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June 13, 2013

Paul asks…

Ordering online, proper shipping address?

Let’s say you live in an apartment.

1234 Street name, apartment 200. If you were ordering something online, where would your apartment number go, line one or tine two? I’ve always thought line two.

Does it change anything if you want it delivered to your apartment mailbox building and not to your door?


Address line 1: (address number) (address name) (Pkwy/St/Blvd or whatever is appropriate)
Address line 2: (apartment number)

Correct? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Joe mogandotts
1234 anyplace ave
apt 1313
anytown, rhode island

Mark asks…

How do I put this address in correctly if I want to order a package online?

I want to send someone a gift on AMAZON but don’t know how to put it in.
Address line 1:
(Street address, P.O. box, company name, c/o )

Address line 2:
(Apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc. )

(i edited out personal information)
Blank University
321 N. Blankland Blvd.
Campus Box 3844
Town, zipcode

which parts do i put in the address boxes?

Administrator answers:

Blank University
321 N. Blankland Blvd, #3844

Mary asks…

If I write my address in the wrong lines on he back of the title, will I have to get a new title for a car?

i just bought a used car from a private buyer and i was writing my name and address on the back. It said write address ; city and state. I didnt have enough room for the apartment number and used the next line. Are they super hardcore about stuff like that anf will I have to get a new title because of it?

Administrator answers:

Shouldn’t be a problem. You have to get a new title now that you purchased the car, to pay taxes and registration or whatever it is your state requires. You’re the one walking it in to the DMV, so you can show them that you screwed it up and they should be okay. If they aren’t okay with it (very doubtful), you would have to go back to the seller and make them get a new title, and sell it to you (on the title) again.

Charles asks…

where do i put my apartment number on the shipping order?

i want to order battlefield 3 from gamestop and i live in an apartment. my question is where do i put my apartment number when it asks me for my address. i put it on the address 1 at first but it says it doesn’t recognize it and suggests i put it on the address 2 line. what should i do
BTW: i don’t want anyone mentioning that i should get MW3 instead of battlefield i don’t want this freaking thread to be about the war between the 2 games

Administrator answers:

Normally you write
123 Main St. Apt 4A
Happy Lane, MA
zip code

George asks…

When buying online what is Address line 1 and Address line 2?

So, when you go to fill out the billing information, and it requires an Address, what’s the difference between Address Line 1 and 2?
So if I live in a regular house under number 13, I write my street and number to Address line 1?

Administrator answers:

Line 2 is for like an apartment or unit number. Line 1 is your actual street address

Richard asks…

What if my two current jobs have diffferent state addresses?

I haven’t done my taxes yet (oops) because i am not sure how to file. i keep all my paperwork at my home address (my dad’s) but also have an apartment over the state line. I technically live at both still because i share the apartment and i am not always there. I work two jobs and one has my dad’s address, the other the apartment address. Since my dad’s is in illinois and my apartment is in wisconsin, how should i file?

Administrator answers:

Some states have specific rules on whether you pay income tax or not if you were a resident or not.

Even though people may not agree with me, i always encourage people to do their own taxes by using turbo tax. Its a great tax software and it will ask you every quetion that a tax preparer would ask you. You also can buy both state to see how to handle you personal tax situation.

Hope this helps.

William asks…

How do I fill in the Amazon shipping address right?

okay so i have never ordered off amazon before and i live in south africa. I don’t know how to do the shipping address because i don’t live in an apartment. What do i type in to address line 1 and 2? please help

Administrator answers:

You type YOUR ADDRESS. Duh.

Donald asks…

How do I write Colombian addresses on envelopes?

I’m trying to order from a UK website to ship to Colombia. It gives the usual:
Address Line 1
Address Line 2 (optional)
City or Suburb
State, Region or Province
ZIP or Postcode

How do I set out a Colombian address in this format? The address I have seems to go:
Address Line 2 (or village)
Address Line 1 (his apartment number and street name)


Administrator answers:


Betty asks…

What is the meaning of the, in care of, address line1 and address line2, which I faced in an application form?

When I was filing an application form I was asked to fill out the three text boxes of the mailing address field with the labels of in care of, address line one, and address line two. Only one is required the other two are optional. Can I fill the three boxes with three different addresses? Will they send the response to me by mail to all the three addresses? Please explain in care of, address line one and address line two to me.

Administrator answers:

In case you don’t have a permanent place BUT you have permanent address (family home) then the mail will be sent to your permanent address, “in care of” your father/ mother’s name.

Address line 1 & 2 is just to make sure that there are enough spcae to fill in your address details. Some address can be very long & complicated. Example of long address: XXXX complex, south, phase 1, tower #1, apartment# 2000, downtown xxxx, city xxx, post office code xxx, province xxx, country xxxx. So, you are expected to fill in 1 address details, the one that will surely reached you.


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