel supports. the extension will consist of one bedroom and a shower room and toilet, maxium of 3 radiators (combi boiler ok for this). The soil pipe is already there in the main part of the house so, no probs with that.
The beams in the current garage are fine an will support thce floor area.
the extension will be brick built, and the roof will be pitched ( tiled).
Every where I look (internet wise) quotes are between 1000 and 1500 per Square Metre…. so that would mean between 20000 and 30000.
Any ideas on reducing this further ?
ps we live in the UK (north)

Administrator answers:

The only way to reduce cost is to do the job yourself or provide your time as a labourer to a skilled builder to reduce his overall quote.

Dont skimp on material quality as it is a false save.

Sandy asks…

How do I remove stuff from my house that has been stored here by a friend for almost a year?

I helped out a friend last year when he moved by letting him temporarily store some stuff at my house. His stuff filled up almost 1 1/2 bedrooms of my 3 bedroom house with more stuff stored in the garage and yard. To date he has made no effort to move any of it or give me any money for storing this stuff. I don’t really want money, nor have I asked for any but I made it clear I want my space back. I’ve asked him to move it many times and all I get is excuses or false promises. A few months ago I mentioned that if this doesn’t get done soon that I would donate the stuff to charity. Well this didn’t sit too well with him so he threaten to take me to court if I did. Is there a way to legally remove his stuff or what steps do I need to take to take to be able to dispose of it? What rights do I have since we had a verbal agreement that I would store this until he found a place? He’s been living/sharing a 2 bedroom for 7 months now. I would like to avoid going to court if possible.

Administrator answers:

I would move his stuff to a Self-Storage place in his name with his address – they’re about $40 a month – and pay the first month’s rent. (Don’t tell the self-storage guy your plan!)

Then I would send him a registered letter (and email too with receipt requested) stating everything you just said – and that you’ve paid the first month, but after that it’s up to him.

Goodbye and good riddance.

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