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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments In The Bronx New York

January 8, 2013

David asks…

Cost of 1 bedroom/studio in NYC-locals only please?

I am scheduled to re-locate to New York City in March. I will be working in the financial district. Can any locals recommend what neighborhood and what the cost would be for a decent studio or 1 bedroom either in Manhattan or another borough? I understand comfortable or descent is all relative depending on you who you ask, but any insight would be greatly appreciated! For example: rent cost per month, level of safety in specific neighborhood, etc. I am a single 28 year old guy and wont be owning a car. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Based in Manhattan, be prepared to have a very good credit history because background checks have become de rigueur in Manhattan for an apartment. The rules relax only slightly when you go to the other boroughs, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn respectively, but you will still have to prove that you can pay the rent and are responsible. If you go to smaller buildings with a landlord who may even live in the building, you might stand a better chance to rent. Going to bigger corporations may not be the best way to go, unless of course, your credit and payment history are virtually spotless.

The rent can go anywhere from $1,000 up. Although there is still some vestiges of rent stabilization, it is rapidly disappearing as some laws have been passed to weaken rent stabilization that after a certain rent amount per month it reverts to market rate (meaning “what the market will bear” which in New York City can skyrocket).

Not trying to scare you, just telling you realistically you should be ready to either a) get a roommate or two, there are plenty of services that pre-screen and you have to fill out an application to have them match you with the right roommate situation b) be flexible with where you live or the amount money you wish to pay rent c) easily have $10,000 socked away in a bank account to help cover rent and moving expenses if you plan to live alone and d) don’t forget that New York City has FIVE boroughs, and that it’s still possible to find an affordable place to rent!

If you use a real estate agent, be prepared to read the fine print and how much of a commission you have to pay them ON TOP of paying the landlord his one or two months’ rent for security.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know of a nice, safe, affordable apartment in New York City?

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as a nice/safe plus affordable apartment NYC. If you want nice/safe, it’s going to cost you. 1 bedrooms start at 1800 and up. If you want affordable…look in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island.

Lisa asks…

Can you give a description about all the areas in NYC?

For example, maybe give a description of Brooklyn, The Queens, Harlem, Manhattan (I know Harlem is in Manhattan shut up), Staten Island, etc.

Administrator answers:

It would take hours to describe every single neighborhood, lol. Here is a loooong post I made about a week ago for another user. It may be what you’re looking for.

- Lower Manhattan: Home to the financial district/WTC. Many skyscrapers and many new highrise condo’s. Not as much nightlife as Midtown. Feels more modern than Midtown.
{Battery Park, Chinatown, Little Italy}

- Midtown Manhattan: Many skyscrapers. Home to the vast majority of the skyscrapers. Very expensive. Most of NYC’s entertainment, shopping, tourist attractions, clubs and stuff. Upper East Side is known as having the highest concentration of millionaires in the entire planet.
{Chelsea, Flatiron, Upper East&West Side}

- Upper Manhattan: Mainly home to working class minorities with an increase of hipsters seeking cheaper real estate. Crime is moderate to high. Home to the Ivy League Columbia University and Harlem’s historic African American district. Washington Hts is known for Dominicans. Not as many skyscrapers as the other parts of Manhattan.
{Harlem, Washington Hts, Inwood}

- Northwest: A lot of activities, mostly low-rise and mid-rise buildings and some small houses. Very very very diverse area; with a lot of Hispanics towards Corona-Flushing Meadows Park. Some white enclaves. Cool area. Crime can be low to high depending on where you’re at. Area is very popular among young adults from other parts of the country.
{Astoria, Corona, Elmhurst, Long Island City}

- Southwest: Mostly working class South Asians/Indians and Blacks and middle class white howard beach. Dense suburban type area with a lot of houses close together. Not much too do in terms of activities, long subway ride into Manhattan.
{Richmond Hill, Ozone Park}

- Northeast: Somewhat dense suburban area. Mostly middle class East Asians+Whites. Good schools. Crappy subway service. Very beautiful and calm area. The areas near the water are wealthy. Flushing is known for being one of the most East Asian areas in the country.
{Bayside, Fresh Meadows, Flushing, Murray Hill}

- Southeast: Dense suburban area: Mostly middle class Blacks (though South Jamaica and Jamaica are lower income, the rest/majority is middle class). Not much shopping/activities. No subway service. Very quiet area and most parts of this region are pretty nice. Low to moderate crime.
{Cambria Heights, Laurelton, St. Albans, Rosedale, Hollis, Addisleigh Park}

- The Rockaways: Far Rockaway is mostly low income people in projects while the western parts are very jewish/white and wealthy in big houses. The project parts have very high crime. Very nice, forgotten and quiet beaches. Looooong train ride to Manhattan.
{Far Rockaway, Rockaway Beach, Neponsit}

- North Brooklyn: Mostly low-income and working class people. Very high crime rate and a lot of affordable housing. Mostly row houses and projects. Has some decent areas like Canarsie, Prospect Leffert Gardens and a few others. Parts closer to Manhattan have more hipsters seeking cheap real estate (Park Slope for example).
{Brownsville, East New York, Flatbush, Crown Heights}

- South Brooklyn: Mostly row houses. A lot of Italians, Jews and now Asians. A lot of activities. Low crime. Known for having good NYC pizza.
{Bensonhurst, Midwood, Borough Park, Gravesend}

- South Bronx is a notorious ghetto area. Mostly low income people and immigrants. A lot of low-rise apartment bldgs and projects. This area is mostly Hispanic with a lot of Blacks too, everybody gets along. Home to Hunts Point which is famous for prostitution. Very high crime area. Home to Hip Hop. Also home to Fordham Rd which is the largest shopping district outside of Manhattan.
{East Tremont, Morissania, Tremont, Mott Haven}

- Northwest Bronx is the rich white part of the Bronx. Mostly mansions and stuff and very hilly overlooking the Hudson River. Very low crime.
{Riverdale, Fieldston}

- Northeast Bronx is mostly houses and most residents are lower middle class blacks. Not as much crime as the South Bronx. Moderate crime and far from Manhattan. Very family area.
{Williamsbridge, Edanwall}

- Southeast Bronx is mainly middle class white people in dense suburban type neighborhoods. Low crime. Very calm type area and far from the city.
{Throgs Neck, Morris Park}

- Most of it is very suburban with a lot space. Known for it’s italian population. The far nothern parts are pretty rough while the rest has low crime with a lot of houses. The so called “forgotten” part of NYC.

Michael asks…

where in new york can you find a good apartment that is kind of affordable and in a nice area?

we are two twenty four year olds

Administrator answers:

New York is a very large state.
I will assume you mean New York City. Try the Bronx and look at Parkchester, Westchester Square, Pelham Bay areas. All three are on the No 6 Train a 1/2 hour into Manhattan.
Or by the Long Island Sound look at Throggs Neck, The Bronx or Whitestone in Queens.
No matter where in the city you need to pay a Real Estate Agent to find you what you want.

Laura asks…

Summer Housing in New York City for 4 students heading over…?

Am looking for something affordable yet kinda central… Any ideas where to look or any past places ye have been that you feel may suit us… Thanks a million

Administrator answers:

If my friends and I find an apartment in April, will you be our sublet people for the summer until we come back for school in September? We’re thinking of paying at most $800 each a month for a 3br…(4 people) I’m not sure it will work out – but that’s my idea. When would you start renting and how long would you need it for?

Email me if you’re interested.

Otherwise, look here
The above poster is right though – if you want cheaper housing than what I’ve mentioned, look in Queens or really upper Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx.

Maria asks…

what is the best borough to live in in new york city if you don’t have alot of money?

Administrator answers:

The sixth borough a.k.a. New Jersey. Places in Essex County starts at US$400.00 per month for an unfurnished studio and more if furnished. Most places will not be a “pretty area” and you may find broken vials and syringes near the curb and sidewalks of the places you check out.

The Mayor there is trying to make it better so its good but then it may get more expensive as it get better.

For this side of the Hudson, the Bronx tends to have the most affordable places for those planning to rent an apartment or buy a home and start a family.

Donald asks…


i live in melbourne australia right now and i want to live in new york because it seems really nice but with the cost of apartments and crime etc. is it worth it?? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY

Administrator answers:

My friend, living in NYC is tough and expensive, but its enjoyable. There is no other city in the world that can top New York City, with its nightlife, its energy and its fame as the Capital of the World.

New York City may be expensive to live but, there are affordable place to live, mostly in the outer borough (The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island). Manhattan is too expensive for even me, a native, to live there. You’ll find better bargains outside Manhattan and you can still commute to and from Manhattan.

Speaking of commuting, New York City has one of the most extensive public transit systems in the world. The New York City Subway System is one of the largest subway systems in the world with over 700 miles of tracks covering the four out of five boroughs of New York City. It is the only subway system in the world that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Long Island Railroad, one of the nation’s oldest railroads that still has its original name, connect the NYC with Long Island, bring million of commuters from the eastern suburbs into the city daily.

When you hear the name Grand Central Terminal, you think of the the days when the nation was moved by rail. Well today, the GCT is home to Metro-North Railroad, which operates train from this fame rail hub to the Hudson Valley, the northern surburbs and Connecticut.

Other form of transportation operates to and from New York City, they included The PATH, NJ Transit, Amtrak, and both national and regional buses departing from and arriving to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. There also three airport (Newark, LGA and JFK), as well as an extesive ferry system that include the Staten Island Ferry. So there is definately no way you’ll need a car to get around New York City.

Crime in New York City. My friend, what you see in TV and movies is just that, the mind of a Hollywood producer. As a native, born and raised, I’ve see crime in this city go down since the last mayor (the one who ran for president and then dropped out) cleaned up this city from the scumbags of the world. Today, crime in NYC is at its lowest level since 1963, and I hope it will continue that way for a long time to come.

New York City’s weather is the same as in Chicago, Boston or Toronto, Canada. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer and cool and breezy weather in the fall and spring.

Telling you about New York City is one thing, but visiting the city that’s home to 8.5 million people is another. I would suggest you come to NYC for a visit and see how it is. You can experience the city, the way you will like to see it first hand, not what the mind of a Hollywood producer will want you to think.

Good luck

Richard asks…

were is the cheapest place to live a guy can find in NYC?

Administrator answers:

If you are willing to make a sizable commute, Jersey City and Staten Island are much more affordable. Although really anywhere outside of Manhattan is going to be dramatically cheaper than in Manhattan. Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx are all nice and very close to Manhattan, within city limits (which means the benefit of public transportation… I am so glad I don’t have to deal with a car or car insurance anymore) and very affordable. Although within the outer boroughs the prices will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and complex to complex, so you’ll just have to do some shopping around.
Personally I live in Brooklyn, it seems to have more of that New York feel to it than Queens or the Bronx, while maintaining the lower prices. Just try to find a place closer to the metro system even if it’s a bit more expensive, trust me it’s worth it.
Although I’ve got to warn you, if price is a big factor for you, NYC isn’t the place to be. Everything is more expensive here, from the apartments down to the food.

John asks…

Where should I live? In New York or possibly New Jersey? I have no idea about these places?

Hi, I am a 22 year old single female. I really would love to live in or near a big city. I have never been to New York so I have no idea about the place. I would like to go to school there and live there, and also have a job. I would like to live in a safe area with easy commutes to places. I would like to be somewhere where younger crowds are I enjoy going to clubs, dinner, shopping, having fun. I am Italian American i know NYC has tons of different racial makeups there so I’d like to be somewhere where I fit in. Any suggestions on nice areas would be helpful, either in NYC or New Jersey. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The question is, is what is your budget if you have one? Up and coming places in New York towards the city are Bedstuy/Bushwick but they are not exactly where Williamsburg is now. Williamsburg started out like that, though. I lived there (Bedstuy) a few years ago. Prices have gone up substantially due to many people moving in that are younger. Though it has become a lot more trendy, there is still a whole lot of crime.

If you are insisting on living IN Manhattan, for the average person your age, Harlem would probably be affordable..but it’s still not the safest or cheapest either.

Queens, there are many somewhat affordable apartments in queens. Jamaica and Jackson Heights as well as Corona aren’t that great, but they’ve been getting better as well.

The Bronx is pretty far..and I wouldn’t suggest it but you’d probably fit in well with Jersey City. Though it’s not as cheap as it used to be, it’s definitely cheaper than manhattan and right across from it. Something as simple as a cheap bus or quick train ride will get you right there!

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