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February 24, 2013

Jenny asks…

What areas of Newhall and Canyon Country, Calif should be avoided when apartment renting?

My cousin and fiance are moving from Bakersfield to the Santa Clarita area. They are trying to keep their rent for a 2 bedroom apartment below $1300 per month.They also have a 15lb dog. I have heard that some areas of Newhall and Canyon Country can get rowdy.? Is this true? What areas of those cities should be avoided? Are there any affordable apartments in Valencia? Please be specific if you can. Thank you for any help!

Administrator answers:

Call Real Estatet brokers in that area

Donald asks…

Which area in Boston is affordable to live in and accessible to InterContinental Boston hotel?

I am in the process of applying for an internship at the InterContinental Boston hotel. Based on my research, it is right by Financial District and Boston Harbor. It is also close to the South Station stop. Could you please recommend an area in Boston where I can rent an affordable apartment/room (I’m on student budget) while staying close to the hotel or MBTA stations so I can get to work easily? I don’t have a car.

Administrator answers:

A car wouldn’t do you any good anyway in that part of Boston. Boston is expensive, particularly for short-term internships. Consider a roommate situation or a sublet. Your best bet might be the Northeastern University area or their housing office. (Northeastern does co-ops, so they are experts at short-term.) NEU is also on the Orange Line, which goes to the Financial District.

T access means that quite a number of good student rental areas in other cities are open to you. Check Craigslist for Central Square Cambridge, UMass Boston area, Quincy (all Red Line). Medford or Malden Center, Ruggles Station (on the Northeastern University side ONLY, avoid Roxbury. These are Orange Line, which you can get at Downtown Crossing or State).

South Station is also the terminus for many of the commuter Rail lines, with frequent service to other suburbs, and a number of buses.

Sandy asks…

Where can i find affordable apartments for teens?

I am 13 and my sister is 18, We want to move to an affordable apartment in barking or Dagenham any idea? Also if you have anywhere like a place and we can decorate it, Just anything please Thank youu!!

Administrator answers:

Step one is to have sustainable income to support paying rent. A landlord generally won’t approve you for a lease which is more than 1/4 of your salary (so if you make $2000 per month, you can rent a place that costs up to $500 per month). Landlords want to see usually 2 years income to know you have a stable job and can continue to pay. One of you (obviously your sister) will need a good credit rating. If she’s never had a loan or credit card in her name chances are very high she has no credit rating at all which will hurt her chances to be allowed to rent at all.

If you have all of those in order though, try your local classified adds or google. There are plenty of apartments that advertise online.

George asks…

How can I find an apartment that offers floors not carpet?

How can I find an affordable apartment that offers floors instead of wall-to-wall carpeting in the Baltimore area? I am concerned about the potential allergens and toxins that could be trapped in the carpeting – not to mention the difficulty with spills.

Administrator answers:

Online search engines might be an answer for you…they will at least put you into contact with the properties so you can ask.

Good luck!

Joseph asks…

What’s there fun to do in Hollywood Florida for an 18 year old girl?

I know there’s beaches for sure!
Also, we’re moving there next year in June, is there any affordable apartments or houses for rent? Nothing that exceeds maybe $800..
What’s there that we Must visit in Hollywood, Fl?

Administrator answers:

Seminole Hard Rock has a bunch of clubs and of course the casino.
And I know you mentioned the beach, but the broadwalk on Hollywood is the best for people watching and exercise, like bike riding, rollerblading or even just walking.
You can probably get some pretty good rates around downtown, just make sure to check out the property before committing to anything.
Hollywood has some nice areas, but like all of South Florida, you are never too far from a “less desirable street” just make sure you are in a good location by looking around 2 or 3 blocks from your apartment.
Of course a downtown high rise may be a nice safe option, but I am not sure what the rates are in the newer buildings.

David asks…

I need help finding an affordable apartment for my dad?

I need to find an affordable apartment for my dad. He is relocating from Minnesota to the Batavia (Eastgate) Ohio area. He is living completely off of is social security. He is a veteran and has a very limited income, as do most people right now. Do you know of any services that may be able to provide assistance? Do you know of any apartment locator’s that focus on low income? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Contact the local housing authority and ask them about senior citizen housing complexes. My Grama lived in a local complex like that, and rent is pro-rated according to one’s income there. Most likely any such apartment complex is going to have a waiting list, so you’ll have to help him find something else in the meantime while he waits for an apartment to become available.

Since you mention that he is a veteran, contact the local VA and ask them for some suggestions as well. Surely they have information about this sort of thing.

Nancy asks…

What are the 10 most affordable cities to rent apartments or housing?

Affordable, decent rental apartments / housing is becoming more difficult to find. There are so many fees, and hidden fees until it is almost impossible to rent a place these days. It would be really nice to have some feedback on communities and cities left in America with affordable housing.

Administrator answers:

Where apartments are cheap, wages are low.

Generally rural cold areas have the cheapest apartments because no one wants to live there.

Sandra asks…

Is it possible to afford a move to Honolulu area?

I have a tentative job offer there, and if I get a firm job offer, I would like to have a working knowledge of the place. I know it’s ridiculously expensive, and I would probably rent a room rather than try to find an affordable apartment on my own. I would be going alone, no kids no pets. And of course, I would only be going if I had a job. Is there anything anyone can tell me that could help me know if I could pull this off?? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You already are going with eyes wide open about the expensive part. Keep in mind that everything is expensive – food, gas, utilities, etc. Since pretty much everything has to be shipped in.

If you get the job, you’re over the hardest hurdle, which is finding employment. Jobs can be hard to come by, especially if you don’t have connections on the islands.

Many mainlanders end up staying only a few years, because they tend to get “island fever” that is, being in on an island all the time and having to fly long distances to travel anywhere else or visit family or friends. Something to consider. But it might be a fun adventure, even if you do it for just a few years.

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