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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments For Rent In Sacramento Ca

October 5, 2012

John asks…

affordable housing in Sacramento, CA?

I’m applying for these apartments and they are affordable housing meaning that based on your income – that’s how they determine your monthly rent…so my question is…how do they determine how much you pay montly for rent? Is there a percentage that they follow by based on the number of people living in one household and how much you make annually.

Administrator answers:

Yup, they go by the percentage and the number of dependents you have.

Sandra asks…

Where would you choose to move if you were us….Sacramento Ca or Seattle Wa?

We are a lesbian couple moving from Minneapolis Mn in November to either Sacramento Ca or Seattle Wa. We work retail and do not make great money, but enough to pay $750 for a 1 bed apartment. We are not sure what area would be the most accepting, affordable, and/or safe. We would probably not live in Seattle, most likey it would be Renton. If we choose Sacramento, not sure what town would be the best- any suggestions? Safety is the main concern, then “fitting in” as a lesbian couple, then job market/rent pricing. Thanks anything will help!!!

Administrator answers:

If you could, Seattle would be best! “Fitting In” is not a problem in Seattle and there is affordable housing in a lot of places! Try looking for a house on this website ( it has the best houses! Depending on where you want to work and you prior experience with work there are TONS (Really) of Cafes and retail stores to work at!
Also Seattle people are VERY nice in Capitol Hill (A part of Seattle) Just make sure to find a rental in a good neighborhood, because (like every city) there are areas that you want to steer clear of. Best of luck!

Sandy asks…

do you have to have good credit for affordable housing

I live in MD, and I would like to move to Sacramento, CA in January perhaps, but my credit sucks. I am a full time student, employee, and mother of 2. I’ve seen how much most of their apartments are and I can afford them, I make 2 1/3 times the rent, but I was wondering if my credit score can get me denied or if I would just have to pay a larger deposit. And please don’t tell me to start paying off things on my credit because right now I don’t have the money for that. Thank You for all your answers

Administrator answers:

If you are going through a property management company, then you will be forced to meet their credit and income requirements even if it is affordable housing. My advice would be to start off by doing one application someplace you are interested in. If you are approved then great, if you aren’t then at least you know not to put in applications other places because it will only bring your credit score down.

Your best bet would probably be look for a private owner, like someone who owns a small house for rent or their own apartments. I would try looking on craigslist, and just searching through the houses for rent. Be up front with the owners, and go from there. The bottom line is that you never know what is going to happen until you try. Good luck!

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