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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans One Story

February 27, 2013

Donna asks…

best way to build a garage with living quarters for a decent price?

Ok, so we have decided to build a 2 story garage. situation is that we are going to live in the garage while building our house. We need 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living area, w/d hookup..pretty much a decent sized apartment. I am willing to have 2 bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom downstairs. All three upstairs would be perfect though. We want warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. Kitchen size is not important, as long as i can store some food and cook. Is there any cheap way to do this. garage dimensions are another thing…woudl a 30′x40′ garage do. Anyone with any advice please help. If you have done this before that would be excellent. Anyone with “free” floor plans? that would be awesome!!

Administrator answers:

30 x 40 sounds plenty big enough, depending on how much garage you need while living there. Go to , they have a large selection of plans to look at online. That should give you ideas, or at least a place to start. They also give an approximate cost of materials to build each structure… Some of the plans are of garages with living areas above, just as you mention.

Donald asks…

Your comments on the story i’m writing?

I have started with a story. As of now I have done the character sketch of the main characters. Please read and give in your feedback.


Amy Newton was born in New York and had stayed with her father in the city forever. Her father, Herbert Newton, a famous businessman was travelling most of the time to different countries because of work. Lucy Newton, her mother had passed away when she was only two. Brought up by nannies and maid’s Amy was closer to them during her initial years of growing up. Yet she respected and loved her father more than anyone in this world. Herbert fulfilled all her desires and wishes… expect one. He was not able to spend “Quality” time with his daughter. Amy had travelled with her father across the world during her summer vacations and had enjoyed those days the most as they brought her closer to her father. She detested when the vacations came to an end.

The Newton’s had a huge mansion in New York. It was an 8 Bedroom, 3 floored house with a swimming pool in the backyard and a garden in the front which was the size of a baseball field. Built by a famous architect from Rome, the house had ethnic and classical touch of the Roman civilization. Paintings from famous artists hung on the carved walls. The Mansion depicted the wealth of Mr. Newton who was a self-made man. Every room had a different theme. There were rare pieces of decorations brought from different parts of the world to enhance the beauty of the mansion. It was the most aesthetic white structure that the city had ever seen. Milky white marble statues found place in the gardens of the house, which were illuminated with bright lights during the night. The place was no less than a fairy tale castle sitting magnificently in the city, praised by all its audience.

Amy was a very beautiful girl. She had the perfect features and perfect body. Long brown hair which were never out of place. It seemed like she never had a bad hair day. Big green eyes which never missed any detail. A smile so warm that it made a dull day bright and shinny. She looked like a ramp model which made boys go all ‘oohh and aahh’ and girls all jealous. A down to earth girl Amy was. Talented and intelligent, she had always been a topper in her school and college. She never mentioned that she was “AMY NEWTON” infront of a crowd, because she wanted to be just Amy. Her father’s name when attached with hers changed things completely. People almost fell to their knees. And she loathed this.

Amy enjoyed being outside her home though. An independent soul, she didn’t like to be dependent on her father. Her father on the other hand did not approve her taking up summer jobs when she was not travelling with him. Peacefully both father and daughter used to discuss this issue.

Now as she was going to be 20, Amy had decided that she will not join her father’s business. Instead she had a different plan sketched up for her life. But Herbert was hell bent for her to join him as soon as possible. She was delaying the option with excuses that made her father angry.

It was her 20th birthday that changed things for Amy.


Mark Stevens was a born rebel. His father, Andrew Stevens, was a famous Lawyer of London. His mother, Emily Stevens, was the owner of one of the most expensive boutique in London. Rich and Famous list was not complete if ‘The Stevens’ were not mentioned in it. And Mark never left any opportunity to use his “Status” to get things done. His father did not like it when he misused their family name. A lot of arguments took place between the father and the son on almost daily basis. Emily was the pacemaker. She took time out of her busy schedule to sit with Mark and talk to him. This made Mark closer to his mother. He confided his deepest secrets to her.

In London, the Stevens had a “Palace” in which they lived. It was indeed a palace, which belonged to one of the royalties of the country in the early centuries. Andrew Stevens had bought the property at a very handsome price. Emily had decorated their “Home” in the most beautiful manner. Everything was exquisite, expensive and exotic. A library which was bigger than the town library, an indoor sports area constructed which was well equipped. Both Mark and Andrew enjoyed sports a lot. Andrew was the football team captain when he was in high school. And Mark had led his school team to victory in swimming and basket ball. Their beautiful garden had flowers which were of rare species. The Palace was made of grey brick and stones. A long drive way from the main gate which was huge and made up of wrought iron. Tall and beautiful trees covering the drove way on both sides. A fountain was in the middle of the enormous garden. The palace was included in the most exotic and breath taking palaces of the country.

When Mark was 5, his father wanted him learn how to play tennis but Mark was keener on learning swimming. He felt ‘the water’ belonged to him. Mark had created a big scene
When Mark was 5, his father wanted him learn how to play tennis but Mark was keener on learning swimming. He felt ‘the water’ belonged to him. Mark had created a big scene and finally his father had to agree with Mark and grant him his wish. Usually when there was a conflict between Mark and his father, Mark won. One reason was that Emily supported Mark. She was the only person who understood… or atleast kind of understood her son. “Brat” was what his father called him when he was upset with Mark.

While he was growing up, his father fed into his mind that Mark should become a Lawyer – Just like him – in future. Mark was not fond of this particular career option. He felt he will be overshadowed by his father’s name once he took up law. Though he was a brilliant student and could easily make it big in any of the professions he would have chosen, but being a lawyer was something he had absolutely rejected since childhood.
He did not want to be like his father.
Mark was a handsome boy. He had the looks of a royalty. Bright blue eyes which pierced easily through anybody’s soul, Pearly white skin with a face and body which belonged to only Greek gods. He was every girl’s dream come true. He was in reach of every soul around him, yet so far. He was a kind of person who understood the situation well and manipulated it according to his benefits. His mind worked in a manner which nobody could ever understand. Not a predictable person Mark was but he could easily predict others.

He had already planned his future and was quiet determined on going against his father’s wishes. He knew his mother would support him, like she always had. He also knew that when he would tell his father about his plans, his father would throw a fit around the house which would be extremely difficult to handle. But Mark was ready for all that.

Administrator answers:

Honestly.. I’m not diggin it. I’m not into the narrartion.. Its boring. I would try writing it in a mysterious kind of way. But, kudos for posting your work!

Maria asks…

Cost to build a house?

What would be the cost of building a house.
Details of house: 3000 square feet, Wood siding, Wrap around deck, one story, Open floor plan, Hardwood floors, Plain walls/drywall, 3-4 bedrooms, 2 bath, Kitchen, Living room.

Labor would be free.. only have to pay cost of materials.

Administrator answers:

Figure 135- 150.00 per sq ft depending on where you live.

Mary asks…

Do I have a future in architecture?
I designed the floor plan of this house by myself. Am I good at architecture and do I have a future in it? (I’m 14 by the way)

Its a 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 One Story house I designed.
- I didn’t pay attention at all when I placed doors because the program I used was very hard to use
-The luandry is in the kitchen because I forgot to put one when I designed the house in 5 minutes
The pantry is in the kitchen, near the chairs

Administrator answers:

You’re only 14 so there’s ample time to learn architecture and life. The lesson you need to learn here is inspiration from 5 minutes of work is not worth much. You can take five minutes of inspiration and turn it into a piece of art, but you will need a lot of time to transform that idea to something tangible. Always keep this question in mind when you’re designing. “Why should I (client) hire you?” This is important since the client can take their money anywhere, but why should they knock on your office’s door.

Betty asks…

Anyone else have a zombie attack plan for your house?

I know it’s crazy and I’m a grown man, I know a zombie outbreak is pretty much impossible, but still planned what I would do if my house was attacked.
Weapon locations:
Fire poker in the lounge
Knives, skewers rolling pins and stuff in the kitchen
Longbows under the stairs (old hobby of mine)
Hammers, bats, drills etc in the shed at the end of the garden

Grab as many weapons as possible
Grab car keys
If small attack fight to kitchen grab tons of long shelf life food, if too many zombies skip this
Head upstairs
Go to either:
Bathroom (pros: supply of drinking water, toilet, bleach if suicide is the only option; cons: 2 story window, no way out)
My bedroom (pros: quick exist across 1 story roof, computer and television for communications, bed; cons: no water supply (so max 3 day stay), no toilet)

After a while decide whether to secure the house or travel to government outpost/safe zone.

This plan relies on the zombies being slow Night Of The Living Dead types we can’t get through doors, if they’re fast ones like in 28 Days Later I’m screwed.

Anyone else got a zombie attack plan? What do you think of mine?


Administrator answers:

The plan only works if you are at home. I know it’s odd, but when I’m anywhere, I will size the place up and determine what should be done in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Here are several key points I’ve gotten used to looking for.

1). Escape plans : The quickest, most direct route outside, or in the case of a large amount of zombies that cannot be avoided, the most defensible position, featuring choke points, and hardened construction

2). Vehicles : While a Prius might get you out of the initial encounter, you will probably want a vehicle that can mow down many objects of a human’s mass, and density, without sustaining any real damage. (Construction vehicles are ideal!)

3). Weapons : Depending on the type of zombie, it’s critical to keep your eyes open for appropriate weapons, fast moving “rage” zombies, such as in 28 days later you’ll probably want to keep as much distance between them, and you as possible, so ranged weapons might be best. For slow, shufflers, I think any melee item with heft and reach would be ideal. As you’ll never run out of ammo.

4). Supplies : Non-perishable, easily transported foods, and essentials. Find a place that can be raided, and left in a relatively short span of time, though it is almost a gaurantee that you will have to fight your way in, or out.

5). Ultimate Destination : I personally would strive to make it back to my hometown in upstate NY… Very low population density, wide open, LOTS of hunters. If it becomes an epidemic, you’ll need to think of a place to hunker down long term, a place where natural resources will not be difficult to come by.

6). Trust NO ONE : In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I can expect the following things:
a). The government will almost undoubtedly be absent, or deceitful, or a blatant enemy.
B). People in such a panic, will mostly revert to their animalistic “survival of the fittest” instincts. As a result, you should only be with people you know have your back.
C). Help anyone you can, but don’t assume they would return the favor… Remember, it’s your ass and you need to watch out for yourself.

— While it may be unlikely, out of all the doomsday scenarios… I personally feel the zombie apocalypse is probably one with a highest probability, especially as medical science grows and corporations in charge of research put a higher value on the bottom line, than human life.

This concludes my response.

Mark asks…

Some questions about wood stove? Please help!?

I just moved from a warm climate to a cold one for the first time. I have a 2 story house with 4 bedrooms, other rooms, and a basement. I am planning on opening up the house for a non profit organization but right now it is just me so I have just been heating my room. However my plumbing froze up so I think I need to heat my basement to at least 40 degrees. Also I am thinking about buying a used one and so need to know what to look for. And, I want to live a simple and efficient lifestyle and so am wondering if this is a good option.

1. How much will you save if you use a wood stove instead of an electricit heater “percentage”?

2. If it is in the basement can you run the vent out of a basement window? Or does it have to go out the roof? If so can I run it up my chimney somehow?

3. How large of a stove do I need?

4. Should I get a stove with a fan? Or is it important? Or can I put one on myself?

5. If I get an electric heater how many btu’s do I need?

6. Is there a certain year, brand, model, material, or specific features that I need to be looking for?

7. Are vent kits expensive? Are they hard to install?

8. Do people still use wood stoves often? Are they recommended?

9. How often do you have to change the wood? Are there certain tools that keep it from being a messy job? Is there an ash tray or something? I mean if I am going to be running it constantly I think I will have to allow the waste to cool off somewhere? Do you just throw the ashes in a trash bag or something?

10. Should I just get a used electric furnace? Or do these types not last long? Are they hard to install?

11. Do you think a barrel stove is a good idea?:

12. Lastly, I looked for some used wood stoves on craigslist. It seems that these stoves last forever. I have chosen a few can you tell me which stove is the best? Some of them might be sold already so can you tell me in general if these are good or if some are bad?

Administrator answers:

You’ve asked a lot of questions. I think wood stoves can save about 1/2 on your heating versus electric. Whether this savings is worthwhile is up to you. Wood heating is messy, and labor intensive buying, storing, and bringing in this wood. I throw a log on the fire about every hour, I’d say. I stuff it full at night. On cold nights I get up in the middle of the night and refill it. The chimneys are expensive, I wouldn’t be surprised if it costs you $2000 for the parts to run this up alongside your house in a code approved manner (and this isn’t something to try and get by with anything less on, too many houses burn down this way).

I don’t know about Kansas City, where I am wood stoves are regulated now for pollution output, and only “certified” stoves are legal to install, indeed, to even be sold. Nowadays, all the certified stoves seem to have 6″ chimneys. My advice is to buy the largest certified stove you can find with the biggest possible firebox. That really makes a difference when you’re stuffing firewood in there. I shovel the ashes out of my stove with a flat shovel into an ashcan, which I take outside away from the house to cool. Afterwards, I scatter them as far as possible around the property – in small amounts, ash is a nutrient. I never dump them all in one place.

Firewood sellers are a notoriously unreliable bunch, and opportunities for minor fraud numerous. Usually, you need to buy firewood in advance, and let it dry for a season before you burn it. Where I live firewood burning is very common, but I live in a rural, wooded area, too. I see many people using pellet stoves nowadays, they might be worth looking into. Also, some people burn corn, and you’re in the middle of corn country. I think maybe you can burn corn directly in a pellet stove, but I’m not certain on that.

You had a long list of questions, I don’t know if this answers them, but it might point you in some right directions. Best of wishes here.

George asks…

My life..I don’t even want it.?

I don’t plan on committing suicide, although I’ve thought about how I would do it. I think about if anyone would miss me. Maybe a few people but not for long. I’m a shy girl. Not painfully shy, I talk, bt I’m nkt one of those girls that always have people laughing. Its not that I don’t want to talk I just don’t know what to say. Im just average..I’m sure i just blend into the background. My family recently lost our house. We went from a huge 4 story, 6 bedroom, 5 bathrrom house to a 1 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. I hate it. I’m a freshman and everyone says freshman years the best. Well if this is the best I’m dreading next year. I liked school, but 2nd semester I don’t have any friends in my classes. One of my best friends have many guys going after her while I’m just..alone. I’m not ugly, I’ve been told more then once, by teenage guys, that I’m too pretty to be single. I don’t know whats wong me. My best friend isn’t super outgoing either. I’m not good at anything. Nothings good in my lfe. Its boring, same thing day after day. I don’t know what to do.

If no one reads this its fine. I just needed some where to write down my feelings.

Administrator answers:

A lot of major changes have been happening in your life: new high school student, losing home, having to move, feeling out of place…I know someone who is close to me who felt just as you feel…She was quiet so few people tried to get her to join their group…She is pretty, but felt invisible…She felt like life would be that way forever…I told her to remember that she is a butterfly and one day her wings will take her away to where she wants to go….She is a senior, now, has a new boyfriend who means a lot to her and she is happy…Be gentle with yourself….give yourself some time…and credit for surviving so many changes in your life…

Sharon asks…

What can our Homeowners Association do to us? Can they put a Lien on our house?

So, my fiance and I bought our first house in August of 2008 and we immediately inherited some defects in the house undetected by the inspector. First, the hot water heater went out 2 days after moving in because it was 17 years old!!! After 3 visits by roto rooter, the home warranty replaced the water heater for free. Here comes the big one though!

We started noticing a leak in our master bedroom closet and had to rip up the carpet and cut holed in the walls to find the source. we live in a townhome time house connected to just one other home and we thought it was either the shower or the kitchen next door on the other side of the firewall. Nope! so we decided to check out the roof and found that our old 18 yr old 3-tab shingled home had rotten wood underneath and the rain would leak in from the roof. Being that this is our first home and first time making our own updates we just said “need to get a new roof, fast!” And so we did. My fiance and I were both working through the 2 days the roofers were doing the work. The only request we had was that they check at the entrance to the community for what the HOA requests. It says “must be black or charcoal grey.” So the contractor says “I have a grey.” So we agreed and went about our business at work. 75% of the way through the job the President of the HOA calls my fiance at work and says they must stop and that the shingles are green!!! First of all, the shingles are “weathered grey.” But the bad part is that the roofer put on Architectural Shingles and that’s what has these people all up in arms! Honestly, we had never heard of different styles of shingles until the past few months. Anyways, its about to start raining in a few days so the roofer finishes, takes his check for too much money (another story), and is gone.

Now the HOA is telling us to take it down and place a new one up there ASAP that matches the Architectural Committees rules.

So immediately, we pull out the bylaws (written in 1986, at time of closing no ammendments were provided) and not one word in the whole 30 page document uses the words architectural shingles. It only says to stay within the color “scheme”.

Our mistake was we didn’t ask for pre-approval which, in the HOA meeting, we openly admitted. We have never lived in an HOA community before. So we were scared throughout reading the bylaws until we found this particular paragraph . . .

“B. Procedure. The Committee’s approval or disapproval as required in this Declaration shall be in writing. In the event the committee, or its designated representatives, fails to approve or disapprove withing thirty days after plans and specifications have been submitted, or in any evenT, IF NO SUIT TO ENJOIN CONSTRUCTION HAS BEEN COMMENCED PRIOR TO COMPLETION THEREOF, APPROVAL WILL NOT BE REQUIRED AND THE RELATED COVENANTS SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE BEEN FULLY COMPLIED WITH.”

So you see there where we messed up and didn’t ask for approval. But also, there has been no suit filed against us and the only action the HOA took during construction was the Pres. walked over and said “stop” as they were finishing. 3 days after the job was finished the HOA meets and votes to give us 30 days to replace the roof or else!

Not only did the roofer overcharge us and get away with it. But the HOA did not follow their own rules.

We pay our dues every month and don’t owe them a dime. Can they put a lien on the house or no?

Administrator answers:

You will need to change the roofing since the color is clearly wrong.

I don’t know what they are putting a lien on for unless it is a fine for using the wrong roofing material.

You will need an attorney to fight this. You may have to sue your home inspector for the roofing problems and water damage since an roof that old should have been found in your inspection.

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