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October 7, 2012

Laura asks…

How do you order with an apartment address if the site I’m using only has one line for address?

To be clear, I’m trying to make an online purchase and I’m in the checkout right now. Most sites have two lines for the address for apartment and building number. This site doesn’t.

I was wondering what is the best way to order without causing confusion.

Such as

address: 1000 Carl Drive, Bldg. 555 Apt. 456

Would this be correct format? Please correct me.

Thank you

Administrator answers:

The way you have it is correct.

William asks…

How do I write the apartment address when shopping online?

I live in student apartments and in our community living guide they ask packages be addressed as such:
Resident’s Name
Name of Building
Address, Room #
City, ST ZIP

So, on the first line should I put the name of my building, or skip that altogether and just put the address and room number?

Administrator answers:

Most online sites offer 2 address lines, in addition to the name line and the city/state/zip line. In your circumstance, I would flip the address/room # with the name of the building when filling out the mailing info on the website.


Jane Doe——> on the name line
123 School Street, Apt 23——> “Address Line 1″
Honors Building——> “Address Line 2″
Anytown, AL 54321——> City, ST ZIP

This way, your school still has the crucial mailing info, and the company/mailing service (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc) can easily locate the address.

Thomas asks…

Should I use my parent’s address or my current apartment address for my passport information?

My current apartment address is in my college town where I’m working and taking classes. My work information(including tax information) and my bank account information are all linked to my current apartment‘s address where I’ve only been living for two months(after moving out of the dorm i lived in since last september). I’m sure a lot of other information is still linked to my parents address, so which would be best to use for my passport information

Administrator answers:

You should use your most current address, your apartment, but if you don’t think you’ll be living in your new apartment for very long it’s ok to use your parents address.

George asks…

How to write an Apartment Address?

I live in an off-campus college apartment, and I’m not sure how to write the address. This is not it, but it’s the same format. I live in the University Edge apartment complex, in building 12035, apartment H. This complex is on John Doe Rd. How should I write the address?

Administrator answers:

John Doe Rd.
University Edge Apartment Complex
North Sydney
NSW 2000

As an example, if it were in Australia!

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