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January 20, 2013

Betty asks…

How long would it realistically take me to move back to NYC?

I am 18. I am from NY, but have lived in Seattle most of my life.

I have no money. Haven’t graduated, and I might not. I can’t drive either. I’m kind of a loser at this point. (not trying to put on a pity party, just being honest)

I have a VERY strong desire to return to NYC. I feel it is the greatest place on earth, and I think it is where I would be happiest.

However, I am obviously very far away from this, it’s almost laughable. In all honestly, how long would you say it would take me to get my life straight, gather up some money, find an affordable (and safe) apartment somewhere in Manhattan/Queens/Bronx/Brooklyn, and then find a job that could support this place of residence?

I am very longing of NYC…. I want desperately to be there.

Administrator answers:

Maybee a year idk its VERY expensive to live in ny

Susan asks…

18 and being kicked out?

i need help most likely from the state i live in new york i have a job but i only make about $180 a week and its not enough for me to have my own apartment with no assistance please how do i go about getting help from the state and what do i apply for thank to whom ever answers !!

Administrator answers:

My sympathy! It’s tough out there for anyone, but without enough $, even worse. Good news: There are new funds for existing programs, specifically for your age group and situation! These groups and organizations can help find affordable housing, subsidize it, find you a job and even money for college or job training. Get yourself set up and be ready BEFORE it happens, if possible, so you don’t end up in a shelter.

NOTE: Many of the sites are for youth with disabilities, substance abuse problems or who were recently incarcerated. Don’t let that put you off; there is PLENTY for the average 18-year-old.

Here are the sites:
New York Corpation for Supportive Housing:

One of their offices for housing:

For more information, contact:
Alison Harte, Program Manager, or
Richard Cho, Associate Director

Youth Moving On in New York State:

For education grants, try old Bill Gates! _

These are job postings but they’re at organizations helping youth to find jobs:

Director of Workforce Development, Education and Youth Services
HR Dynamics – New York, NY

achieve greater success, independence and dignity – at work, at school, at home, and in the community.The … And Youth Services (EYS) Division is to help at-risk youth and young adults in New York City reach their…

11 days ago from Jobfox
Coordinator of YAIP, Education & Youth Services
HR Dynamics – Bronx, NY

For job training:

For obtaining NY state Health Insurance:

And here:

If you’re in foster care, this group runs a “transition” program for those who are “aging out” of the system:

If none of these work (which I can’t imagine), or you’re pressed for time try a local charitable organization like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the YMCA, local churches, synagogues, etc., or The Salvation Army (those are more “last ditch” attempts).

Sometimes, local mental health clinics run shelters and find housing for homeless people, even if they’re not in counseling. This is happening in my home town now, as a number of homeless people are being “relocated” from living in the woods (that’s right) to finding apartments and temporary shelter, as well as jobs and college funding.

Good luck to you!

Charles asks…

Where should I live in the new york area that is clean and relatively inexpensive?

I am a recent new grad who is moving to the NYC area as I just got a job as an RN at Montefiore Medical Center! I am looking for a safe, clean, and affordable area. I have a car and am willing to travel up to 20 minutes if need be!


Tara L Martin
I don’t mean really cheap. I know NYC isn’t cheap at all! I will be making about 80,000 before taxes and am against Manhattan. I have looked at Yonkers etc. Long Island I don’t know how I feel about that commute it is not 20 minutes and I am not a fan of Long Islanders no offense!

Administrator answers:

Riverdale, NY in the borough of the Bronx. Montefiore if I remember correctly even have housing there. You can ask Montefiore or look on (see link below) for your own place in the Bronx to stay.


Additional Details: “Additional apartment space is available in lovely nearby Riverdale and is served by Montefiore’s Shuttle vehicles. “

If you qualify for one of those apartments, there will be no need to drive which saves on gas, parking, maintenance, etc.

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