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Your Questions About Apartment Address Line

June 24, 2012

David asks…

I accidentally put my apartment number in the first line of my address when getting something shipped to me.?

So I put my apartment number in the same line as my address, not in the second line. Will they still ship it to the right address?

Administrator answers:

Depeding on where you bought the goods from, you can always call/contact the seller and let them know. Whether it’s eBay or a clothing store, your receipt should give you the information.

Carol asks…

When you put your address on the Internet for an item to be sent to you. Whats the point of address line 2?

I live in a house and never used the address line 2 before because I lived in a apartment. Do I need to put it in?

Administrator answers:

I think it’s for when you need more room. In certain places the address gets really long and so they need more space. Maybe there’s a character limit or something

Maria asks…

Can you Help me determine Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 for my address?

My address is as:

state: Esfahan
town: Najafabad
distict/province: Yazdanshahr
street: eastern #th street
Number #

please pay attention that this is not an apartment!
or maybe it should be just in one line

Administrator answers:

Ok so …Line 1 is the number and the street. Line 2 is the town then a dash, then the district, then a comma, then the state. Hope this helps.

Chris asks…

What is the correct way to write an address with a apartment number?

Do you put the apartment number in the first line with the street address or do you put it in a second line by itself?

Administrator answers:

Depends, but generally you put the unit number first with a dash ‘”-” then the street address.

Nancy asks…

Is there a Better Business Bureau for Brazil? Would like to confirm an on-line apartment rental agency.?

Is there a Better Business Bureau for Brazil? Would like to confirm an on-line apartment rental agency called GH Travel – Rio de Janeiro before I rent an apartment. Address is:

Praia do Flamengo nº 120
Room 105
Flamengo – Rio de Janeiro

Administrator answers:

Yes there is link below

Ruth asks…

Only one address line but don’t know what to do to fill it out properly?

I’m trying to order something off of a website, and to give my shipping address there is only one text box for address instead of two, and I live in an apartment. (Zipcode,country, and state are all in different boxes and have been filled out) How do I properly list my apartment number?

House number Street Name Apartment number? (in that order with no commas?)

Administrator answers:

It would be listed this way -

123 My St. # 2 – or if there is room for it use Apt 2 instead of the # symbol…………sometimes those address boxes look like they will just stop as you are typing ( and some do that ) but others will let you keep typing for a while before reaching the end

You can abbreviate street as St, boulevard as BL or Blvd, and road as Rd

Charles asks…

how can i write the address line 1 and 2?

hi, i am going to buy a book on but i can’t fill up the form coz i don’t know what to write in address line 1 and 2.
please help me translate it if my address is like this.

12345 blahblah place,
temecula, CA 92592

i don’t live in an apartment. XD


Administrator answers:

Just leave the line blank.

Its there incase you need it.

The address format is

12345 blahblahblah place
temecula, CA 92592


12345 blahblahblah place
apartment 1
temecula, Ca 82592

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