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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments For Rent In The Bronx

June 21, 2013

Ruth asks…

how to search for cheap apartments in NY?

i’m new to apartment searching and need some help with searching for something thats not too expensive somewhere in bronx, ny since thats where i work. i will be living on my own so i want something affordable. i get paid about 300 a week at my job and would like to know whats the highest rent you think i can afford with this kind of pay. i dont want to live just paying bills if you catch my drift. thanks so much in advance =]

Administrator answers:

Cheapest in the Bronx is 900 a month. That is the South Bronx and your income is inadequate.
1200 a month and you only qualify for one costing 400 a month and there is NO such apartment not even in the Projects.

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