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May 23, 2012

Helen asks…

How do I rid my apartment of fleas coming from the adjoining apartment?

I live in an apartment complex and my apartment is infested with fleas. I have bombed a few times, used powders and have tried topical treatments on my cat. Due to the adjoining apartments being infested due to their pets the fleas keep coming back. My poor cat! My complex does provide monthly pest control, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. What can I do?
I have tried flea colors also.

Administrator answers:

If your apartment complex is managed by a leasing company than they have the responsibility to take action on you neighbors uncleanly behavior, and fumugating both apartments. If not you may need to call the county health inspector. Your neighbor has a responsiblity not to encroach on your quality of living, and the county could persuad them to take appropriate actions to clean up the infestation. Best course of action would be to talk to your neighbor, hopefully they are a descent individuals who will sympathize with you predicament and make appropriate changes. If all else fails contact animal control in your county they may have policies regarding animals and co-use spaces.

Mandy asks…

How can I get an apartment as an unemployed college student?

I currently attend college and am living at home on parental support. I want to move out, and my parents are willing to help me, but most apartment applications want to see two pay stubs.

My goal is to get the apartment and then find a job immediately near campus. If this takes time my parents can help me make rent until that time comes.

I also have a room mate who does work. The apartment costs $450 a month, and there are two of us.

If I have a cosigner will the apartment complex ignore the fact that I am unemployed?

Administrator answers:

Um just ask the people who are renting the apartment.

There are ways.

Susan asks…

How can I keep my apartment from smelling like a litter box?

I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my 3 cats. What can I say I am a cat person. Anyway.. I have 2 litter boxes in the apartment and I buy the good kind of litter. I keep the boxes very clean but no matter what I do the apartment still smells like a litter box. I spray with air freshener and use febreeze but nothing seems to work. If you have any tips or tricks when it comes to litter boxes or on keeping my apartment smelling good that would be great. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I am a fan of World’s Best Cat Litter.This is corn based and keeps the
odors in check.You may also want to ad a box of baking soda every
so often.

Betty asks…

Are apartment employees allowed to enter a tenant’s apartment at any time when tenant is not home?

The apartment employee is using the technique of 1-90 day of checking on tenant to see if apartment is ready for main inspection which may happen within 1-90. After this 90 day period another pre-inspection will occur within 1-90 day. Does it seem like it’s giving them political freedow to come and go into a tenant’s apart. Again, does apartment employees have the right to enter a tenant’s apartment at any time when tenant is away or not.

Administrator answers:

NO ! 24 hour notice. Except in emergency

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