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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans No Garage

October 10, 2012

Charles asks…

pick one of these 2 house plans…which is your favourite?

im building a house for resale and have it down to these 2 plans. they are both of equal size accidentally but i cant afford to go any bigger anyway. I know they are small but there is a market for all sizes. either way it will be on concrete slab with infloor heat and 9 foot ceilings throughout and no vaulted ceilings even if it shows in the plans. i will be putting vinyl siding on either one and possibly some stone accents part way up the either plan im just going by the size and floor layout as well as the exterior scale and such. which plan do you think is best and why??

house #1 …

house #2….

Administrator answers:

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Lizzie asks…

Building costs for 3 bedroom house?


We are looking at which has planning granted for a new 3 bedroom house in South Essex.

The plans say the house will be around 106 sq meters (1100 square ft), but there is a single internal garage in that sizing. I’m not sure what the costs for services, engineer and building regulation would be. I see figure of £100 per square meter but what does that include ?

The existing plot will be completely cleared, there are no large tree close enough to effect the footings.

Basically we need an idea of costs, can someone give an idea of what this should be please ?

We would be supplying and fitting the kitchen ourselves, other than that we need bathrooms electrics, plumb etc all done by the builder.

The access to the property is good, and though on the plans it shows brick we would be looking for a render finish in white, with black garage and front door. This would be more in keeping with the surrounding houses. Please based on fixture and fitting of a reasonable level, but not TOP end.

Any advice you can give at this point and a idea of costing would be great, we are happy to go with a timber frame unless it will lower the value.

Also do you pay VAT on a new build ?



Administrator answers:

You did not see anywhere stating cost as £100 pere sq mtr ..nearer £1.000..most extensions work out at £100 per sq ft ..and no vat …

Thomas asks…

Need house plan with master bedroom at front, view from the front?

I am planning to build a house on acreage in the country in Arkansas. I am having trouble finding a house plan that is not designed for city living. Stock house plans tend to “push” the living areas and bedrooms to the back. My building site has a nice view to the front, woods to the back. I think it will be about 4000 sq ft. Open living area (kitchen, informal dining, family room); detached garage. Master, Office, and 3 more bedrooms. If 2 story or 1 1/2 story, then want master and one other bedroom downstairs. I am trying to keep the shape of the house shape simple, like a southern colonial , to keep the cost down. I think complicated roof lines make it more expensive.

I know that I can hire an architect, but before I go that route, I thought I’d see if anyone out there could recommend a house plan site that might help. I’ve visited all the main ones online with no luck.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Have you tried They give you support and you can contact the architects. They have HUNDREDS of plans that you can use, and they are all categorized – you can find duplexes, Canadian themed homes – anything. I am sure that you will find something there.

Helen asks…

what do you think of this small house floor plan?

i have been looking for a house to build to sell and have a budget so have to keep it scaled down at this time…maybe the next one can be bigger. I just built one(finishing now) and learned a lot. I want a one level on a slab for ease of building to speed it up. Also no stairs is a money and time saver. I want 3 bedrooms so it suits the average family. and a few bonuses like walk in closets and an open concept.
I was prepared to build a home up to 1500 sq ft but came across this plan…

I think its perfect. Master suite is large and nice to have a porch right by it. and seperate laundry centrally located. also all bedrooms have walk in closets…nice i think. so keeping in mind its size is small what do you think of it? please tell me your opinions as it is to sell so your opinions are what counts.

Administrator answers:

While the prevous answers have valid points, I feel that this is a home I could live in myself. The only thing I would change is the overall size of the rooms, which would bring it more into the 1500 sq ft range. And I’m not crazy about the entrance to the MBR being off the DR. I would also reconsider building on slab versus a basement, which would give the option of living area expansion &/or storage, as well as keeping the house warm (slabs are cold & almost always demand carpetting because of that)

Downsizing is huge, & I myself am seeking a home like this with very little yard…just a courtyard with a patio, a water feature, & a fireplace.

Unsold homes are unsold because they need major updating & have a poor floorplan. It’s not the case with this, as you have vaulted ceilings (virtually impossible to do with older ranch houses, you’ll probably have better insulation in a new build, you’ll want to have granite counter & vanity tops, & in general can spec all the “must-have” finishes from the get-go.)

I would definitely make sure to place this home on a very small “zero lot line” plot to zero in on the low maintenence aspect of this home.

I would buy this in a minute if it had a basement, had a more suitable MBR entrance, was slightly larger, & was built on a very small lot.

Mary asks…

House/Building Floor Plans Question?

I have a question. I’m looking at the floor plans for a house I didn’t design, I know almost nothing about architecture by the way. This floor plan has like no details, it just tells the dimensions of the main rooms, and it’s a 3,500 sq foot home. I’m trying to peice things together to make an exact scale model of it.

So here’s my question. I’m trying to find the entire depth of one of the exterior walls. There are 3 rooms on this wall. The first is Bedroom 5, 12 feet 4 inches deep. The next is the garage, which is 32 feet 6 inches feet deep. There is a room inbetween them, it’s a bathroom, but there are no measurements listed. The depth of that side of the house is 57. So do I just add the depth of the garage and bedroom then subtract it from 57?

Like 57 feet- 44 feet 9 inches and then that’s the depth of my bathroom? Or do I need to take wall width into account? Like does each wall take 0.5 feet off or something?

This is my floor plan

I’m using the very left exterior wall as an example. Can some one tell me how to find the length of that bathroom wall if the depth is 57?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Your garage should have the foundation wall at the end of your poured concrete floor. Depending on the studs (2×6 or 2×4) add that dimension plus the far wall thickness, and measure 12′ 4″ back towards the bathroom, make a mark. Now the wall to the bathroom is 2×4 for the thickness, make another mark for this thickness. This will give you your measurement. Hope this makes sense to you. Also hope you have a basement after reading this…lol

Chris asks…

Convert garage into bedroom.?

Basically i want to convert a 2 car garage into an extra bedroom as cheaply as possible. Also, since it will be a temporary (about 2-3 year) room, it will eventually be converted back into a garage. It has 2 automatic openers which i plan on keeping in place, removing the hardware that extends into the room itself and drywalling off that end of a garage about 1ft. away from the doors. Also because of a 6-7 inch drop off between the concrete floor itself and the house (it is attached), I want to build a wooden deck that can be covered by insulation and carpet. No need for any plumbing or electrical work, it already has one window which i plan on putting in a window AC unit and using a space heater during the winter. Being in Louisiana our winter is maybe a month anyway. So in the end, the only expenses will come from the drywalling, building of the deck and carpeting. I haven’t measured, but its a typical 2 car garage, i would assume around the 22X22 ft dimensions, give or take 2 feet on each measurement. Me and my dad would be doing it, so costs would be strictly for materials. The garage does have a slope (another reason for the deck) that i would guess to be about 3 inches over the 22 feet, however it starts gradual and gets sharper the further away from the house you get.

Administrator answers:

Build the deck out of 2×4′s laid in edge 24″ on center over 15 lb. Felt laid on the concrete. Shim the low sides until level. Staple your insulation over the top(paper towards the room) and then apply 1/2″ plywood over the 2×4′s screwing in at least every 12″. Build your wall on the end of this decking and screw the bottom plate into the deck and the top plate into the ceiling. Apply 15lb felt to the outside of the wall and insulate the wall 24″ on center with the paper towards the inside. Add drywall and paint. Apply your carpet padding and carpet and add baseboard molding.

Jenny asks…

My mother-in-law recently passed away and left her house to the kids. We are thinking about remodeling it?

while the market is still down and listing it after the market picks up. Here are my questions:

1) What type of flooring are people preferring in the common areas (living room, dining room) in the Salt Lake City area? I say hardwood, my husband thinks that the almost brand new plush carpeting is just fine. I thought plush carpeting was really old-school now.

2) This is a large 6,000 square foot home that has very spacious living areas but tiny bedrooms. It is currently a 5 bedroom house. Even the master is tiny. There is just enough room for a king-sized bed, two night stands and a dresser with just enough room left over to walk around the bed. I have heard that bedrooms sell homes. If we enlarged the master, we would have to take out two additional bedrooms, making it a 3 bedroom home. Should we keep the bedrooms or make a nice master suite. No, the master suite would not be too big if we should remodel it.

3) We are planing on the re-do mentioned above as well as turning 2 baths into one large-ish master bath. We will also paint, redo the flooring and update the 70′s kitchen. On the second story, we plan on enlarging 2 small bedrooms, painting, redoing the flooring bringing the bathroom out of the ’70′s and updating the 2nd floor kitchen. My question is this: Can we be expecting to recoup our costs when we finally do list it, or would it be better to sell as-is? I’ve heard that re-do’s such as this only recoup about 70% of the costs. However, we could also look at this as a flip where a lot of money is made.

4) There is a VERY large family room upstairs which we could divide in half and put another bedroom in. Good idea or not?

5) When we redo the master, we would have a small office(?) space left over. Would a 7X10 room be sufficient for the office.

Addtl info: This is in a very upscale neighborhood. There is a 4 car garage and a small but beautiful back yard and deck. What other upgrades should we make to the house that I am not considering?

Thank you.

BTW, please don’t tell me to contact a real estate agent. We are listing with one who just left on a 3 week vacation today, so he can’t come and give his opinion on the house until mid Oct.
First floor: Huge living room and formal dining room, huge kitchen (badly laid out), large breakfast nook, large laundry, formal foyer, 3 small berooms (including master) 2 small bathrooms, 4 car garage.

Second floor: 2 small bedrooms, one small bathroom, a small kitchen, one ENORMOUS family room which right now is arranged into 3 separate “living room” areas. Seriously, there is a LOT of room up there to enlarge one of the bedrooms, create a small dining area AND make a separate living room and family room.

Administrator answers:

1) Hardwood or stone tiles. The heated floors would be desirable in Utah.

2) I think kitchens sell more then bedrooms but you want a large master suite. With 6000 square feet the rooms should all be spacious. I would not lower the number of bedrooms, but convert one of the other rooms into a bedroom and make the others larger. What is happening with all that space?

3 HOnesly you are not likely to recoop costs, the costs of labor and materials is higher then it is worth after it is done.

4) yes, goof idea, or leave it as a great room and convert the dining room. I know that house has a formal diningroom, which is no longer in fashion.

Sandra asks…

I cannot sell my house, can anyone offer any advice to improve the chances of finding a buyer.?

I have a lovely modern 3 bed detached house in a really nice sought after location, but after 23 viewings I have had no offers.
The house is a small detached 3 bed property with the 3rd bedroom being only 6ft 10 inches by 5ft 10 inches so not much of a bedroom. I use it as a study with a desk and computer in which works for me. The other 2 bedrooms are doubles and a good size with the main bedroom having an en suit.

The rest of the property consists of a lounge, dinning room, kitchen, conservatory and downstairs toilet all of which are a good size and well planned.

There is also off road parking and a garage.

The house as a whole is not high spec with the kitchen and bathroom being there from when the house was built about 12 years ago. The house is well maintained and in good decorative order.

I have a Lovely and well maintained rear garden offering lawn, patio area, borders and a Barbecue area all of which is not overlooked.

I always ensure that the property is well presented for the viewer ensuring everything is clean and un cluttered. I have also removed some furniture to create more space.

The agent believes that we have got the right price set but being that the property will only appeal to certain groups makes it harder to sell. It will not appeal to families with children hence reducing the market potential.

So far the comments from the viewers were that the house was not big enough and in particular the 3rd bedroom. People often comment saying you can get more for your money in other area’s (which are not so desirable). Are people only interested in square footage and not location? I thought location was key to buying and selling?

Does anyone have any suggestions to improve my chances of finding a buyer.

Administrator answers:

23 viewings is a lot.

You’re right, location is a factor also size and price is too. However, in this case the location does not appear to be the main key as you’ve had comments about buyers being able to buy bigger houses it other areas. Perhaps the desirability of the different areas is not varied enough to make a major difference.

You sound like you’re marketing the property for each viewing correctly.

I think you need to have your house revalued by other agents. It’s free (normally is, but maybe check to be sure when you book the appointment).

It sounds like the price is too high.

Have you identified the target buyer? I.e. Is it for a single professional or a couple with a baby? Is your price generally within their budget?

For the third bedroom, if you want to market it as a 3rd bedroom, then it’s best to have it set up as a bedroom rather than a study. Set it up as cosily and prettily as you can – someone might want to use it as a bedroom or a cot, but with a desk and chair in there people won’t imagine it as a bedroom. Maybe you could set up your computer in a downstairs room in a corner.

Good luck and I hope you can sell soon.

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