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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans With Loft

February 11, 2013

Susan asks…

How do people poorer than me and my husband afford babies?

I got laid off and took a pay cut on my new job. It sucks but that’s the economy.

My husband and I are getting massive baby urges…but we got married 2 months ago and had a 12 thousand dollar wedding. (Right before I was laid off…nice wedding present azzhole). We are trying to catch up. I still have a 500 dollar credit card to pay off..and he has 2 other cards (one he used for my engagement ring and other one he used to buy flat screen tv) that he is still paying off slowly but surely.

We both have car loans. I needed a new car 3 yrs ago as mine had completely busted (it was a 500 dollar car so that explains that lol). It won’t get paid off until sept of 2013. I was able to go into debt and throw money to get out of debt fast but now my current job does not allow me to do that.

We want a house and baby…I can’t afford 160 dollars a month for health ins thru my job so I am going to go with my job’s hsa plan as it allows me to adjust my payments if I want to.

My husband has a friend who’s gf has a toddler, works partime at walmart (he does too) and they live in a tiny one bedroom loft. (Very open, no closed walls except for bathrooom.)

She is on foodstamps yet they are trying for baby #2! They used up all her tax return already on tattos and he just got a new car.

How are they able to afford 2 babies and here my husband and I are, struggling to recoup and save?

I learned my lesson….there should always be money saved for emergencies! I was foolish. How can we save and pay off our debts fast?
My husband and I only make 30,000 a year combined

Administrator answers:

That is the downfall of this country. Hardworking people paying high rates for insurance, and 30 plus percent of their income to taxes, so lazy – uneducated people can have nicer things and more babies than we have. Not to mention better healthcare.
I understand your needing a hand-up right now. It happens. I am sorry you are in that situation. If it wasn’t for all of the people grabbing for hand-outs, you might get some help. But you probably won’t. You see, there are no breaks in this country for a hardworking person.
Bless you and your family through this hard time.
And be frustrated with the way the system has and will turn it’s back on you!! Write your congressman!!

Ken asks…

should we move to a new house which isn’t any bigger than the flat we live in now?

Sorry this is a little long but trying to get as much info in!!!
We’ve lived in our rented 3 bedroom flat for over 9 years and have 3 children; 2 which were born at home in the flat we’re living in now. For about 4-5 years we have tried to look for a new house as we feel we are a little overcrowded and the children (boy 9, girl 4 and boy2 1/2) would be better off in their own separate bedrooms and a garden that is not shared would benefit us and the kids.

The council that we rent from offered us a 3 bedroom new build property (not completed) a few months back which is now ready to be moved into. Now that we have looked at it i am not sure that it is any bigger than the flat we live and the smallest of the rooms is around a meter shorted than our small room at the moment, the new house although does have a back garden! there is very little storage space (as with the majority of new build properties) in comparison to every bedroom that we have now having a double fitted wardrobe. The new house does have a loft but we can not do anything (i.e. conversion to extra room) to it for at least 1 year due to the builders guarantee and then still have to apply for planning permission if its spacious enough to do anything with it!
The 2 youngest will still have to share a room which ive bought bunk bed for them until we ‘maybe’ able to convert the loft.

The kitchen/diner is quite big with quite a few cupboards but only has space for a washer and a cooker, nowhere for the dishwasher (due to where the plumbing, is as well as space) and at a push i could get the tumble-dryer in but it wouldn’t be under the worktops! again we can’t touch the kitchen due to the builders guarantee!
I was hoping to get a range cooker but can’t now as the space is standard 60cm, and were told that if our cooker is bigger than this we have to buy a new smaller cooker or just use a microwave!!!!

I have lived on this estate for 26 years, never anywhere else; along with most of my family and have concerns about moving to the new estate as the area is not one of the best, but i suppose everywhere has 1 or a few bad apples, and obviously i have sentimental ties with the flat im living in, and don’t have many, if any problems with neighbours. My eldest (awaiting behaviour assessment) has nice friends around here which he doesn’t want to leave and we only live 5 minutes from his school. The new house is at least a 30 minute walk (10min drive) and i have not passed my driving test yet so will have to walk or use public transport.
The children around the new area don’t seem to have any respect for anyone and no control from parents as they always play in the road even though cars are travelling and trying to pass them and give a mouthful of cheek if you ask them to move. (obviously not sure what all of the new tenants and their children will be like!)

I am very worried that i we will move and give up the flat we have; which is livable in and that we will hate the new house and/or area.
Is it better the devil you know, should i stay put and keep trying for something closer to where we are with 4 bedrooms or take the risk and then maybe have another 5-10year wait before i could get back to the estate.

Ive also spent a lot of money buying new things for the house and garden before we viewed it and some of the things could be used where we are now but some just wont fit.

My partner doesn’t see any of the bad that i do, and thinks i am making something out of nothing, that because i am looking at all the negative about the new house i am going to hate it.
please help me with this decision, if it were you what would you do?

thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

If it were me, I would stay in the flat where you are now. I would not move to the new place.

I say this because if you have managed to live on your current estate for 26 years, then it can’t be too bad! To me, it would be too much of a hassle to move to the new home. There are too many negative points about the new house.

There is a reason that you are seeing all these negative point about the new house! This is your good-sense telling you not to move! I would stay put and just keep trying for a 4-bedroom home closer to where you are.

Good luck with the decision. It’s a hard choice, but in the end, do what will cause you the least amount of stress.

PS: If it were me, I would NOT want my children to be in an area where they may be exposed to disrespectful children. You said the neighbors around your current flat have given you no problems… Don’t create problems for yourself by moving to an area that is filled with misbehaving children.

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