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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans With Loft

November 15, 2012

George asks…

How old were you when you had each of your children?

And what situation were you in?

I went to university when I was 18 and I met my husband there. We left at age 22, and moved into a two bedroom house flat and got jobs.
We planned our first child, and I had number one at age 25. Number one turned out to be numbers one AND two! I was blessed with girl twins, who I called Lily Claire and April Vivienne.
It was a squish in our house flat so we moved to a lovely four bedroom house when the twins were 1. A year later I got pregnant again and when I was 28 I gave birth to number three, our first baby boy who we named Tobias Maximus.
When Tobias was one had a loft and kitchen extension to make room for our growing family, and a year and a bit after that I got pregnant with number four.
I am now 31, the kids are aged 6, 6, 3 and number four is due THIS SUNDAY!
I am so excited. She is a girl and we have a list of names in store for her, do you like them?:;_ylt=AqbOIQsgMqzT.Mc7sCuKmCnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081206112912AA2kRN2

So, how old were you when you had your kids, and what situation were you in for each of them?

Administrator answers:

26 with the first and 32 and pregnant with #2.

Linda asks…

How do people poorer than me and my husband afford babies?

I got laid off and took a pay cut on my new job. It sucks but that’s the economy.

My husband and I are getting massive baby urges…but we got married 2 months ago and had a 12 thousand dollar wedding. (Right before I was laid off…nice wedding present azzhole). We are trying to catch up. I still have a 500 dollar credit card to pay off..and he has 2 other cards (one he used for my engagement ring and other one he used to buy flat screen tv) that he is still paying off slowly but surely.

We both have car loans. I needed a new car 3 yrs ago as mine had completely busted (it was a 500 dollar car so that explains that lol). It won’t get paid off until sept of 2013. I was able to go into debt and throw money to get out of debt fast but now my current job does not allow me to do that.

We want a house and baby…I can’t afford 160 dollars a month for health ins thru my job so I am going to go with my job’s hsa plan as it allows me to adjust my payments if I want to.

My husband has a friend who’s gf has a toddler, works partime at walmart (he does too) and they live in a tiny one bedroom loft. (Very open, no closed walls except for bathrooom.)

She is on foodstamps yet they are trying for baby #2! They used up all her tax return already on tattos and he just got a new car.

How are they able to afford 2 babies and here my husband and I are, struggling to recoup and save?

I learned my lesson….there should always be money saved for emergencies! I was foolish. How can we save and pay off our debts fast?
Top Gun hindsight is 20 20 and yes a 12 thousand dollar wedding was stupid.
My husband and I currently make 30 thousand combined…can we afford a baby? I would like to learn from my mistakes and save

Administrator answers:

I’m heading towards a wedding of about that cost myself, however the inlaws are helping out a bit. As far as money is concerned, the couple you mentioned may have less expendable income, but they probably haven’t been in a position to get into debt on 2 cars and a big wedding. It comes down to they have less financial liabilities and this probably means the gap in expendable income is smaller than it appears.

Perhaps a debt “snowball” is a worthwhile system. I have heard a few advisers suggest this system. Maintain the payments on your debts, but work extra hard on knocking off the smallest debt, probably the ring card, tv, $5000 card or one of the cars. Once that debt is gone, close the account if it is a card. More than one will make managing your money difficult. All the repayments on this smallest debt can be rolled over to the next smallest debt and each one gets progressively easy to deal with.

I don’t scoff at your wedding size. Large family’s or long distances blow any wedding budget out lots.

In the end, you put the money where it needs to go first (minimum repayments and survival necessities) and any excess towards getting out of debt.

James asks…

Designing my house, help?

So I have 4 children, a 14 yr old girl and 3 year old triplets, 2 boys and a girl.
I have pretty much finished but dont want to leave anything out. My daughter designed her room, complete with ensuite and walk in robe. I have given te triplets each there own room, but with walls that slide open, so when they are young they will be open and it will be like one big room. Do yu think this is a good idea? And currently only 1 of the bedrooms has an ensuite, thi will be my daughters, should the boys have ensuites too?
The house is single story, but with two big lofts at each end, 1 is my daughters room and 1 is mine.
I have huge open plan space, which i think is best for familys.
Do you have any specialfeatures I could add?

Administrator answers:

Yes, put the laundry in between the bedrooms, and the baths at each side of the laundry room, all the dirty stuff travels about 2 feet, then goes back to the bedrooms, linen closet etc. Also closets every where. You can’t have enough. And make sure you can walk around the beds with all these moving walls you are putting in.

Susan asks…

Getting a farret :) (Creative People!)?

I have a studio apartment (it’s a livingroom/bedroom in one, if you didn’t know), and I want it to be all set up before I get the baby, who shall be named Scuz <3

I was wondering some ideas, because this project will be very big, I can do anything I want with the place, and have unlimited money for it, pretty much.

So any ideas of ways I can make my place nice for her when I get her?

I don’t plan on haveing a cage, because one of my friends had one who just roamed wherever around the house, just like a cat..I’m gonna have mine do that, and just sleep in a den at night. I think they’re too social to be locked up :(

I mean serious creative ideas! Like I can build little lofts and ramps into my walls, etc..

Gimmie your best ideas!
I wanna have the most spoiled ferret ever!
Oops, *ferret.


Administrator answers:

Ferrets have fun with almost anything so the key is safety. They can get into dryer hose(which is ok for them to play with, just not the one hooked up to your dryer!), chemicals, plants, cords and wires(because the love things rubbery), so please make sure you entire home is ferret proof. I would also suggest having a least a small cage to put her in if ever needed or maybe to sleep in when it’s your bedtime, because they cant be supervised. Litter training is always a good idea, and make sure they have more than one option or they’ll improvise! Ferrets love things that are crinkly, tubes, things to climb and explore. I find that my babies love crinkly cat tubes, hammocks, cat scratching/hideaways(2 in 1), and cardboard boxes zip tied together with cut out holes connecting them, which you could use wood with the right finish to make them more practical, just make sure there’s a way to clean them. The LOVE sand/dirt digging boxes, mine will dig and root around for hours on end. Good luck and use your own imagination to fit YOUR ferrets needs, I’m sure he’ll LOVE IT!

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