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December 19, 2012

Carol asks…

Please read!!! Kinda long, but I need help!!!! :) interesting-ish story?!?! <3?

So I like this guy a lot. I’m 13 and he’s 16. He knows that I like him but we are still pretty good friends. :) We flirt with each other a lot and he is like a big brother to me. :) He’s always watching out for me and protecting me! :) I met him in the marching band at school and we get to hangout a lot through it. :)

I have known him for 2 years now, and for at least a year now, I’ve known that he wants to be in the military.A lot of my friends are older then I am because I met many of them through marching band which is mostly senior high. I can think of at least 4 of my good friends who are going into the military after high school. This scares me to death!!! hahaha They are strong guys, don’t get me wrong, but I would be soooo upset if anything ever happened to them!

Anyways, Thursday night I had a dream that I was in my old house (moved across town a couple of months ago) looking out my first floor bedroom window. There was a huge war going on and a lot of my guy and girl friends were fighting in the war. My crush, was one of them.. watching them out there made me cry. I cried because I was not strong enough to do that, and I was not strong enough to watch my best friends out there. When I saw my one friend, almost outside I told him that they need to be carefully out there, that I really care about them and don’t want anything to happen to them!! He laughed at me. As I would expect him to do in real life!! ;) I really like this guy more then you could ever imagine!! And he knows it!! So knowing that he could get killed, really upsets me a lot!! :p

Then Friday as we were getting our uniforms on for the game, a Vietnam veteran called him over. :) I was waiting for him so we could take our stuff to the field. So I wasn’t really listening but as we were walking to the field he said that the man was going to help him get into this summer program, then the military!! He was so excited, and I was really happy for him too!! :) He said that Vietnam vets. are the ones that scare him the most because they had to be so alert, and they actually went through jungle situations, and it was really hard for them!! Then he said that he plans on coming back safe and sound, normal as before! :) (not very normal!! ;) hehehe!!)

I sent him a message about the dream I had just now, and he hasn’t replied yet, because most normal people here are sleeping (going to families far away soon! So awake early!!). I basically told him the dream and that what ever part of the military he went into, I’m really thankful for the people strong enough to do so, and to be careful because I care about him a lot!! :)

I guess I really don’t have a straight question in there, but please comment on my reaction to the dream, what the dream may mean, anything!! Maybe even if you have any suggestions about not being quiet so worried about my friends! :) And thank you for reading this, I know it was long, I’m sorry!! <3

Administrator answers:

You really like him and in your mind it sees so many wars we have been through and the toll it takes, coupled with how much you really like him!! And so in the midst of all this chaos in life riots no jobs, famine, terorists nightmares are bound to happen,
he will read the message and think how nice she really cares for me, and when he sees you next he may say nothing about it, dont worry about him just hope he trains to be better than any solider alive today and he will come back to you.
Or your dream was a prediction of the future, and im sorry to say but yes war is comming but dont know when

Sharon asks…

Using 15dbi Omni antenna receive wifi and distribute through house?

Basically, there is a free for public use Wireless signal in our tiny hick town. My uncle up the road gets it but hes above our altitude. If i go into our attic (another bedroom) I get it to show up on my laptop and Internet tablet but it’s so weak that I don’t get the IP so basically it’s no good.

I just ordered an Omni direciton 15 dbi 2.4 ghz antenna with an N-Female connector and I plan to mount it on the eve of our 3 story house. Here’s the problem, what I’d liek to do is get that signal then REdistribute it throughout our house. I’m wondering what other hardware do I need to buy to do this. I know I will need a coax cable the shorter the better, with one end an N-Male to plug into the antenna. I don’t know if this would work? I’m thinking it won’t act as a new AP for the house though, so if I bought that I would only get the wifi on the PC it’s plugged into. Best Answer given!

Administrator answers:

Lightning arrestor….. Then you configure AP as a signal repeater…. What if more than 25-30 persons connect to AP?

George asks…

what do u think of my story?? ?

He couldn’t sleep. He’d been awake all night long going over, and over his plans to kill the man whose been driving him mad everyday.
“5:30am. The man goes to work,” Paul says to himself. “12:30, lunch break. 1:00, returns to work. 3:00, get’s off work. 3:30, drives to girlfriends house. 4:00, returns home. I’ll make my move here.”

2 months earlier…

“Where do he go? Damn, where did he go?” Paul asked himself while he followed the man whom he would murder next. “There he is.”
He watched as the man parked in front of a two-story, white house. He parked his ’88 Chevy Astro a few houses down from the house, and watched as the man entered the house belonging to a Asian woman, who greeted him with a peck on his cheek.
He waited in his Astro, binoculars glued to his face. He watched, and waited; waiting for when the man was done with the woman so he could finish the job.
Finally the man left the house, kissing the Asian woman one last time. He got in his car and left. He followed.
He followed the man to an old abandoned house surrounded by woods. This was his last stop, his home. This was where he would make his move, between the man’s walk from his car to his front door. He’d make it quick, and silent.
“Your life is so boring,” Paul said. “I’m doing you a favor.”

Paul drove back to his old house which was an old apartment complex, going over the times and places the mysterious man went to.
The next day Paul went to the mall and bought several things such as a hunting knife used for skinning, black gargoyle mask, aluminum baseball bat, sex doll, and a pair of black steel toed boots.
Paul drove back to his house and went down to his basement tied the sex doll onto a chair and torturing it, planning how to torture the man.
As the months went by and as the stalking increased, Paul knew it was time to kill the man.
That night Paul could not rest, he lay awake all night carefully planning every move.
The following morning Paul throws everything in his van… well not the torn up sex doll.

At 2:24pm Paul went to a Fast Food restaurant and ordered a number 2. Anxious to kill the mysterious man he devours the food in less than 5 minutes.
At 4:00pm Paul drove to the man’s house but realized no one was home so he drove to the man’s girlfriend’s house and realizes he is still there. “This man is going to kill me”, Paul says to himself. As the man leaves his girlfriends house around 9:42pm
It takes them 20 minutes to get to the man’s house. The man leaves his car and enters the house, Paul parks a block away observing him as he left to bed, Paul leaves the astro putting on the gargoyle mask put the knife into his pocket and placed the baseball bat leaning on the front door. Paul entered very slowly and cautiously going up the stairs and opening the door to his bedroom. The man was already fast asleep, and then Paul grabbed a shirt lying on the ground the nametag said ‘Richard’ “huh” said Paul. Getting closer to the bed Paul grabs a pillow and puts it over Richard. Richard starts to struggle and gets off the bed and right hooks Paul. Paul falls to the ground in agony. Richard runs out of the house into the woods. Paul eventually catches up; Richard is being chased through the woods by a Serial killer. Paul tackles Richard down and drags him down to his basement and grabbing the baseball bat while entering the house. He ties him up in a chair and starts to punch him, then kicks him with the steel toe boots until his leg is gushing with blood the stabs. While enjoying seeing Richard being tortured and crying in agony, he decides its time to end this. He stabs him in the stomach, Richard is gagged puking all over the place Paul is stabbing him viciously “watching your face is priceless”, says Paul.
“Don’t worry no one will ever find you… I’m sure they will look hard but I only know that you’re buried in my backyard.” Stabbing him in the neck it’s over.

Paul puts the body into a garbage bag and drags it to the astro driving back to his house burying him 6 feet below the surface of earth.
After that unfortunate day 20 people have been killed by Paul. No point in running if you run you’ll suffer a worse fate… so don’t run just face your doom.

Administrator answers:

I would read it! But don’t have it present tense!
After you do that…
No. 1 Seller!

James asks…

I Need names for a Story. Please!?

Here are the characters. Need names ideas please.

1. Female – Mother – Grew up in the country with very religious parents, she broke all the rules as a teen, drugs, partying, alcohol, sex, and shoplifting. she was the school tramp ending up pregnant at 17 with twin boys, the father could be one of 7 different guys. Her parents kicked her out when they found out the news. She lived on different friends couches for the next year, until two months after having the babies, she moved into a trailer with her friend Brandy from work. Even with her twin boys and the two dead end jobs she was working she found as much time as she could to party. When she was 20 she was pregnant again this time from her boyfriend Russ, They were planing to get married after the baby was born but, Russ ended up ODing three months before there daughter was born. Party mode became the only thing she cared about leaving her kids with Brandy or by themselves most of the time, getting fired from her jobs for not showing up. after about 7 month Brandy was sick of it and kicked her and the kids out. They moved into a one bedroom apartment in the city, rent was free because she was sleeping with the landlord. When she was 22 she married a jerk from Texas named Chuck one night when they were really drunk. They stayed married and moved into the country with Chuck and her kids. She got pregnant twice over the next four years and had two boys. Then Chuck died during a bar fight, leaving everything he had to her. A old beater car and a three bedroom shack/house in the country. its been a year since and she is still parting like there’s no tomorrow. ( would have been named by her strict religious parents)

2. Male – Oldest Son – A teenager – He has always been the bread winner in the family. Doing all he can since he could walk to keep the family afloat, since there mother is a good for nothing party animal druggie who can’t keep her clothes on. And even thought he knows his mother is a screw up he loves her. He has always been the one to hold her hair up, he is the one that takes care of the family. His grades suffer as does his mood because he works after school as takes care of the younger kids day and night. No time for friends or anything for himself. He has a younger twin brother. Was born to a 17 year old mother, father unknown.

3. Male – second oldest – A Teenager – He hates authority and has a nack for stealing things and getting away with it. He has been suspended from school more then once for fighting and other things. His pass time is street racing and drinking. Was almost a father at 14 when the girl he was going out with got pregnant but chose to end the pregnant. He is friends with the local criminals in town and he is going now where fast. His plan is to join the military after high school, that is if he graduates and doesn’t get arrested first. Even thought all the parents in town tell there kids to stay away from him, he is not as bad as you think, he steals and does everything to support his failing family. He swears to everyone he hates his mother but deep down he still kinda loves he even after everything, thought it doesn’t show anytime she is around there ether screaming at each other or he hits the road until shes gone. Born to a 17 year old, has a twin brother, not identical.

4. Female – Only daughter – Kid – The only girl in the family not including her mother. She wants to be a writer and Illustrator, and has been making up stories since forever as an escape from her real life. She has only one friend in school other then her younger brother. She is quite and the peace maker in the family. She loved her family but she feels she can’t do anything to help and is just an onlooker in this hectic life. She didn’t talk to anyone but her older brother (second oldest) until she was four. She loves animals, and takes in all the strays she finds. Any time she finds a dead animals she gives it a proper burial in the back yard, after crying for a few hours. The smallest thing can make her cry or smile. She has practically raised her youngest brother.

5. Male – third boy – Kid – Its been two years since his father Chuck died, not that he really cares the guy was a mean drunk, always smacking him and his sister (only daughter) around, but without his disability check moneys been tight. He is popular in school for being the funny smart kid. To earn money for his family sells answer to the high school tests, and mows lawns, muck stalls, walk dogs, and shovel snow. He is a smart kid and always has been, a genius but, he keeps that to himself. Strait A’s and a million friends, school is his sanctuary and trys to spend all his time away from home. Wants to be a teacher.

6. Male – youngest – toddler – Is the happy go lucky Innocent baby, but he has been showing signs of being a little insane.

Administrator answers:

1. Marie, Mary, Sarah, Rachel, Lea, Delilah, Abigail…All these names are age appropriate and in the Bible
2. Brandon, James, Daniel, Eric, David, Jesse
3. Bryan, Chris, Greg, Ryder, Shane, Dylan
4. Darcy, Molly, Jane, Emma, Brianna, Beth
5. Adam, Andrew, John, Richard (Richie), Jonah
6. Charlie, Theodore (Teddy), Samuel

Donald asks…

I found a story I had wrote when I was 10 what do you think?

What do you think??????:

What Three Things?

My mom walked into my room looking a bit tense, “Mom” I asked “What’s wrong?” She sighed and stared at my big brown leather suitcase that she used to use when she went on vacation. I thought about all the adventures she been on with that big brown suitcase, she leaned her head agains’t my bedroom door frame with her arms crossed. ” The headquarters of NASA called saying that you can only bring 3 things, not including food and clothes on your trip to space.” I stroked my cat Buttercup who was on my lap ” Does that include toiletry”? I asked biting my lip “Toiletry is included” she said in a matter of fact way. “Can I bring you?” she smiled which made me a little more comfortable because she had looked so stressed out planning this trip and arguing constanly with people on the phone who thought I was too young to go or to irresponsible to handle that big of a responsibility, exactly why I wanted to do this to prove to them a eleven year old girl can handle this. “I don’t know, am I a thing” she asked. Buttercup leaped off my lap and ran outside. I shifted uncomfortably on one foot to another “Do you-” she interupted me saying “I do want to come if I could” I looked down at my feet. ” So what three things are you going to bring, and why,” my mom asked curiously.

I had to choose three things to bring to space and I have to admit I bent the rules a little bit, if three cats and one dog count as one thing you could say I didn’t bend the rules one bit. “You still haven’t answered my question” my mom said minutes later as she walked into my room “I have to bring my cats” I admitted, “And I know you can’t live without Jet” my mom added. One thing I thought Jet, Buttercup, Tolouse, and Carrygrant, one thing. “What are your too other things your going to bring?” I know I thought, a lightbulb went going on in my head “My computer for Skype, weather reports, instant messaging, and e-mail.” For a moment there was a silent pause, my mind raced like a race car driver getting ready to floor it and driver. Just than the phone rang “Brrring, Brrring, that’s my que” my mom said. I searched my room looking for the last item.

In the corner of my eye popped out a shny, black, square shaped item. I turned my head and picked up my Nixon camera. It had pictures of my family and I on it, I could bring this on my trip. It was small and easy to arry, in it went into my big brown leather suitcase. “Tuh!’ my suitcase went as I put in my gray computer and the last of my clothes “Taylor,” my mom’s voice echoed through the house “Don’t forget cat food. Jet’s food, their brushes, and Jet’s leash, I felt the embroidery and pearls on Jet’s leash, they were smooth and rough at the same time. “Ready to go?” my mom asked, “Let’s go.”

When we got to the space mission thousands of reporters swarmed me like I was holding the last drip of honey and they were all bees coming to protect their precious honey. ” Ms.Smith” one with a brown coat on said “Are you trying to abuse these animals bringing them on the trip” I opened my mouth to answer but millions of different reporters kept asking questions ” I would never try to abuse my pets they are kind, loyal, there part of my family and I love them”. “Taylor! Taylor!” one with a neon yellow shirt said ” Why are you bringing your cats?” nice shirt I thought to myself ” My cats are being brung for many different reasons one reason is I want them to able to explore like I get to go different places but they don’t which I find unfair, also I have them with me because I love them, company, they are sweet, loyal, and trustworthy, also playful, and cuddly.” I stared at them astonished I had answered that so easily and not got nervous like I usually did “Taylor why did you bring Jet?” the guy in the brown lab coat asked ” Pretty much the same reasons I said companionship, I love her, she sweet, playful trustworthy, loyal, sweet – ” What does Jet look like?” a reporter asked “Jet’s black and is a standard poodle, she has sweet brown eyes the color of chocolate, as I was saying she is very playful and I love the way she thinks she’s human, Jet won’t sit on the ground only in the house on on a carpet.” Taylor time to go” my mom said “I’m ready”, I held my cats, Jet, and my brown leather suitcase close to me and said “Let’s do this.”
Star if you like (:

Administrator answers:

I can tell this was written by a ten year old. Very, very bad. I got bored almost immediately, but I finished it. Very choppy and uninteresting, and everything is very random. This is just so awful, I can’t put it down in words. Hopefully you have improved over the years.

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