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August 31, 2012

George asks…

most affordable place in california?

i really want to move to cali when i turn 18 or i can wait a few years until i turn 22 or 23 im 17!!!! well anyways

wheres the most afordable place to move? i wanted to move to santa cruz but i was told that rent there in a
1 bedroom apartment may be 1,200-1,600

I DON’T WANT TO move to compton although its the most afforable place i think?

well please give me aforrdable places to move to
im also thinkin of being a teacher

well please help me guys please im a begging for help
what about chico california?

honestly i am looking for a one bedroom apartment in the ranged of 700-800 dollars please please help me

Administrator answers:

If you want a 1 BRM Apt. For $700-800, you can pretty much count out any large cities, coastal areas, metropolitan areas (including Bay Area and LA area) and cramped college towns. Craigslist is showing me 1 bedroom apartments in Chico ranging from $500 on up. You may want to look at other cities in the Central Valley for better prices.

But honestly, it may not be a wise move unless you have a job lined up or a college lined up. The Central Valley isn’t all that great. It was hit very hard by the housing crisis, and doesn’t have a whole lot of jobs. The weather is brutally hot. You may as well move somewhere like Montana or something.

Donald asks…

Any apartments or Garages for rent under $800.00 for rent?

Looking for something cozy, affordable, and safe enviornment for myself, daughter, and husband. Any ideas or places that you know of in Southern California?

Administrator answers:

You cannot live in a garage in the state of California. It is illegal.
Check Craigslist for cheap apartments.

Ruth asks…

Looking for a studio/single/apartment in decent but affordable area?

California-LA County or surrounding areas.

I’m moving out in 3 months, I’m currently looking for a studio/single/apartment. I’m not looking to have a room mate. I need to know what’s an okay area where I can find something affordable. The max on my budget for rent is $700, also any websites where I can find places for rent? Thanks!
Downtown LA/Santa Fe Springs/Hollywood/Whittier/Inglewood/Torrance

Administrator answers:


I actually work for an apartment search, so I will admit my bias already. But I have attached a link to our site below that is already focused in on Los Angeles, CA for you and only apartments under $700. We gather listings from thousands of different sites online so our amount of listings should be just about the most you will find out there. We just redesigned the site, so it’s worth checking out. List of other sites:


Hope this helps!

Maria asks…

I’m moving to San Francisco. Can I get some advice?

Hi, I’m moving to San Francisco and I’m looking for an apartment. Since I’m not from the area, I need some advice about where to live, how much to expect rent-wise, and other rental issues.

1. Right now I’m looking at SOMA. Is it crime heavy?

2. Lake Merced-area apartments seem more affordable than others. Is Lake Merced a bad area? Is it cheaper because it’s further away from downtown?

3. How much do I have to make per month/per year to afford an apartment that costs around 1200-1500 a month? In my area in northern California, apartment complexes usually require 3x the rent per month, but since rents are so much more expensive in SF, I thought the salary requirements might be more relaxed. Is it commonly 2x or 2 1/2x?

4. Can you recommend any good websites other than,, and to find Bay Area listings?

Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

SOMA can be sketchy and I wouldn’t walk around by yourself once the sun goes down.

I’m not familiar with Lake Merced, but one thing I know for sure is if you’re working in downtown Financial District SF, it’s going to take you over an hour to get there. Public transport from there is highly inefficient and unpleasant (part of the major downside of SF living).

This is a matter of opinion, but you want to make around 60-80k or more if you want to pay $1200-1500 a month. If possible, make more money. I believe 3x the rent will be good enough.

Sorry can’t think of another site to recommend.

Steven asks…

Is it really that hard for me to move to California when I’m 18?

I currently Iive in NY.I plan on applying to many of the Universitys of California. There are many problems at home and I must get out, and I feel California is where I have to go. My grandparents left me an unknown amount of money for college that I wont see until im 18, but its going to be alot. I’m also currently working and am saving up money. Would it really be that hard for me to get a job in the summer and rent and apartment with some buddies? What are some affordable areas close to the CU’s? I was thinking Oakland, but im always open to suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Oakland? Are you ghetto? Oakland is a violent ghetto city where the gangs rule everything. As a white chick I am harassed there during the day and forget about going nights.

You are unlikely to get a job, unemployment is very high.

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