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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments In The Bronx Ny

December 28, 2012

Donald asks…

Where are some safe and affordable areas in New York City to live?

I am planning to move to new york city next year. Can someone give me some idea of which areas are safe, reasonable in price(no more than $2100) for an apt and close to all forms of public transportation.
I am a single female no kids.That’s why I was asking about safety. I don’t drive so I would need public transportation. Does the transportation run as frequent in Brooklyn as it does in Manhattan?

Administrator answers:

Brooklyn will provide you with both
Safety cannot be guarantee to anyone. But some areas are relatively OK
Ok here we go:
BTW, I don’t drive either.
Brooklyn is big borough. Most trains run through it to Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx
It used to have, say, Italian areas, Orthodox Jews, muslim ones. Now,mostly, all mixed. I am not saying it is worse. It is different. I live in “Italian” area Bensonhurst, and it is safe enough. You can walk in dark. (keeping my fingers crossed) average 1 bedroom (2 rooms) apartment would cost $1.200 + utility. Usually you get it from Realty States,, but they charge at least 1 rent. But landlord will give you a 1 or 2 year apartment lease, which guarantee you a lot. In apartment building with or w/out elevators. Private house apartment might cost little less. There are N an D train here. About frequency: rush hour it is Ok everywhere (just crowded), off rush hour, well you can wait say 20 min. There is no schedule. Trains are heated and A/C. So are buses.
Life in NY is rather crazy and chaotic, especially if you coming from small town (like I was), but once you get used to it, you will love it
Hope I helped

Daniel asks…

how expensive is it to live in Yonkers or Bronx,NY?

i know from lots of people that living in NYC and its other boroughs is very,very expensive,how true is that?Is the Bronx an expensive place to live in,in terms of cost of goods and services,cost of food etc?what about Yonkers to?Which of all the boruoghs in NYC is the best and fairest to live in terms of price of food,transportation,clothing etc?

Administrator answers:

The Bronx is an affordable place to live, being very north of Manhattan. The rents of course also depends on the neighborhood you live in.

The South Bronx area would be the cheapest but then you are also in bad neighborhoods whereas to the other extreme, Riverdale has luxury apartments, co-ops and condos that almost feel like they would be expensive. Then you have working class/middle class areas from Castle Hill to Throgs Neck that are affordable.

Regarding Yonkers, same deal in terms of good and bad neighborhoods for rents. East of the Saw Mill Parkway are suburban style homes and apartments. Those will cost more than the area West of the Saw Mill Parkway, which south of Glenwood Avenue are the bad parts (Getty Square, SoYo…along S. Broadway)

The Bronx has subways and buses so transit wise it is easy. Yonkers has the Metro-North Railroad, the Westchester Bee-Line buses (some of which run into the Bronx and connect with subway lines).

Oh…one other thing. If you live in Yonkers and work in New York City…you will be DOUBLE taxed on your paycheck. Not only do you pay New York City taxes, but Yonkers has their own tax as well.

Jenny asks…

I need to find an affordable 2 bedroom apartment in the Bronx, NY. Where should I look?

Administrator answers:

Affordable in the Bronx for a 2 bedroom is gonna cost you over 1000.00, Unless you go to the slums, like 149th street/third ave area or Hunts point.

Susan asks…

Could I comfortably live in New York City?

I have a decent job but I still feel like its not enough. Say I’m making 3 grand a month. Is it possible to live comfortably in New York? ie – eat well, not have to live in the ghetto, be in or close enough to the city to be apart of NY. I would appreciate answers from people who live there… No Trolls! And if so, how comfortable? I want details of how poor i am. : )

Administrator answers:

Before taxes? If that’s your gross salary, then you can afford to live in a studio or small one bedroom (or basement apartment) in one of NYC’s outer boroughs, but nothing very close to Manhattan and a fairly long subway ride in (or beyond walking distance to the subway).

Landlords require you to earn 40x your monthly rent, annually. For example, with a salary of $36k/year, you would qualify for an apartment that has a monthly rent of $900 (plus utilities). Would you eat well? That depends on what you consider well. You would be much better off if you had a roommate and shared a two bedroom apartment. You’d not only save on rent and your other utilities (gas, electric, cable, phone, etc.), but you’d be able to stay a lot closer to Manhattan.

If you prefer to be on your own, there are some nice, affordable neighborhoods in south Brooklyn (Midwood, Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Sheepshead Bay, etc.) or eastern and northeastern Queens near the LIRR (Flushing, Auburndale, Fresh Meadows, Bayside, Whitestone, College Point, etc.), but again, most of these are quite a trek into Manhattan. Most of the Bronx in your budget would be in less desirable areas, and Staten Island, aside from being Staten Island, is a complicated and expensive journey into Manhattan, despite what some will have you believe.

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