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July 21, 2013

George asks…

What are some good websites to browse local apartments for rent?

I am Apartment-Searching in the great State of New York. All I can find so far are sites with fancy, crazily-priced apts, and in nyc..Which I’m not anywhere near..But I’d like sites where you can put in your county, etc to find nearby ones. And somewhat affordable, hopefully. thx for any info! :]

Administrator answers:


Nancy asks…

Are their ANY AFFORDABLE or even somewhat affordable cities in this country?!?

I recently moved to the US and don’t drive. It appears to be mandatory in this country to own a set of wheels. I have heard NYC along with San Fransisco have one of the best mass transit systems in the world. I’d love to move to these places but it seems like only the wealthy can afford to with the exorbitant rent. Are their ANY big cities in the US that one can rely on transit to get to work yet not have to work around the clock for a shared bedroom apartment?!

Administrator answers:

The north of the US like NYC and Boston, MA has the best transit systems in the US typically but living is very expensive. The south of the US doesn’t have good transit systems but they are very dirt cheap in rent especially for what you get as an apartment. There is reasonable priced and good looking apartments for rent in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and places around these areas. You just have to search until you find the right deal.

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