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Your Questions About Apartment Address

February 6, 2013

Carol asks…

How to write my apartment address?

I just moved into a new apartment. My apartment is the letter I, and is always confused with the number 1 when I order something online. I NEVER receive my packages because people always get it wrong. How can I fix this? It is harder online because the letter I looks too similar to the number 1. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

12345 Some St. Apt “I” – when you put it in quotations it differentiates a letter from a number. Also be sure at put ‘Apt’ instead of ‘#’ hope it helps.

Helen asks…

How do I write my apartment address with the apartment letter?

It’s apartment D
32 Western Ave.

How would I write that?

Administrator answers:

Joe Blow
32 Western Ave. Apt. D
Any town, State, zip

Betty asks…

Can I Use Suite for an Apartment Address?

I run my web design business out of an office in my apartment. I’m getting my own envelopes made and was wondering if I can use “Suite F” instead of “APT F” to make it more professional. Would this be okay?

Administrator answers:

The most appropriate substitution I have seen used by others in your situation is to designate your address as “UNIT” F.

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