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January 21, 2013

Carol asks…

Greenwich Village Info?

I’m visiting Manhattan soon, and I’ve been to many of the boroughs before and am familiar with most of them, except the West and Greenwich Village. I was hoping you could give me some suggestions of things to do, and the theme/personality of the neighborhood. I am particularly interested in the West Village.

Thanks Alot!

Administrator answers:

First of all, the Village (east, west or otherwise) is NOT a borough.

There are only 5 boroughs in NYC – Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. These are actual political entities within the City of New York.

Each “borough” is made up of “Neighborhoods”. There are many, many neighborhoods in each borough. Some are very large.

The Village (The West Village, and the East Village) is really just one big neighborhood officially called Greenwich Village. It is not a borough.

It’s a very low rise part of Manhattan. By “low rise” I mean the buildings aren’t very tall. There are a lot of residential buildings, most built during the 19th Century. The West Village is older, and more graceful. There used to be a VERY large Gay presence there, but now just a few hints of that remain. It’s nothing like what it was in the late 1970′s!

Today, the West Village is mostly upscale shops and VERY upscale housing.

The East Village used to be pretty poor, or at least very affordable. Way East also was once quite dangerous. No more. Today it too is an expensive place to live, but without as nice housing stock as the West Village. (The buildings in the East Village were built more at the turn of the 20th century, and were mostly built as housing for the poor. So the actual apartments just aren’t as nice.)

The central area of the Village is mostly taken up by New York University. There is also a nice park in the middle – Washington Square Park, which is just a great place to hang out. There used to be a lot of clubs along Bleeker Street around that part of the Village, but today it’s mostly just touristy junk.

Hope this answers your question.

George asks…

Want to move to New York one day…?

I’m 15 years old, and one of the things i want to do most is move to New York. Obviously, not any time soon, because I’ll need to finish school first. So I was wondering if there are any good colleges to go to in New York, and preferably in the New York City area. Also, I want to know if New York has good apartments, because I would most likely be living by myself, and I would want something nice but affordable for one person. Thanks for your help! :) And if you have any suggestions or anything else you would like to say about New York, please tell me.

Administrator answers:

This is wat nyc looks like:

Jenny asks…

What are schools in New York really like?

Hey, I’m from England and I have been to New york before, so I know the pros and cons. I’m 13 years old and my mother got a job in NYC, Manhattan with the apartment etc…
Anyway, since I am moving there I have to start school. I have some Questions before I start, though. What sort of clothing do you wear to school? What sort of things do you eat at lunch? How big are schools (public or private)? Is it like the movies? Anything I should look out for? What time school usually start/finish?

Thanks, sorry for the inconvenience…

Administrator answers:

The Public Schools in New York City tend to be quite big with the high schools being rather large with at least a couple of thousand students. (High school – Grades 9-12 (14-18 year old)

I do not know what the students usually wear except what I see them going to school with. Most Public Schools do not have a uniform like private school students have. Mostly the students wear casual clothing. Girls wear pants just like the boys in the public high schools.

Also in the Public school system there are not many “White Students” Since new York City is now a multicultural city many of the White people have gone and the others who have stayed do not have many children overall who attend public schools ( I guess the situation is similar to what is happening in London) This is not a good or bad thing. I just was letting you know to expect a very multicultural student population of students from many ethnic backgrounds who have immigrated to New York City.

Lunch is served in the cafeteria for an inexpensive affordable price. So you will not have to bring your lunch with you.

The High School schedule varies per school as some high schools have an early session and a late session to accommodate the amount of students into the school building.

The school year lasts from the beginning of September until the end of June with Two days off in November for the Thanksgiving Holiday celebrated oj the 4 thursday of November. Then there is a week off from school from December 24th to the day after New Year. Then the third week in February is the Winter recess and then usually sometime in April there is the Spring recess for a week. There are a day off here and there for holidays such as Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day etc…..

Classes are usually 40 minutes long and then you go to your next class and there are usually about 6 or 7 classes a day.

Here is a website which will help you learn about each school in the New York City Public School system. You can go to that website and search out each school and it will tell you how many students in each school and the ethnic background of the student population by percentage.
Also you will see the school schedule and what is offered in each school as per the curriculum.


Once you go to this website look for Education, Dept of and click on that and search out the schools in each borough of Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island which are the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Private schools tend to be very expensive to attend.

I wish you the best of luck in your new city of New York.

Also most schools are co-ed as boys and girls are in the same school and classes.

Sandy asks…

What are the best places to live in New York City for a student?

I was thinking Queens, Because its not filled with yuppies, But then again its kind of far from Manhattan.

Brooklyn is good, but I heard everybody is moving there.
Is Yonkers or any part of North Manhattan a place with affordable neighborhoods?
Is Greenwich Village good?

I heard that Bronx has some affordable places, but its filled with unemployed people, garbage and Crime.
and Finally I dont want to Live in Staten island, Because Ill pretty much be stuck there since its far from everything and you have to take the ferry.

and I prefer not to live in Jersey or union city but if i have to then ok

I am looking for apartments around 1,000 to 2,000 dollars a month
and yes, I plan on getting roomates

Im moving there in 2 years
Which Area is the best?

Administrator answers:

Almost every college in the metropolitan area has a housing office to help find off campus housing. As for the boroughs, in Manhattan Morningside Heights is a student community, while Inwood has some of the least expensive housing not in a slum area. (Greenwich Village tends to be very pricey)
Bronx: Riverdale, Kingsbridge
Brooklyn: Flatbush, Borough Park, Sheepshead Bay
Queens: Flushing, Bayside, College Point, Yellowstone
Staten Island: there are at least two bus routes into Brooklyn, so there is no need to take the ferry if getting seasick is your problem.
You should have indicated which college you expect to attend, as some of the above neighborhoods will be excessively remote, while some could be very convenient

Maria asks…

How’s life in New York City?

alright so I’ve been in Los Angeles for the last ten years and am seriously considering relocating to New York City. I visited once for only 2 days so I’m not sure what it’s like but I love the city, the vibe, the feeling that there’s always something going on. My question to anyone who knows is what’s life like. Traffic like? I live in LA and I know about traffic but how rough is it in New York? Best areas to live in? I have money for an apartment or condo, granted I’m not going to try to live in Lower Manhattan but I’d like a good area. In Los Angeles I lived in West Los Angeles so I’d like to live in an area thats close in price range to West Los Angeles. Also, is a car necessary or should I sell my car before I relocate. 24 hour food is very important also, as I work in the movie business and hours fluctuate a great deal. Fun things to do. In general what I’m asking is what do I need to know as a Los Angeles guy living in NYC. Is it really that much different than LA seeing that they are both huge cities. Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

My friend, living in NYC is tough and expensive, but its enjoyable. There is no other city in the world that can top New York City, with its nightlife, its energy and its fame as the Capital of the World.

New York City may be expensive to live but, there are affordable place to live, mostly in the outer borough (The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island). Manhattan is too expensive for even me, a native, to live there. You’ll find better bargains outside Manhattan and you can still commute to and from Manhattan.

Speaking of commuting, New York City has one of the most extensive public transit systems in the world. The New York City Subway System is one of the largest subway systems in the world with over 700 miles of tracks covering the four out of five boroughs of New York City. It is the only subway system in the world that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Long Island Railroad, one of the nation’s oldest railroads that still has its original name, connect the NYC with Long Island, bring million of commuters from the eastern suburbs into the city daily.

When you hear the name Grand Central Terminal, you think of the the days when the nation was moved by rail. Well today, the GCT is home to Metro-North Railroad, which operates train from this fame rail hub to the Hudson Valley, the northern surburbs and Connecticut.

Other form of transportation operates to and from New York City, they included The PATH, NJ Transit, Amtrak, and both national and regional buses departing from and arriving to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. There also three airport (Newark, LGA and JFK), as well as an extesive ferry system that include the Staten Island Ferry. So there is definately no way you’ll need a car to get around New York City.

Crime in New York City. My friend, what you see in TV and movies is just that, the mind of a Hollywood producer. As a native, born and raised, I’ve see crime in this city go down since the last mayor (the one who ran for president and then dropped out) cleaned up this city from the scumbags of the world. Today, crime in NYC is at its lowest level since 1963, and I hope it will continue that way for a long time to come.

New York City’s weather is the same as in Chicago, Boston or Toronto, Canada. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer and cool and breezy weather in the fall and spring.

Telling you about New York City is one thing, but visiting the city that’s home to 8.5 million people is another. I would suggest you come to NYC for a visit and see how it is. You can experience the city, the way you will like to see it first hand, not what the mind of a Hollywood producer will want you to think.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck

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