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May 26, 2013

Robert asks…

Will a college student survive moving from NY to florida?

Okay in two years i will be graduating, me and my friend have been thinking about moving in together after HS. We were thinking about moving in NY (just away from our parents) but than we started thinking about moving to florida. Now we have no one there and we basically no nothing about this place. Is it at all possible to survive moving in together? Plus she wants to bring her dog…please give some advice about living, jobs, transportation etc. Thanks in advance!!

Administrator answers:

Since this is in the Miami section I’m assuming you want to move to this part of town.

Miami has a number of good and bad cities to live in and to avoid.

In Miami the cities are divided into numerous area’s. Places to avoid in Miami are Liberty City, Overtown, North Miami, Opa Locka, Atlantic City, Carol City, Little Haiti, or anything around Opa Locka Airport. Good places to live in are some parts of Homestead, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, South Miami, and Midtown. If want to live in a SAFE good neighborhood then expect to pay very high rent/mortgage.

Affordable homes? Psshh..Miami is a big city and it’s divided into smaller cities so it depends which area of Miami you move to. Some area’s are prone to crime and poverty so the average apartment rent for a good area there would be about $1500 if you live in a decent area. Home’s are selling less and less today so expect to see real estate prices in the 350k-400k.

As of right now it’s nearly impossible to find a job especially in Miami Dade County. The unemployment rate right now in South Florida has reached 8.1% since December 08 , higher than the national unemployment rate of 7.2%. So that means 752,000 are jobless right now. In the tri-county area, Palm Beach County had the highest unemployment rate, with 7.8 percent, followed by Miami-Dade, with 7 percent, and Broward, with 6.8 percent. Most companies are cutting jobs right now so it’s going to be quite hard for you to find a job because now you have to compete with a whole bunch of people who probably want the same position.

Public Transportation? LOL. Not going to work. If you want to live in Miami expect to have a car because public transportation here lacks when it comes to time. The buses don’t get you anywhere in less than 45 minutes so don’t expect it unless your just going down the street. Taxi fares are over the roof if you add up all the expenses. All of the money your going to spend on public transportation can go towards a car.

Also If your planning on moving to Miami get ready for nasty rush hour traffic and constant accidents on the 826 (Palmetto Expressway) and any other highway in Miami-Dade County. Miami has the worst set of drivers that’s why I rather live in Broward County.

This is the South Florida/Miami economy right now and ANYTHING can happen within 2 years and make this place like it used to be, but for now these are the current facts.

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