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May 28, 2013

Robert asks…

How do you fill out an apartment address? what goes where?

im going to move into an apartment with my fiancee soon and i dont know how to fill out an address form if im going to live in an apartment

Administrator answers:

Firstname Lastname
123 Address Street, Apartment 2-C (or whatever your apartment number is)
City, State, Zipcode

John asks…

How to address a letter to an apartment?

how would i send a letter to an apartment with a mail box if that makes sense. For example:
Apt. No. 1234
Address of Apartments: 5678 Main Street
mail box 910
and all the other stuff.

Administrator answers:

Don’t bother, apartments can’t read.

Sandra asks…

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Administrator answers:

A call girl is not going to give you her address or come to your address. She will meet you in a hotel though.

Sandy asks…

how to write an address with apartment number on internet web?

im doing a online survay thing its asking for my address but i live in an apartment its 1255 east 1000 north morgan hall room number 302. how do i write that? and what if they dont give me a big enough box to write it in?? and what is the address number two thing that i always see on the internet when im filling out my information?

Administrator answers:


Laura asks…

How do I include my apartment in my address?

I’m filling out an application online and the address portion doesn’t give me the option to include my apartment number. How do I go about doing that?

Administrator answers:

Let’s say you live at 123 Main St., Apt. B.

You can write 123-B Main St.

Lizzie asks…

how to write an apartment address?

Okay I keep looking around the internet trying to find out how to write an address on mail with the apartment number in it, but I keep getting confused so I will show what im trying to write. and for you to put it in the correct order would be wonderful. for names ill put ## and numbers ill do fake numbers.

the apartment name is ### village apartments
the street address is 1234 wondering way
the apartment number is 608
the city is sacramento
ca, 95682.
so if you could put it in order on how to write it that would be great!

Administrator answers:

1234 Wondering Way, Apt 608
Sacramento, CA 95682

If writing to someone who lives at the apartments you do not need to include the name of the development. But if you are trying to mail the apartments office you do include the name.

Ken asks…

How to find out who owns a Coop Apartment – have the address?

I’ld like to find out who owns a particular coop apartment. I have the address and would like to do a reverse look up of the owner. The property is in Brooklyn, NY. I did a search on for the property but it shows that the whole building is owned by a company, and there are no individual owners for each apartment. Where else can I look?

Administrator answers:

A coop apartment does not have an individual owner.

A coop is set up as a corporation who owns the entire building. All of the apartments. An apartment “owner” actually does not buy thier apartment but only buys shares of the coop, and in return for this coop ownership recieves an apartment.

There are many negitives issues that have hurt coops and that is why individucal ownership of individual apartments instead of a coop style.

So the corporation owns it, so you would be buying shares in the coop to take over an apartment there

Carol asks…

How do I write an address with apartment number?

My friend just gave me an address and I’m not sure how to write it.
Assume the info is:

Name: John Doe
Street: 425 River Dr.
Apartment number: B403
City: Richmond
State: VA
Zip: 24953

What would all that look like on an envelope?

Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Mr. John Doe
425 River Dr. Apt. B403
Richmond, VA 24953

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