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July 27, 2012

William asks…

where can i find affordable apartments for rent on the central coast?

Administrator answers:

Drive around and look for “For Rent” signs with prices in your range.

George asks…

What are some good websites to find affordable homes/apartments for rent??

I already know,,, and the paper’s website. Are there any other popular websites to find rental homes? I am looking for a 2 BR in Indianapolis.

Administrator answers:

Try I did a quick list and there were 857 properties currently listed for the Indianapolis area.

A lot of these are properties owned by individuals and/or small management companies that do not list with, and others.

Good Luck

Mark asks…

How do you find furnished apartments to rent in New York?

Im staying in New York for the summer, from July until September, and I have no idea how the renting system works in the United States (I live in the UK).
Are there any websites that advertise affordable apartments for rent, I am a student after all.


Administrator answers:

NY uses real estate brokers for rentals, almost exclusively. You will need to hire an agent to find you a place within your budget. It will be very tough given that you only want it for a couple of months, you are not a desirable tenant. If you are medium market (4-5000 USD a month) it will be somewhat easier then bargain rentals.

Sandy asks…

Affordable apartments/houses for rent in Marietta, GA…?

Hey…I am currently residing in Marietta and have been here for about 4 years. I am originally from the Chicago area. I know NOTHING about Marietta and have not seen the entire city.

I am currently renting from a terrible apartment community…the area sucks…the management sucks..everything about this place sucks. It was not like that when I first moved in.

Does anyone on here know of any nice areas (quiet…nice landscape & condition of the apartments/houses…not a lot of traffic…) with affordable renting rates for apartments, or better yet any houses where you can rent at affordable rates? I am an excellent tenant. I pay early and at times pay rent months in advance.

It’s time for me to move and spend my money where I will be appreciated. I am looking to pay anywhere from $475 to 600 for a one or two bedroom. It is just me…so I don’t need too many bedrooms. Thanks…

P.S. the place where I

Administrator answers:

I am going to have to disagree about the Falls of Bells Ferry. They were once uopn a time nice, but there have already been two murders there in the past three years. Although the area itself is not so bad, I wouldn’t suggest those apartments to my worst enemy.

There are lots of great apartments and townhouses off of Chastain Road (close to KSU). It’s a nice area and extremely safe because not only do you have the Cobb police, but also the KSU police.

There are also some wonderful apartments off of Columns Drive which is off of Johnsons Ferry Road. They are called River something. I wish I could remember the name, but anything off of Columns Drive and the Johnson Ferry area is good.

If you are going to look over by Powers Ferry and Terell Mill, then please stay away from Concepts 21. Yucky place.

You usually can’t go wrong with most of the Post properties as long as they are not off of Franklin Road.

Good Luck!

Steven asks…

What is a good website that I can find REAL affordable apartments in NYC for rent?

I’m looking for an apartment in either Manhattan or The Bronx and all the postings on Craigslist are fake! Please help me! Thanks I appreciate it!

Administrator answers:

You wll need to hire an agent. Rentals in NYC city are handled via real estate companies. Ask around for a reliable one.

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