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December 28, 2012

Sandy asks…

I would like to move to canada and start a new life how can i do that?

I currently live in da bronx and i want a better life for my kids and i want to get an apartment in canada. how is it out there?

Administrator answers:

We would all like as good a life as possible for ourselves and our kids but your question is a little too vague to provide a reasonable answer.

Before you start wondering about things like apartments, you need to see if you actually qualify to immigrate here. Immigration Canada is currently dealing with a backlog of about 980,000 applications and we only accept about 250,000 per year. So, you can anticipate that it will take 4-6 years…provided there are no problems.

So, you ought to check out this website and go through it very carefully.

As for wanting an apartment in Canada, please understand that Canada is a very big place so you really need to narrow your search parameters somewhat. If, for instance, you are looking for an apartment in Ottawa, you can anticipate paying up to $1000 per month for a two bedroom apartment (roughly). However, if you are thinking about Ft. McMurray (that’s in Alberta where all the jobs seem to be), you will be very hard pressed to find anything. For instance, the average cost to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in Ft. McMurray is anywhere from $1550 to $1850 per month – assuming you can find one, that is.

The other responder said that jobs are plentiful, which they are (sort of). However, those are mostly minimum wage jobs and do not make living affordable. For higher paying jobs, you need to have qualifications and experience in fields that are needed here in Canada.

Finally, I understand your desire to provide a better life for your kids – however, so do the other 980,000 potential immigrants. I hate to say this, but you’ll just have to get in line, just don’t hold your breath!

Betty asks…

How hard / expensive is it to move to NYC? How hard is it for a software job?

I am about to graduate from my university with a computer science degree. I have 4+ years experience doing tech support for a couple of different companies and doing random side jobs along with a internship doing web development this summer. I have a fairly average resume I feel and am continuing to improve it this year and I was wondering about how difficult it would be to move to NYC and get a job. I’m from Utah, so I was also wondering about culture shock, cost of living difference, etc. etc. Any advice is welcome!

Administrator answers:

Prior to moving here, you may want to have some interviews lined up and before that you want to have them circulated with agencies, companies and on-line job search engines for the New York City area.

The job market for IT is very competitive and you want to stand out than the next person who is applying for the same job. Now as far as renting and meeting with a broker, landlord or real estate agent, you may want to have verification of income, banking statements and credit history. These are crucial for you to live here. So it is important that you have a job first, or you can share expenses by living with a roommate(s) until you able to live upon your own.

As far as transportation, we rely on buses and subways to get around the city. Our transit system runs 24/7 and at $2.25 a ride. You can purchase metro cards per trip or purchase a weekly metro card ($29.00) or a Monthly ($104.00).

If you manage to rent an apartment, look at places outside of Manhattan. The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens are more affordable and you can ride work by subway with in 30 to 45 minutes depending on commute. As far as Staten Island, they have their own subway system (Staten island Rapid Transit or SIRT for short). Ferries can take you to Manhattan and as well as express bus services from Staten Island.

May we suggest that you take a trip here and get a feel of the city first, that way you can get an idea of how we live, work and enjoy our leisure time here.

Good luck.

Ruth asks…

Would I be able to livin in New York City?

I really want to move to New York City when i am done getting my undergrad….I am majoring in Spanish. Do you think I would be able to get a job in the city that pays well enough for me to actually live there? What kinds of jobs could I get and how much to they usually pay?
****that’s supposed to say “live” not “livin”****

Administrator answers:

It’s a really tough economy right now. Jobs in NY that used to pay $125,000.00 a yr. Are now paying $78,000.00 a yr. Or less. Most larger companies in the Tri-State area (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey) are now opening their positions to a lot of H1-B visa holders, and a lot of these companies that used to pay decent money are now shamefully outsourcing their jobs to areas like the Czech Republic, India, and Brazil to save them from paying out six figure salaries to Americans. This has really hurt us living in the Tri-State area, and has afffected our quality of life as Americans.

Due to the housing industry having gone belly-up, their are more people seeking rentals now than ever because they lost their homes due to foreclosure. The sad part, is that the more people lose their homes, the more they need rentals, hence driving the price of rentals through the roof making them less affordable.

In the Tri-State area, the highest paying jobs come in the form of the IT/IP industry, Network Engineering and Financial Industry. Computer based and Financial based occupations still come with the highest paid salaries in our area, however, they also come with a greater risk of outsourcing to other countries.

The average cost of a 2 bedroom rental in New York City will come in at a price point of two thousand dollars plus a month to over twenty thousand a month plus (not year, average annual price of rent excluding utilities will cost on the low end of $24,000.00 a year for small crappy apartment upwards to over $70,000.00 a year for better, larger apartment)

This price range is dependant on the number of bedrooms and sq. Footage, view, size, which of the five burroughs you choose to live in (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan). Manhattan being the most expensive at an average rent of over four-six thousand a month for an apartment, and upwards to over twenty thousand. Brooklyn average is $1,500.00- $4,000.00 a month, as well as the Bronx, and Queens.

It’s very expensive to live anywhere in the Tri-State area, as we average at over 20% above the rest of the nation in cost of living. Our salaries still do not commensurate with what we pay to live here. Bilingual NYC accounting clerks make an average of $13.00 -$20.00 and hr., Bilingual sales people make around the same, Communications Specialist in NYC that are bilingual spanish make $35,000.00-$50,000.00 a yr., Executive (Bilingual Spanish) assistants make an average of $21.00 an hr. Bare in mind, that New York is a melting pot rich with diversity, so spanish speaking people here are abundant. In fact, they account for over 27% of New York’s population. I hope this info helps! Good Luck!

Chris asks…


So that I can go to college in the Bronx and still live a normal life,what should I do?

Administrator answers:

Rent a room.
Share space.
Get a part time job.
Apply for financial aid.

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