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July 12, 2013

Ruth asks…

Would you be upset if you made plans and the other person showed up but left assuming you weren’t home?

I want opinions of men and women who are in relationships or have experience. I am an adult woman looking for opinions.
Long story short: I have been going through tough personal issues these past few months. And I went back to school for a different career but am probably going to fail out of the program. And yesterday I thought ‘well at least I have a great guy in my life now’ (my BF).
He usually sees me tuesday nights after work. And last night we made plans for him to come over.
I took a nap in one of my guest bedrooms (which my BF knows I sometimes have done in the past). When I woke up and went into my own bedroom I found a note on my bed. My BF had shown up (much earlier than he typically does, cause he wrote the time down) come in through an open door in my house, looked around for like a minute and decided I wasn’t home and stated he left and went home.
I was so upset. Because he knows I do not leave doors unlocked if I am not home. And he KNEW that I knew he was coming over. So even if I wasn’t home (which I was) why wouldn’t he wait for a few minutes?!

So many times I have gone to his home at an agreed upon time, only to discover he isn’t home and to have to sit and wait for him to finally return home. So he doesn’t respect my time it seems yet I am suppose to be right at my front door waiting for him when he is coming over at anywhere from 5pm-630pm? He never tells me when he will arrive and even if he does he often shows up later than what he says. So I was surprised he was at my home at only 5pm today.
I called him and basically expressed how upset and hurt I am. I told him actions speak louder than words and it looks like he doesn’t care if he would show up and leave so quick when he knew I knew he was coming over tonight.
I really wanted/needed to see him because I have been so upset knowing I will most likely fail out of the college program I am in and that I don’t know what I will be able to do for work. I don’t think I can get back into the program I am in now. So I was looking forward to seeing him and feeling good at least for a few hours tonight. Only to have him show up and leave. It just ticks me off knowing I was home asleep and he walked around my house for just a minute and LEFT!
He thinks it is no big deal. We have been going out for 1 yr and 3 months. This isn’t the first time he has disappointed me. I am still hurt over the fact that he wasn’t there for me right away when I needed him after an infant in my family died unexpectedly a few months back (part of the reason I am failing at school now). I have tried to move past it and forgive him for basically avoiding me for days when I needed him then after he apologized. And then he pulls this crap tonight.

Am I stupid to stay with a guy who makes plans with me and then leaves because he didn’t actually SEE me right away in my home so he left? I really told him off on the phone and actually told him ‘i am done with you. Goodbye’ and hung up.

How would you feel?

Administrator answers:

You’re absolutely entitled to be disappointed. You were looking for the opportunity to talk with him and get some support and perspective from him. Yes, you can be disappointed, but not angry. And certainly not angry with him. He showed up. He was kind enough to leave a note. Maybe he should’ve been expected to look around for you, but maybe not. Take a close look at your real feelings and I think you’ll see that your anger is misplaced. You’re upset, feeling like your life is falling apart, and your mind is going in many different directions. You’re upset, disappointed and frustrated. But he’s really not the target of your angst. Take a deep breath and apologize for your meltdown.

Charles asks…

Can you tell me if im spoiled?

i always get told im spoiled but i don’t think so:
3 north faces (denali, venture jacket, venture parka)
5 pairs of uggs (classic, tall, bailey button, slippers, short)
6 pairs of toms ( 3 regulars, 1 glitter, 1 sequin, 1 of the cool design ones)
3 pairs of vans ( two authentic classic, 1 lo pro)
nordstroms i have like half the bp stuff
6 pairs of lululemons
3 lululemon jackets
ipad 2
kyocera echo
ipod touch
family mac
personal laptop
ipod dock
we live in a custom house and i have a 3 story bedroom and the house has a swimming pool
i have like my bed level, my study and closet/ bathroom level, and my lounge level
i have 2 flat screen LCD TVs in my room
im almost 15
started planning my 16th birthday 6 months ago
we are going car shopping in a few months
we have 5 boats
explorer, range rover, bmw 335is convertible and x5, mercedes benz GL550 and S600, yukon denali xl, and a F150
we also have a rv
we live on the lake and have 2 docks i play on a club soccer, softball, and volleyball team and i do competitve cheer.
we also do alot of charity work and donate to multiple groups in my free time through the summer I am a Counselor in Training at my local summer camp(:
I don’t think i’m spoiled but can you tell me?
i love my mom and my dad left when i was little so i don’t really know him to say anything but i don’t ask for much its just what happened. i understand that im lucky and thats why i try to volunteer and help in the community.
i don’t do cheer i do gymnastics
for my birthday this year i got acting, singing, and modeling classes(:
i also want to become part of unicef… how do i do this?

Administrator answers:

Spoiled is a weird word, if you’re grateful to have these things then I cant say you’re soiled. If you wear or use your items for like a week then ask for something else then you are spoiled, as you want more stuff.

You are very fortunate to have these things as well as having great parents so don’t take them for granted ;)

Daniel asks…

Looking to relocate. Why is real estate so cheap in Indiana? Thanks!?

I live in NJ and I’m planning to relocate due to the ridiculous taxes and house prices in NJ (I’m currently renting). I looked for many houses in different states and I have about $5,000 to put as down payment. I got stuck on this one house in Anderson, IN and I did some research about the town; it seems like a really nice neighborhood. What I don’t get is why it is so cheap, other than a considerably higher unemployment rate compared to NJ. A two story house with 3 bedrooms would be approximately $150,000 in NJ depending on what town it’s located. I found this house for $14,000 and it sounds too good to be true. Their taxes are also unbelievably cheap! ($89 a year compared to $500-1200 a month in NJ) What’s the reason why the houses and taxes are so cheap in Anderson, IN? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!


Administrator answers:

It’s 45 miles from Indianapolis. So basically, it’s a long commute. I’ve heard Indianapolis is a nice place to live, but you’re going to have a sleepy life compared to New Jersey.

Paul asks…

Mixing species of hardwood floor?

Does it harm resale value of a house if you more than one species of wood for the hardwood floors? I am thinking of doing the kids bedrooms in a different wood than the hallway. The change would happen at the doorway. My house is not any particular style…3/2 single-story SFR. I’m not planning on moving for at least 10 years, so I’m thinking of doing what I like, not what necessarily appeals to a buyer tomorrow.


Administrator answers:

As long as it’s installed properly, mix away. With the availability of laminate flooring, more people are installing their own floors. They pick one species to match the decor of one room, another for a different room. Hardwoods are following a similar trend. Another popular option is running a row or two of a contrasting wood as an accent, or installing an inlay of a different species. Do what makes you happy. Good luck.

Susan asks…

please read this (begining of a story)?

i find i get really bored in the holidays so i started wrighting this book, this is just the first few chapter but i have really bad writters block and was looking for ideas of what to write next? or how it should end :) <3
also if it was any good or not?

I wish my story started the usual way; I want to be able to say it was a cold and stormy night, and I want it to be true. I would love for a cold air to rush into my bedroom; I would love for the annoying crack of thunder to keep me up all night. But instead the midsummer night’s air was washing over my body, with the bright moon reflecting of the covers that lay scrunched at the end of my bed. Sighing I starred longingly at my clock, willing the night to be finally over. My white wooden doors had been purposely left open with the plan of a cold night air blowing throughout the room. But the night was still, not even managing to create enough wind to slightly rustle the lacy white curtains that hung loosely round the door frame. Losing all hope I aimlessly stood up and walked out onto the balcony. A light snoring from my parent’s room could be made out from the loud barking of a dog.
California was a lot different to Barpot, the small village up in the Lake District in which I had spent the first 15 years of my life. Years spent wondering round the desolate village and sitting in the old houses. The place only contained a post office, with a 10 minute walk to the nearest shop and in the other direction to the school.
Treasure Island, long beach, California, was the place I had been sent character building. It was also the place I would spend the last year if my school days. Johns High school, a small school a few minutes from the coast, also a school gaining new students almost every day. One good thing about this move was the oversized house my rich actor uncle owned. The main downside was the jerk of a cousin I would have to live with for the next 365 days. And that is without adding his annoying best friend who practically lives in the house. Sitting back down on my king-sized bed I went back to my internal rambling.
8:00 finally flicked onto my clock, causing me to stand of my bed and stumble down the stairs. In my drowsy state I didn’t acknowledge the two figures the sat in front of the TV. I sat down a bit too heavily onto the sofa, causing the two boys to jump out of there hypnotised state and glare. I noticed one boy from the photos, the many pictures sent from my auntie along with letters. Little captures of pride sent to my family, they showed my cousin well. The short black hair and green eyes were just as glossy in person. The only difference was his irritated face from the photos had changed into a smirk. The other boy I didn’t know and I could no longer see his face, which was fixated on the TV once again.
im only 14 and am only doing this for personal enjoyment so please dont be harsh!

paola i would like to message you but im new to this and dont know how to?

Administrator answers:

I really enjoyed the begining to your story, I really wanted to read on. Next you might want to explain why you moved from the lake district, and following that you could describe your first day at your new school. Also, maybe you could have some kind of twist on your cousins. Perhaps they have some kind of supernatrual power? Maybe they aren’t human? Of course, this might not be the kind of story your aiming for.

It helps to plan your story before you write it, you need to decide what is going to be the exciting part of your story.

Hope I helped =]

Betty asks…

Floor Plan?

I am in the process of begining to build a house but in order to 100 % decide on a lot we need some ideads of what we want as a house. Does any one have some house sites for me? If there is only sites with 2 story houses. If you have some particular houses that would work for me just post the link, however i know its hard for you yo know what i need

Here are some requirements:
Kitchen island or bar looking into living room
master on main
1.5 – 2 stories
bedrooms upstairs.
mud room
kitchen not far from garage entry
3 car garage

Administrator answers:

My suggestion is, design your own. I did that six months ago. It took a while to get it done, but the wife wanted certain things that other plans didn’t have. An island in the kitchen and a wet bar, those things can be added later. At your local store, there are monthly books listing 100s of floor plans. Your “extra” stuff can be added later. Happy building!

Richard asks…

Do you like my story so far?

plz don’t comment on my grammar, my teachers don’t teach crap!

Hello! My name is Selene Romary Blanchard, I was born July 26,1383, I am nineteen-years-old my mother is Elizabeth Ann Blanchard and my father is Edward James Blanchard. I have one sibling an older sister named Cecilia Marie, she is twenty-two-years-old and two nieces Brianna and Blakelee or Bri and Blake; they have just turned six. I remember the night my family was killed very clearly,
this is my story

The day started out like any other day, it was January 3rd I had woken up extra early to feed the horses and watch the sunrise; my favorite past time. Me and Cecilia had been fighting all week, accusing me of trying to seduce her husband and calling me desperate. I didn’t like to fight with her, but sometimes she’s just so headstrong. We were all sitting down eating dinner, Jeremy; my sister’s husband wouldn’t be eating with us, he was in a neighboring village for the evening, Cecilia started talking to me.

“So, Selene have any plans to try and seduce my husband later?” she asked. I ignored her as usual.

“Auntie, mama asked you a question, it’s not polite to ignore her” Blake said, Bri nodded in agreement. I couldn’t help but smile, they were beautiful girls’ with long black hair and green eyes.

I turned to my sister “Actually CeCe, no I don’t and I wasn’t seducing him! I was simply asking him if he could help tighten my corset! Nothing more!” I said raising my voice.

“Selene, we saw you and that darling, did not sound like you asking him something, me and your father could tell by the tone of your voice” Mother said, sticking up for my sister, that was so like them! Defending their eldest daughter.

“I was gasping for air because he tied my corset too tight!”

They just stared at me to the point I just got fed up “fine! Take her side! I hate you, i’m done with this family! All my life you’ve taken her side! And i’m sick of it, I wish you were all dead!” I shouted, and without waiting for a reply, I grabbed Bri and Blake and ran upstairs to put them to bed.

That night I awoke to the most horrific scream anyone can ever imagine. The screams sounded like they were coming from my sister.

“SELENE! GET BRIANNA AND BLAKELEE” she shouted. Cautiously I got up, scared and unsure of what to do, my hand was resting on the door handle when I heard screams that made my throat jump into my throat. My nieces!

“AUNTIE SELENE! HELP US!” Bri and Blake shouted, without hesitating I opened my bedroom door and ran down the hall to their room. I gasped and almost fainted at the sight before me. Brianna lay on the floor all the way on the other side of the room, her stomach had been ripped open, her white nightgown stained with crimson blood…her blood. Her throat looked like it had been ripped out. I looked to Blakelee and she was in the same shape, her dead blue eye’s bore into my brown ones, I cried and closed them, I stood up and ran down the stairs hoping to get to the stable and retrieve my father, when I tripped, I look around to see my mother and Cecilia’s bodies, in worse shape then Bri and Blake, they were almost unrecognizable.

I let out a blood curdling scream and raced out the house in the thunderstorm, as I got to the stable I closed and locked the door behind me, I knew I would die any way,but hoped it would hold off whatever it I turned around I gasped at the sight before me, there lay fathers body, his head had been cut open and his throat had been ripped out. I fall to my knees at his body.

“Father…NO!” I say, my voice barely above a whisper.

Just then the stable door was kicked open, and I felt a cold hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see a man with long blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes staring down at me, with sad eyes.

“There there my child, you are safe now” I believed him and leaned into his comforting embrace.

“Who would do this?”

“Lycans…or in simpler terms werewolves, they are a nasty breed who kill innocent men and women” he spat.

My eyes widened “Are you a-a vampire” I asked.

He nodded “yes I am”

“Make me one of you! I want to revenge my family”

He smiled and tilted my head back, the last thing I remember is sharp teeth piercing my flesh before everything went black.

To Be Continued…

Administrator answers:

It’s alright…almost every book now has the same theme as yours (werewolves and vampires) so maybe if you come up with your own fantasy creatures it would be more interesting. Also you seem to jump to the point really fast so try putting more details in and maybe try describing exactly how the main character felt when her sister was yelling at her or the fear that ran through her when she heard the screams. Otherwise I think the main point of it is really good! When I started reading it I couldn’t stop!

Donald asks…

I am cleaning a house that has not been cleaned in over 6 months help!?

This is a 2 story house with 3 bedrooms. It has not been deep cleaned not really cleaned at all in 6 months. (Except dishes and mild sweeping)
There are water stains in the bathroom and kitchen.
There is pet hair everywhere…even the walls and curtains.
There is a smell in on the wood stairs like pet urine maybe.
And there are personal things all over that i do not know where to place them. Knick knacks to old mail, tools ad well just things they never put away.

The dishes are all dusty in the cup boards to. And there is old cake mixes and such all dusty.
Where do I start? is one room easier to start with?
What about all the pet hair on everything including the walls…i do not want it spreading on the things I have wiped allready?
This person is disabled and was unable to realy clean and teens never helped at all. I can clean for how ever long t takes. The money is not a issue. I think my best bet is to empty every dish out of the cupboards and hand wash them.there is no dishwasher. There is cat and dog hair under the fridge to and behind the toilet. I do have a small dry vac. with attachments. So i think this will help.
I was thinking of removing the curtians and washing them then vaccuming the window seals…then doing the walls. But my fear is the floor hair will get on them again when I vaccum it.

Administrator answers:

Start with vacuum top to bottom! Light fixtures ceiling fans cob webs knock all down to ground! Use attachments and dry clean all drawers and tubs and showers stairs floors everything then you can start mopping use white vinegar and water. This will get the smells off wood floor plan on changing water allot! 3 cups of vinegar to 2 gallons of warm water. I would mop with allot of water to start with then go back over it and pick up loose water with well rung out mop. Letting the mop water sit on floor for a little bit will help not have to scrub so hard. You will know the floor is clean when your mop water quits getting dirty! Clean all drawers and cupboards good old lemon soapy water again I do things twice therefore I do not have to scrub so hard the second time always comes up easier! Even the bathrooms! Get some Lime away for water stains this is the only thing that will take up hard water stains after you do this go back and clean with bleach to sanitize bathroom do not mix these products rinse well after Lime away. Use the dishwasher for all dishes keep the machines working! Grease build up the only thing that does the trick is 409 again do it twice wont have to scrub so hard even on stove. I clean empty of foreclosed house and I tell you people are dirty. Throw away all the groceries no telling how long they have been shelved some have dates but hard to read or find! Good Luck hope this helps!

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