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August 1, 2013

George asks…

Where can I find affordable three bedroom apartments in the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey area?

Where can I find affordable three bedroom apartments in the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey area?

Administrator answers:

There are local newspapers in all areas that carry ads for apartments for rent. So go to whatever area you want to live and pick up one of these newspapers and look there.

Ken asks…

Military Family relocating from italy to san diego – rental recommendations?

hi – we’re a family of 4 (me, hubby (E-5), a toddler and a grade-schooler) + two cats. we’ve been spoiled rotten living in base housing in italy and are a bit leery of jumping back into the ‘real world’ of rent and utilities when we PCS next year.

are there any military families who can offer suggestions on affordable apartments? is the housing allowance really sufficient? what areas of san diego are most family-friendly? we are in our early 30′s, quiet and conservative…it’s so scary relocating because you don’t know where all of the nice, safe places are!

this is a neat service from yahoo, ’cause i’d like to hear real opinions, and not just ‘glossy brochure’ type answers! thanks :)

Administrator answers:

This is the online classified for the San Diego Union Tribune. This may be a start to help you get some idea of rental rates. There are some area of San Diego that have mad rental rates but other are more reasonable. Don’t be discouraged by rates in La Jolla, just keep looking. There are many cities in the County of San Diego so don’t just look for the city to be named “San Diego”. But some cities that are less expensive than others are La Mesa, Chula Vista, National City, Lemon Grove, and El Cajon.

Many apartments include utilities. San Diego is generally a friendly city and we are no stranger to military families. All areas have their issues with people we would rather not have to deal with but its a part of plain living.

I’m not yahoo answer savy so you might have to copy and paste the address. Http://

Hope this helps.

Daniel asks…

where can I find crime reports on an apartment?

There’s an affordable but unsafe looking apartment I want to rent. Where can I find crime reports on it?

Administrator answers:

In larger cities, you can usually either go to the County Sherrif’s website, or contact the dept, as Prime indicated in his answer above, a “crime map”.

In most medium size communities (where I live) they publish all felonly activity weekly in the Sunday paper and have different jurisdictions mapped off by a number, according to where you live; however, they list the block number where the incident occurred and what occured. Usually, you can find the stats online at the newspapers website.

If it is a smaller community, contacting your would-be neighbors and asking them is probably the best option.

Sandy asks…

Is the Jersey shore a good place to live if you are a recent college grad?

I have a job, near Freehold, and I’m tired of living with my parents, near Princeton. The Jersey shore appeals to me because it would be a shorter commute to work, and because there are things to do there (entertainment, bars, the beach, etc).

1. Is it a good place for someone in their early 20s?
2. Can I get an affordable apartment there?
3. Can you recommend a particular town or city for me?

Thank you for your help!

Administrator answers:

It’s a great place for a recent college grad to live, especially since your job is not far. But you have to be aware of a couple of things:

1. During the winter most of the towns at the shore are ghost towns. Very little activity and a lot of businesses aren’t even open. You can still find the necessities but there isn’t nearly as much activity as during the spring and summer.

2. You can’t even think about trying to rent a place until August. Right now the rents are sky high for summer rentals. In August start making the rounds and if you plan on staying there then make sure you sign a lease that carries you through the summer without an increase in rent.

As for a specific town, take your pic. Belmar is great in the summer but very quiet in winter. The further south you go, the more quiet it gets until you start nearing Atlantic City. Then the activity (and costs) pick up.

Speak to a realtor who specializes in summer rentals. They probably have plenty of clients who would love to rent out a place for the entire year.

Good luck and enjoy!

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