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Your Questions About Affordable Studio Apartments In The Bronx

February 25, 2013

Mark asks…

affordable apartments in NYC?

where is a safe place in the city…close enough to NYC to work and enjoy the night life after work….but nothing outrageously expensive. (i know manhatten is expensive). something simple…not studio though. one bedroom, one bath or something like that…my husband and I would be living there. Just looking for ideas! also….how much do secretaries make in NYC? on average, how much an hour for lets say a legal secretary, etc? I’m 22 and have done secretary work for about 4 years now (not a long time but long enough to get the job done). just tossing up ideas in my head…..thanks

Administrator answers:

There’s some deals on the upper east side (97th st, border of harlem) if you get lucky, but they’ve been dissappearing in the last few years in favor of new expensive buildings. I have friends in Inwood (Around Dyckman st. Or 207th, near the A train. Don’t go too far east in that neighborhood.) If you live about 20-30 minutes further north, you can get a beautiful place in Riverdale (Western Bronx) for about the same price. It’s a little far from night life though. About an hour away from the heart of the city by bus and subway, or half an hour by express bus, but the express bus is $5 per ride.

You can also try 125th st. In Manhattan. I’ll bet there’s some deals in Queens, but I don’t know the neighborhood. I hear good things about the mafia controlled part of the Bronx (Arthur Ave). Then there’s Brooklyn and NJ, which are the most popular options. Which is why many of the reasonably priced options have moved further out. Still, the night life is better there and the commute isn’t too bad.

However, no native New Yorker like myself will ever suggest moving to New Jersey. I’m not exactly sure why, it just feels somehow wrong.

If your credit is good and you have some savings, you might be better off buying at the moment, depending on your long term plans.

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