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January 22, 2013

William asks…

i want to move to new york out of high school…?

I am currently 17 years old from West Virginia, I have a job currently(I work at the local pizza place), and I want to move to New York after school. I know a decent amount of people come on here and are like “well, i totally want to move here without any slight idea of what I might want to do! Is there like anyway I can do it? Lol” , but I actually have a plan. It might be unrealistic, but I’m willing to put it out there and see what you guys think. I plan on taking the Integrative Nutrition course online to become a certified health coach. It is a year long program and I would plan on starting as soon as I turned 18. Their school swears you can “earn while you learn.” So midway through my teachings, I would be able to actually coach some people and make a little money. I know it takes a while to build a business, but coming from WV(one of the most obese states in the USA), I think I could get some customers willing to pay for my help. I will also be applying to the Natural Gourmet Institute. I will be using SallieMae to help pay for what I cannot afford(including apartment rent, more than likely. Their website said it was possible.) They also, supposedly, have a plan where you can work at their school for a certain amount of hours and take their Chef Training Course for free. That is definitely something I will be looking into. I would also want to certify myself as a personal trainer, if possible. My dad is currently dating a woman whose family is from New York and they own a restaurant. They offered me a job and I will, if i can swing it with school and whatnot, take it. I don’t know if my hours will coincide with my school schedule though. I know roommates are a MUST and the natural gourmet institute has a list of apartment realtors on their website. So basically, I know, for a while, my life when I get out there will be hell. I will be barely getting by, but I think I can do it. I know it’s not some luxurious place like the tv shows make it out to be, but I still want to try. Does it sound like I have a decent plan or do I need to reconsider? I plan on reading a lot of books about moving there too. Any/All help is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Hi Evan! I graduated from Integrative Nutrition in 2009 and am currently a student at the Natural Gourmet, so I am already on a similar path that you’d like to take, however, I’m 35 years old.

My advice to you is an overwhelming YES, but with a few conditions.

New York is a tough place and takes a while to adjust to, but you will have the time of your life living there. Do your research and save save save because everything is expensive. You will most likely live in one of the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, queens, Bronx) since they are more affordable.

Although IIN changed my life forever, it is very difficult to start a health coaching practice if that is the only experience you have. Combining that knowledge with what you will learn at NGI will give you a fabulous base of info to start your business with.

I absolutely LOVE NGI. From the chefs to the materials to the food, it is all in line with my personal beliefs. I live in Philadelphia and commute to NY twice a week to do the part time program and although the commute is HELL, it is so worth it.

You should weigh your pros and cons and really think about this decision for a while. However, I am a BIG believer in following your passion, even of you don’t know where you will end up in the end. Atleast you will be learning about something you love.

And lastly, you should be proud of your desire to leave WV… There are SO MANY people in this world who are too scared to take a leap like the one you’re going to make. You are very lucky to know what you want to do with the rest of your life at 17 years old… I say GO FOR IT… What do you have to lose?

Sandra asks…

Is scam?

I am moving to NYC in 2 months. I found superlowrentals through craigslist. They offer some very good deals, like a 1bedroom for $575, or 3bedroom for $780. I’m trying to find out if it is a scam before I get too excited and send in an application.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know that site but you can’t even get a 1-bedroom in the worst ghetto areas of Brooklyn or the Bronx for $575/month. If there were deals like that, don’t you think the millions of people already living in NY would have snapped them up?

I also worry about any company that registers by proxy so you have no idea WHO owns the site or WHERE they are located. You have no idea the people behind the site aren’t in Nigeria or Russia or China or anywhere else and are not a legitimate business. I’m not saying it is definitely a scam but I would never sign up for any site that went through the trouble and expense of specifically hiding their information

And read this – the main article doesn’t mention this company but some of the comments do

Lisa asks…

If I wanted to live in New York what would I have to take into consideration (from the UK)?

Im from the UK and I’m going to finish college in 2 months, I havn’t done any research into living over seas yet but I’m going to start here.
How much is a flat/apartment in NY?
How could I get a job there if im currently in the UK
How do you apply for jobs in America
Best area to live for a student/someone young in NY
and how much is health care etc
ovbiously I would save up before I went and I currently have £6,000 in dollars its roughly $9,500, how far would that get me?

Administrator answers:

Prepare to read a lot my young Brit.

1. Apartments usually range from $1000-$1300 monthly rates. If you are lucky, you can find one for $900, but that would have to be in one of the outer boroughs, such as Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Bronx. Don’t live in the Bronx. We do not call them flats here.

2. I suggest coming over here and looking for a bit. Maybe stay in a hotel for 4 days and look around, gather some applications to fill out and hand them in. Also explain to them that you are currently living in the UK and will be moving over here as soon as you get a job. I also suggest going online and looking. Im not sure if you have this in the UK, but we have a site called which is a site where employers post openings they have in their business. You can also go to

3. The way we do it here is, you go into a store, ask them if they are hiring, or need help. If they say yes, they will generally give you and application. A piece of paper asking you to give your address, name, skills, job history, references, etc. You fill that out and hand it to them. Most of the time, they will say come back at so and so date for an interview, or just do an interview on the spot. You will also need to obtain a work visa.

4. Best place to live for a young guy in NYC. Hmmm, well I would say either Southern Brooklyn or North Queens. More specifically Flushing/Forest Hills, Queens Astoria, Queens Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Anywhere you go in NYC there WILL be crime and violence, but in some areas it is less. Also, certain areas in NYC have a certain ethnicity. For example Sheepshead Bay is mainly Russian, Flushing/Forest Hills is Korean/Jewish, Astoria is Spanish, Bay Ridge is mainly Arabic.

5. Best health care plan that I know is Anthem-Blue Cross. They have affordable plans. Go to

6. And yes, $9,500 should be good. You’re looking on spending $2,400 on and apartment. $2,400 because in America, you are required to put down a security deposit on the place you are renting, so if anything were to happen to your place, it would come out of that money. And the rest would be enough to support yourself and but some furniture.

I really hope this helps you. If you have anymore questions, contact me at

Helen asks…

Is New York worth it or not? what are the difference between San Diego and new york ? which place is better?

I’m from San Diego, CA. I want to move to New York but i hear is ghetto. I want to know which parts of new york are not ghetto and are affordable. I would like also want to know what is the difference between Queens, NY and Brooklyn, NY (which one is better). I love San Diego the weather is the best mostly sunny everydays of the year but i want to move to New York see how it is over their experience it. I dont want to move in a ghetto area, any one that would help me out picking a area to live would be very thankful and nice from you. Since I’m a Latino i would like to know which part of NY are more Latinos located. Or which other State, City is like San Diego to live?

Administrator answers:

NYC is very nice. Like any other city, New York has its good parts and its bad parts.

NYC is made up of five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

The difference between Queens and Brooklyn is their location. It is easier to find a house (rather than an apartment building) in Queens than in Brooklyn. Overall, Queens is safer than Brooklyn.

I would consider Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, Woodside, and Sunnyside in Queens. Those areas are nice and affordable.

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