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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments In The Bronx

January 26, 2013

Jenny asks…

Good NYC Neighborhoods for a College student?

OK so im getting ready to move out of my dorm and now looking for an apartment along with two friends i met during my first year college ( which is almost over) and we want a great friendly diverse place to live with affordable rent, we all have jobs, so any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Well you never really specified where AT you live in NYC.
There are 5 boroughs:
the bronx
and staten island.

You could try kensington or ocean parkway

good luck :)

Michael asks…

Where are the best places to live in, in new york? not too pricey and close to Manhattan and central ny?

Im hoping to move to new york in the next few years, im a british female just coming into my 20′s, i’ll be sharing with my best friend. of course i would LOVE to be able to buy an apartment in Manhattan but its really pricey, could u guys give me any advice on nice places close to Manhattan and central new york? not too expensive either, it has to have 2 bedrooms and at least 1 bathroom.

Administrator answers:

Virtually nothing in Manhattan is what you would consider “affordable”. It’s the most expensive place to live in the entire country. Even living with 1 or 2 roommates, expect to pay $1500 a person. If you want a nicer place in a better location, dig deeper into those pockets. You’ll have to spend much much more to live in a place that feels like home and convenient.

I would recommend going to Craigslist and seeing for yourself. Go to If you want affordable, focus on the boroughs, i.e., Bronx and Queens. As long as you avoid the ghetto parts of them, it’s significantly better.

You can learn more about the parts of NYC here:

It’s not uncommon for people to have an hour plus long commute by public transportation just so they have the luxury of living in a place they can afford to live in.

Owning property in NYC is pretty much reserved for the wealthy. If you make $100,000 USD (65,000 pounds) you get to live a normal and average life. You still don’t own a place even at that. In other parts of our country you can easily own property and in less populated areas be considered wealthy.

There is so much to love about NYC but you have to be prepared to make sacrifices.

To stay in Manhattan if you were to look at it on a map, at the very top (it’s 12 miles tall) it’s more affordable, but very ghetto.

Chris asks…

where would be some good areas for a medium income to live in NYC?

I am moving to NY sometime within a year or so but have no knowledge of the area and would like to know which areas are nice, which arent, also which areas are the most affordable/worth the price in apartment/condo rentals. are there any NYers who can help me? thank you

Administrator answers:

Look around there are some nice areas – below is a partial list, I’m sure other posters can add to this list.

In Brooklyn – Bay Ridge, Besonhurst, Park Slope, Bklyn Heights, One of the hot new areas is Greenpoint.

In Queens – Astoria, Woodside, Sunnyside, Forest Hills, College Point,Glendale, Broad Channel, Rego Park, Howard Beach, One of the hot new areas is now Long Island City.

I am unsure why a poster suggested the South Bronx and Bed Stuy, but these areas are not safe. Also, Most of Staten Island is very nice and you can get a nice place for the money. However Staten Islanders generally need a car to get around. When I lived there I enjoyed that Ferry ride each day, very relaxing.

Sandy asks…

How hard would it be to move from the Midwest to New York City?

I mean, hard as in changing one’s ways of life …

Administrator answers:

Things are tight and comfort is super expensive in most of Manhattan. The first obstacle is to find a place to live. If you really want to be right in the action, like Soho, the Village, Chelsea, or upper West Side, be ready to fork out some dough and don’t think it will be easy to have a car or find a nice apartment with washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.
So, if you need some of these comforts and don’t have thousands of dollars a month for rent, you can find more affordable space in parts of Brooklyn, Queens, way Uptown Manhattan, the Bronx, and New Jersey. Just calling ads in the paper is often frustrating: they’re all already rented. You might want to go to a real estate office and pay a fee to find an apartment, but the best way is word of mouth. If you have a place to stay for a few months at first, or maybe find a sublet or temporary share, you can spend more time to find a good place (but I’m talking Manhattan; it’s easier in the other boroughs and NJ.)
After you get an apartment the hardest part is over. Finding work usually is easier than other places. You will need to do things people don’t normally do in other parts of the country, like maybe live without a car or deal with headaches parking and moving your car for street cleaning. You should buy new Medeco locks for your apartment and make sure you have window gates on the fire escape. You may find it a pain after a while to do the basics, like grocery shopping, laundry, post office, banking, etc. But if you’re young and/or energetic and excited about living there the fun can outweigh the hassles.
Think small! Don’t move a huge truck full of suburban sized furniture to the city or you might not have any floor space in your apartment.

George asks…

How did Bronx NY become so dull/slummy?

Administrator answers:

The Bronx is not dull/slummy as you perceive it now.

Much changes has happened with new apartment buildings and those that have been renovated since the 1970′s when it was an area which no one wanted to be living during that time period.

The area still has its low points, but it is much better than it was 35 to 40 years ago. I have friends and family that live there. One of the most affordable boroughs to live at for working class families.

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