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November 10, 2012

Betty asks…

Dentist living in high-end NYC area (SoHo, West Village etc.)?

Is it affordable for a general dentist earning $100k annually to live with family in a decent 2- or 3-bedroom apartment in a high-end NYC area like SoHo or West Village? What rent should I expect to pay? By the way, I may not live there “for good” (maybe a few years), so is it hard to “let go” of an apartment in such areas?

Because there are many celebrities and actors/actresses residing in that area, I thought that there would be demand for good teeth and mouths, and having worked on celebrities creates a good impression on your client base. So I was wondering, how would those areas do for a dentist with family? Will it be hard for a dentist to find a job there?

Answers from native New Yorkers are greatly welcomed.

Administrator answers:

For a 3BR in those areas you may be looking at spending $5000 and up per month, and even that may be low, depending on the area and square footage and other amenities.

I don’t think you’ll have any problem letting go of the place except for the fact that it may break your heart to leave the neighborhood.

I’m not exactly sure what the demand is for dentists in the area, since I’m not in the medical field myself, but I would imagine that a dentist could always find work. There is no saying that your practice will be in the same neighborhood as your apartment, so you may have to commute which shouldn’t be a problem.

Best of luck to you Dr.

Mandy asks…

What is my net income after tax in New York given a 105K salary? How much can I afford to rent?

I’m moving to New York for a full-time job at 105K per year (before tax). I will be on a working non-immigrant L1 Visa. My spouse and 7 week old daughter will join me on an L2 Visa. My wife will not be working. After tax in NYC what is my net income? Online calculators are confusing! Also, given my nett take home income – is a $2,400 per month rental for an apartment really affordable or am I pushing it here? Someone please help.

Administrator answers:

Monthly take-home pay, about $6,271.

Carol asks…

How to evict a deadbeat roommate?

I’m asking this question for a friend of mine in NYC. She allowed a friend from college to move into her spare bedroom in April. This person was not added to her lease. They then proceeded to only pay their portion of rent sporadically while going on carribean vacations. They also were a complete slob and caused a rodent infestation in the apartment.

My friend discovered she was two months pregnant in September. She told her roommate and informed them that they needed to relocate by December 31st. Her “roommate” has yet to move out of her home and told her at her babyshower that it wasn’t her fault my friend got knocked up, she can’t find an affordable place and she is not leaving til she does. She also claimed that my friend can’t throw her out because she has since repaid all the back due rent. But he isn’t on the lease. How can my friend get this person out of her home before her children’s birth? What are the laws in NYC? What rights does this person have?

Administrator answers:

Well first of all, she needs to give the person a three day pay or quit notice if she/he fails to pay the rent. Secondly, she will need to legally remove this person. For example, she has to give this person 30 days notice…in writing. She also should charge for the clean up of the rodent infestation etc. If the tennant isn’t on the lease legally the law is definitely on her side.

(I had an unfortunate situation similar to this one). My border finally left (without paying the rent) but also wanted her deposit back. She didn’t get it because she left with several of my things as well and her lovely ex husband threatened me physically, so she got herself into a world of trouble. I only found out later how much she had stolen from me. ; (

Someone should look up the laws in NYC on the internet. If she lives in a building that requires this other person to be on the lease and they haven’t or refused to be put on the lease, then she can probably ask for help from the rental agents. Below are three sites I found in a couple of seconds when I typed in NYC rental laws. I feel for her and wish her good luck!

John asks…

Moving to New York City?

I have no idea where to start! I am planning a two-week trip to NYC for interviews and apartment hunting. I’ll be staying with a college acquaintance (she lives in Hoboken, New Jersey).

Mk, so first- flying in. I’m from Ohio, and I’m guessing I fly into JFK? Are there other airports with better deals on flights, or that I might want to avoid like the plague?

As for apartment hunting.. my job will be with magazine publishing companies such as Conde Nast and Hearst, so I would like to be in an affordable area (meaning rent $1000 a month or less) where I can get to these places without too much trouble. Any ideas? I will probably utilize Craigslist, but what other ways are there to find good apartments?

I think that might be all.. any other general tips? I really appreciate ANY help:D It’s pretty daunting!
I guess I should have mentioned I’m 22, and a roommate would be ideal:D

Administrator answers:

Someone else already mentioned flying into newark instead of JFK, since that’s closer to hoboken.

As far as rent, if you don’t need to be in manhattan you should be able to find something in a nice area – especially if you don’t mind having a roommate. I don’t know much about hoboken, although that might be an option, but certainly there are nice areas in Brooklyn and queens where you can share a nice apartment, with your own room, for 1000 a month, or less.

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