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December 29, 2012

Chris asks…

Moving to NY! Good places to live in New York?

I am moving to live in New York and I am in the process of looking for an apartment studio or 1 room, Ive been advised not to look in South Bronx, and Iwould like to hear some suggestions of nice, safe, AFFORDABLE neighborhoods in any of the boroughs for a young proffesional with 43K/y.

Administrator answers:

A 43k/year salary will get you a nice place in Queens, fairly close to Manhattan. Obviously the closer you get to Manhattan, the higher the rent. Check into Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Briarwood, Flushing and for a tad more, Woodside & Astoria, If you don’t plan to travel into the city as much, you can also look into Long Island. Good luck!

Carol asks…

any good website for apartment listings in New York city ?

mostly good one with apartment for the bronx

Administrator answers:

Craigslist is one of the best sites and you can check apts online – I just moved back to NY from MD 2 months ago and its where I found mine but Im a Brooklyn girl! Id also pick up the DailyNews but ON SUNDAY only they have a rediculously large selection. Also if your interested in Affordable housing visit the on the left side it has a field for “Apartment Seekers” but usually you must meet the income requirements.

Robert asks…

Which is better Houston or New York?

I am living in Guatemala i just graduated from college as an architect, and i am moving to USA this month, i dont know anybody there so im going in an adventure to one of this 2 cities i found a $300.00 furnished apartment in New York, or i can go to Houston and look for an apartment there.

The question is: Which city do you think is better for me to chose? and look for a job? (i have money to live for 2 months with out a job)
Thank you!
I have a permanent resident visa

Administrator answers:

Interesting question. I just moved from New York to Houston to finish law school. However, I would say that New York especially New York City is the best place to live. First of all, you will make way more money. Secondly, there are much more jobs available in NY than in Houston. Third, the weather in NY is so much better. Lastly, the nightlife and social scene in NY is the best in the world. Houston is lacking in all of those areas. The only good thing in Houston is the affordable real estate and the almost year round swimming weather and lack of snow. So I would pick NY
Just an FYI though, the 300.00 dollar apartment fully furnished in NYC sounds scary. That kind of real estate does not exist anywhere, especially in NY. I suggest you find something else. If your budget isn’t too high, I would look in areas like queens, and brooklyn instead of in actual Manhattan. Typically avoid the Bronx, I used to practice law there and the crime rate is very high.

Sandra asks…

Is New York City overpopulated?

Is it like extremely crowded and expensive to live in?
cuz i really wanna live there.

Administrator answers:

YES! I live in New York, and I was actually watching the news the other day and they said New York is one of the LEAST affordable cities in the country (along side LA and San Francisco). There is ALOT of people, but in general, it’s not too crowded. Times Square is always packed with tourists (ew) and Herald Square/34 th is really crowded with pushy people :( New Yorkers are very pushy, they’re usually in a hurry and they probably won’t say sorry for bumping into you. There is a great deal of people and it is rather expensive, but it’s a great place to live. Living in NY, your home will always have value. It’s not like the housing market here will just drop. If you live in the city, it will be easy for you to sell if you can’t afford it anymore.

Although it’s expensive, you can find places that aren’t in the millions. For example, if you get a small loft in an old walk-up, your rent will probably only be a four digit number (I’m going to guess around $1000-$4000, depending on the area).

Keep in mind, you don’t have to live in Manhattan. There are plenty of other places in NY. There are also subways to take you to the city, so have no fears of exploring. Brooklyn is cheaper than the city, but prices have skyrocketed in recent years and Williamsburg is a hot commodity. Queens on the other hand, is still decidedly cheaper and you can rent a larger sized apartment for about $1500 or somewhere near there. I know someone who lives in a one-family house (which cost $527,000) in a cute little suburb, and you can rent houses as well for about $1500+ a month. I don’t hang out in the Bronx, and it kind of scares me, but I assume the prices are cheap.

New York is amazing =) Visit and see for yourself, you might not like it, but most people do. My uncle is an odd ball, he hated it and moved to LA for a more “laid-back” life style.

David asks…

i been trying to get a section8 application for the longest time,i live in the bx n.y. area.?

i been to the office but they give me the run around,they say u either have to be homeless or been abuse im neither,but i seriously need to move out of this apartment. any suggestions? thanx.

Administrator answers:

I would ask that office if they service cilents for the Section 8, Housing Choice Voucher program? If they say that they are strictly limiting their vouchers for the diabled and the homeless, than perhaps you can ask them for another local PHA (Public Housing Authority) that is still currently accepting applications. Very often there are county agencies that service the general public.

If you still get no satisfactino at all, go online to the HUD site and find out from a regional office where you, a resident of the Bronx, NY can apply for a Section 8, Housing Choice Voucher.

The problem though is this. EVEN if the PHA you have been going to would take an application for you, the waiting lists are YEARS long. You say that you seriously need to move out as if you are in a hurry…if there is a rush, a Housing Authority probably isn’t the best place to start (due to the waiting lists that are years long literally).

Try to contact your local Community Action Committee office and see if they have lists or knowledge of affordable housing if you can’t afford to pay the entire rent on your own. Hopefully they will be able to direct you.

Otherwise, you may want to cross the boarder and move to NJ where it is a little bit cheaper *smile*

I hope this helps.

William asks…

Student looking for an apartment in/near NYC?

I’m a 20 year old girl and I go to NYU. I’m looking for a room or apartment. I’ve looked on craigslist and, but I’m still not very familiar witht he different neighborhoods. I know that parts of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Inwood/Washington Heights, and Harlem are “safe,” I just don’t know where. I just want a neighborhood with a decent commute where I won’t get shot walking down the street. It doesn’t need to be Pleasantville, it just needs to be affordable and somewhere my dad won’t disapprove of *too* much. So pretty much, what neighborhoods are good options? Street boundaries would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

Check out this website:

It examines a lot of the NYC neighborhoods in detail. I lived in NYC all my life and some of the places covered by Forgotten NY I’ve never been to. :-D

Anyway, if you are going to commute to NYU, you need to take into consideration public transportation options (you would be insane to commute into Manhattan by car). If you are going to live outside Manhattan, it is best to live near a subway line, such as the neighborhoods along Queens Boulevard where you can hop onto an E or F train that will take you to downtown Manhattan in less than an hour. (Personally I like the Forest Hills / Kew Gardens area in Queens– takes an hour to get to Manhattan, but pretty close to “pleasantville.”).

Hope this helps.

John asks…

How to get into modelling ?????????????????

I’m 15, female and have been wanting to start modelling. Is it better to send in pictures to an agencies website or visit them in person? My parents are supportive of it as they have always said that it’s something I could do, my dad even used to be a photographer. When I’m older I plan to move to New York, it’s my dream and I think it’d really help my career, as that’s where the majority of models live. If modelling doesn’t work out then I’d love to be a makeup artist for the fashion shows and everything. I’m going to take a beauty course at TAFE next year to get my certificate 3 and hopefully get a diploma after that.

What would be a good place to live and what are some nice but affordable apartments?
How should I start modelling?
Do most people have a car in New York?
Will I need a room mate?
(Yesterday I found out that one of my best friends wants to model and it was a complete coincident, she also wants to move to New York and has been having the same ideas as me. Do you think if we ended up moving we should be room mates, then we could help each other with our career’s, go to castings together etc..)
I’ve heard about model hosing apartments, is it a good idea to try and get into one of them and do you know which agencies provide them?
Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

It’s always best to visit agencies if they have an open call, but most agencies do not have open calls. If there is no open call announced on their website then you have to submit photos and they’ll invite you in if they like your photos

You can’t move to NY if you are not already an established model in your home country. To get an H1B3 visa to model in the US you need to be signed to an agency in your home country and have at least 8 examples of work that have appeared nationally (magazine shoots, catalogues, billboards, etc) so don’t wait to get started. Get into an agency in Australia first, build up your portfolio, then have your Aussie agency submit your portfolio to NY agencies for consideration

What would be a good place to live and what are some nice but affordable apartments? There is nowhere affordable in NY. Nice means expensive, about $2000-3000/month in Manhattan for a tiny one-bedroom apartment. Even in a dangerous part of the Bronx or Brooklyn you’ll still pay $1200-1500/month for a one bedroom

How should I start modelling? You start by submitting photos to agencies near you and hope you get signed

Do most people have a car in New York? No, I lived in NYC for 13 years and only knew one person living there who had a car

Will I need a room mate? Most people who first move to NY have roommates as it’s too expensive to have a place on your own

(Yesterday I found out that one of my best friends wants to model and it was a complete coincident, she also wants to move to New York and has been having the same ideas as me. Do you think if we ended up moving we should be room mates, then we could help each other with our career’s, go to castings together etc..) The chances of both of you getting into the same agency or getting signed at the same time are very slim

I’ve heard about model hosing apartments, is it a good idea to try and get into one of them and do you know which agencies provide them? Pretty much every big NY agency has model apartments. They are not free – you are charged about $300/week and most agencies will only allow you to stay for 4 or 8 weeks until you find your own apartment

Thomas asks…

Moving from Toronto to New York?

I want to move from Toronto to New York.. any details on how NY culture is? Is housing cheap? (I’m a student and I just wanted to know the typical housing prices)

Administrator answers:

There is lots of culture in NY! It is the most diverse major city in America, and there is so much culture here. Things New Yorkers like to do/eat are eat pizza, bagels, walk around, be busy/occupied, etc.

NO, housing is NOT cheap, at all. Unless you want to be in the projects (which I do NOT recommend) housing is nowhere near cheap. Areas in the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island) are affordable.

Some areas are:

Brooklyn: Sunset Park, South Slope, Bensonhurst, Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Fort Greene

Queens: Sunnyside, Astoria, Long Island City, Rego Park, Forest Hills, and Woodside
Bronx: Morris Park, Co-Op City, apartments in Riverdale, Pelham Parkway, Pelham Bay
Staten Island: South Beach, Emerson Hill, New Dorp

Hope this helped!!! ):

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