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June 11, 2013

Richard asks…

Where can I add my name to health insurance waiting list and what are average waiting times?

In our state we imposed rent controls 10 years ago to help the poor with more affordable housing, and apartments available for rent disappeared from the market for some mysterious reason. I spent 6 years on a waiting list and still my turn never came. To tell you the truth almost all vacancies are filled either through bribes or nepotism.

One week ago our Governor imposed price controls on health care insurance premiums to help the poor with more affordable health care, and policies available for purchases disappeared from the market for some mysterious reason.

Administrator answers:

You have the wrong perspective on government assistance. Many cities have public housing waitlists for 10 years long like Los Angeles but there are waitlists for Section 8 vouchers that are another program. That usually takes 4 -5 years. Rent control was not for poor people. It was aimed at preventing price-gouging by unscrupulous owners who could rent for more money but the regulation did not eliminate housing units it enabled middle income people to have housing. If you are middle income you can apply for some programs. The new health insurance plan which helps everyone to be insured starts in 4 years.

Over the years, there has not been enough affordable housing units built to keep up with demand as the economy has put more people into the poverty class. Price controls help everyone except the wealthy. If insurance companies don’t issue as many policies, that shows you they are greedy and single-minded and have no social conscience. Price controls don’t help the poor because they cannot afford anything to begin with and have their own programs.

There has to be a balance between government interference in private business for social justice, and letting the private market function with wild abandon. Government has limits on its powers. It does not always work out to make everyone happy. We have economists and cost accountants who figure these things out. Otherwise you’d have a country with no laws and no functioning government.

Chris asks…

What percentage of your income should go towards rent?

I’m trying to figure out what would be an affordable apartment for me.
Most the places I have looked at have basic utilities included. Some even have internet and maybe cable.

Administrator answers:

Base your figures on 30% as a rule. That should be worse case. Then of course if it end’s up at 25% you can put the difference away. Remember the other bills you will have. Gas, electric,rates,phone
oh & of course food !

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