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December 26, 2012

Betty asks…

Where can I find an affordable studio/1br apartment for rent?

My boyfriend and I are looking into moving in together sometime in the near future (more like Spring time). But we need a place that is VERY affordable and close to both LA County and Orange County. Can anyone tell me where we can find it? We know what we want (clean, quiet neighborhood, cool neighbors, w/d on site, full kitchen, parking is a HUGE issue and a garage would be a must – but we can settle for a carpot) Space is not really a big deal, so any size would be fine. HELP!!!

Administrator answers:

Hi, try

Nancy asks…

Looking for good,affordable[600-800$]apartment for rent in Houston near zip 77079. Any Suggestions?

My lease with current apartment society will end this month. Looking for good, safe and well maintained apartments. Net speed in apartment should be good as I work from home and need good bandwidth. Should be affordable. range 600 to 800$. Pls suggest with your valuable comments

Administrator answers:

I live in Houston. Zip 77079 is an expensive zip code with all the nice homes off of Memorial. I can’t think of what might be available in the way of apartments in that specific area. However, if you go slightly west into zip code 77077, there is a greater inventory of apartment homes to choose from in your price range (this would be off of Memorial in between Dairy Ashford and Hwy 6). You can also try looking up residential leases on and search under area codes 77079 and 77077. Good luck!

Paul asks…


Does anyone know of any good websites or places where there are affordable NYC apartments for rent???

Administrator answers:


Charles asks…

Where can I find an affordable 3 bedroom house or apartment for rent in Campbell County KY?

Where can I find an affordable 3 bedroom house or apartment for rent in Campbell County KY? I can’t pay $1000 or more and that is all I can seem to find. I’m even willing to rent a 2 bedroom with a good size den. Any help is appreciated.

Administrator answers:


David asks…

looking to relocate near harborview or other hospitals in seattle from spokane.?

I am looking for a small affordable apartment to rent near some of the major hospitals of seattle like Harborview, or V.A.

I am from spokane. What is the average rent there and where are the neighborhoods that peole don’t get mugged, beaten raped and robbed.

Administrator answers:

The rent is outrageous a year or so but has come down a bit. It is best investigate yourself for a week or so since spoken is not far from Seattle.

Donna asks…

looking for affordable places to live near or downtown Indianapolis?

I attend IUPUI and I am looking for a affordable apartment, house or whatever to rent within 20 mins of my campus. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Lockefield Gardens

Ruth asks…

how can i find affordable housing in another state?

so i am trying to relocate another state. i am currently living in nc, but i want to move to Louisiana. where can i go to find affordable apartment or houses to rent, other than craigslist? my price range is between $600 to $800 and i am looking for a 3 to 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom.

Administrator answers:

I did a google search and came up with these sites:

and a lot more… Since I don’t know the city that you’re wanting to move to, I didn’t investigate the sites any further. I would suggest visiting the city for a few days so that you can check out neighborhoods and other properties prior to signing a lease. Good luck!

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