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July 2, 2013

Maria asks…

Which area to find an Apartment in New York and bring our cars or not?

We are going to relocate to New York. The work area will be around City Colledge of New York and Comlumbia University. Anyone has any suggestions about which area to rent for an affordable apartment? Nearby or about 30 minutes commute one-way are both ok, I tried Craigslist but get very confused about the location names …

Also, shall we bring our cars to New York? We have two now. Shall we bring one or none of them? Just a bit not sure whether it is ok to go to work or buy grocery without a car…

Thanks a lot!
By affordable I mean about $2000 per month for a one-bedroom. Now I am giving up the idea to bring our cars with us:-)

Thanks a lot!

Administrator answers:

“Affordable” in NYC is a matter of opinion. How much are you going to make and out of that how much are you willing to spend on rent? If you’ve got the means right now to have 2 cars, I’m going to assume you’re a fairly established professional. I would suggest to you Morningside Heights, the Upper West Side, or Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown West in Manhattan. You might also consider Riverdale in the Bronx. There are good places to live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in the other boroughs, but they’ll generally involve 1 or 2 subway transfers.

If you plan on living in Manhattan, banish the thought of bringing a car with you. NOW. Unless you can afford to pay between $600-$1000/month to garage it. Most people in NYC get by without a car because we have one of the most extensive public transit systems in the world. Also, supermarkets deliver so you don’t need a car for that either and you can get a taxi for any other large item you need to carry.

More help here:

Mary asks…

Can i rent a apartment if im on disability?

recently i had to go on disability for a health condition, then my husband got laid off, we want to move to another state where the cost of living is affordable. will a apartment office let us rent if we both are not working? we both are getting paid one by unemployment and me i get disability funds. basicly, will they rent to us?
second question will a apartment office let us out of our current lease because of our hardships without penialty?

Administrator answers:

Federal fair housing laws prohibit you from being discriminated against because of disabilities.

The second question is a bit more difficult. When you sign a lease on an apartment or house you are responsible for the full dollar amount of the lease. Very few landlords will let you just walk away. On the other hand, you should talk to the landlord and tell them what your financial situation is and ask them if they will let you out of your lease if you find a new, credit worthy, qualified tenant for the apartment. Most landlords will let you do that.

John asks…

What is the average price for an apartment in Washington State?

Or just tell me which NICE state has affordable rent price! And around how much?

Administrator answers:

If you want to live near a “Metropolitan” city but without the “metropolitan” price try Federal Way or Tacoma, they have great apartments in nice neighborhoods starting on average at $500-$600 for a one bedroom…

Best way is to canvass around plenty offer a “move in discount” I found my 1bdrm in a posh neighborhood for cheap!

Robert asks…

Can you list some of the most affordable areas in SA that are worth living at?

We are considering moving to San Antonio from North Carolina and was wondering how much is the average apartment rent in decent/acceptable areas in or around the city. We currently pay $500 for a two bedroom apartment and our area is just ok, nothing luxurious, but safe. Are there similar areas in SA for this price?

Administrator answers:

Look for the Medical Center in the Northwest side of San Antonio or for the South-side of town. The South-side is seeing a whole bunch of development because of the new Toyota plant nearby. Both of these areas are safe.

I hope this helps.

Susan asks…

If you live near Hollywood Blvd I have a question?

i am looking for affordable apartments to rent in the hollywood area and i ran across this place called Franklin Pointe Apartments. This is the address:
1825 N Cherokee
Hollywood, CA 90028
I tried calling the number a website provided but it seemed to be disconnected and i couldnt find much information on this apartment complex online. does anyone know anything about it? if its legit? and if its a good place?? thanks.

Administrator answers:

Ehh, it’s Hollywood, and that area isn’t any safer than any other area of Hollywood, and generally has more crime than areas south of it where there are lots of little houses (and near the police station). It’s high density because it’s a lot of apartment buildings, that usually means more crime, people don’t know their neighbors and who is supposed to be around. Put great locks on your door and windows, alarm your car, don’t walk around at night, and be wary of strangers, and you’ll be fine. Yucca had some questionable businesses/apt buildings, but they’ve been trying to clean it up and big apartment buildings and a community center/playground have gone up.

With any apartment, especially in Hollywood, you need to look at the building, especially if it seems lower priced for the area. Make sure the manager shows you the exact unit you’d be renting, because they sometimes show you one unit (the tenants haven’t moved out of the one up for rent yet, so I can’t show it to you, blah blah blah), which will be nicer than the one they’ll stick you with. That happens more in Hollywood, because of the type of tenants (often anxious to live in Hollywood, with a low budget), than in other areas around LA.

If you’re from someplace much different from Hollywood, you’re going to have to get used to it. Not too long ago my dh (not from Hollywood) and I (grew up in Hollywood) pulled into the post office on Cherokee near Sunset, and a mail lady was outside yelling and chasing some guy off. She was really pissed that he had come into HER post office and pulled out a gun, second guy in two weeks. She wasn’t afraid, just super mad. This is a couple of blocks from the police station. So you’ll get lots of crazies in Hollywood, you just gotta know how to avoid them. My bff lives a few blocks away from there and she really hasn’t had any problems except for a car theft and uninsured driver hitting parked cars. She could afford to sell her house and move, but she likes it there.

Good luck with your move!

Mark asks…

Where can I go to find an affordable in the Dominican Repbublic?

I am looking to move back to the Dominican Republic after moving back to the states for years ago. I was wondering where I could find listing for an affordable apartment online. I am not looking for anything luxurious just someplace comfortable for 4 people. I have looked on the internet and could not find anything not related villas and luxury apartments. I am looking in the Santiago North coast area. Thanks

Administrator answers:

You have to be on the ground here. Rent a cheap hotel for 25 bux a night for a week and just look till you find something that you like.

No where is there good listings for Santiago or the North Coast that is real.

You can find good deals in person but not on the internet for longterm.

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