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December 3, 2012

Ruth asks…

Why “Company Confidential”?

This may be a silly question, but I don’t know why we sometimes see “Company Confidential” on job searching.
How come those companies want to hide their name/contact info/etc?

I sent my resume to a “Company Confidential”, and I will get an interview soon. But this “Company Confidential” gave me only cell phone numbers and an address where is a residential area. (which means the interview will be @ a house/apartment!) I am a bit scared to go.

So, I want to know good reason(s) why some companies want to be “Company Confidential.”
Please please please somebody help my question! Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Usually because they’re doing their hiring through an agency.

Thomas asks…

Suspicous craigslist replies?

Hello i am a painter and searched for jobs on craigslist and replied to two jobs with my resume and recieved these replies


Good Day and thanks for your response to my ad as posted on Craigslist.

I will start by introducing myself briefly; I am Marcus Rankins. I am a Pathologist by profession, presently work with European Public Health Alliance under the inspection of W.H.O/UNICEF as a microbiologist/Researcher; I do more of humanitarian work which is out of my real profession. Moreover, Presently i am working on a project here in Northern Ireland, about treatment of water and to educate Communities on intensive health-care.The project was initiated by UNICEF in conjunction with EPHA; I led the troop to actualize the conclusion of the project.
When i read your message it shows your effectiveness and i think I’m going to be satisfied if i let you handle the painting,I’m looking for a good and honest person to help me paint my new home within the area….I’m willing to pay $600 for you to do the painting of my two bedroom flat,as for the painting material’s i will be responsible for all that because i need a good quality painting job.
The $600 is for your service alone,i think this is a reasonable price,Date and time would be provided by new landlord,as soon as I’m done making payments to you for the painting he will be taking you to new apt address in person immediately once i contact him that i have finally paid for the painting service.
I want the painting to be done before i get back to the states,i already made arrangements for the payment and also the keys to the apartment,my landlord will be showing you the apartment so the locations shouldn’t be a problem,he will be there to help you,i will be calling my landlord so that he can be around the house for you to do the painting.

I will instruct my client to arrange the money he owe me to you either by Certified Cashier Check/Money Order
So you can deduct the $600 which i believe is a reasonable amount for painting job for the two bed room flat,and have the remaining funds wired to the landlord via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER OR MONEY GRAM MONEY TRANSFER so he can bring down the keys to you and he would be available when you can start the painting,the remaining funds you will be wiring to the landlord is the balance payment for my new apt you are going to paint,I’m only doing this cause I’m presently out of the states and i want things to go smooth and perfect before my return. If you think you can handle this job,kindly get back to me with these information

Full Name to appear on the check:
Contact Address :
Zip Code :
State :
Phone Number :

Make sure that you get back to me with your address details i requested so that i can check if its a far location,then i can be able to send you my address details where you will start the painting job for me ASAP, I will be waiting to hear back from you,God bless.

Thanks .
Marcus Rankins

i recieved a second reply that is very similar 2 bed apartment out of country in the philipines keep 400 send the other 1000 to the landlord help is very appretiated
also i said i needed to speak to the person on the phone and they used an unkown number….

Administrator answers:

Yep – absolute scam – especiallyy asking for all of that info.

Just tell him to transfer it directly to your account via Paypal – takes a few days from OS and much safer – and you will probably hear back from him saying he can’t access his accounts from where he is!

Betty asks…

Is this a scam i need to know ASAP!?

i contacted someone on craigslist about house cleaning i said i was 17 which i am and this sounds fishy!

Good Morning,

How are you doing today?

Am so sorry for my late response. I have
received your resume message. My name is Briana Levisohn,
the house is a two bedroom unfurnished apartment. My Financier in the
states will be responsible for handling the payment. I will be coming
from United Kingdom on 15 August 2011 to relocate at Your location Area.

I will like you to know you will be responsible for general cleaning
of hallways (dusting, vacuuming and mopping), doors, windows, pick up
trash in common areas, sweeping and changing light bulbs etc. I am a
consultant currently working with WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (W.H.O),
so I want you to know that my client will be sending you the payment
in form of business check, which you will get soonest, because i
don’t want any delay about this cleaning , i want the house to look as
clean as possible..I will be paying you $1000 every 2 weeks if you are
willing to help in cleaning the house.

More so, i will need your reputable trust and favor , i have made
arrangements with a painter to paint the rooms for me prior to my
arrival So my client will be sending you a check of ($2850), so
you will take out $500 for your first week and send the rest $2350 to
the painter via western union which i will be giving you the painter’s
where you will be sending the money to as soon as i get it from her
and the tracking # for the check from my client, i will want you to
email me your full name and address for the check to be delivered to
you by tomorrow, please do email me your full correct address and
don’t send a P.O box, so that the payment wont get lost ….



First name……………….
Last name…………………
Door step street address……………
Zip/Postal code……………
Home phone………………..
Cell phone…………………
Current position in Occupation………..

Hope all this arrangement is Okay with You , if so do email back as
soon as possible so that i can make the arrangement for the check asap,
don’t make any mistake when sending your details because i don’t
want the payment to get lost. The Keys to the house and the address is
already with the painter and she will update you as soon as the funds
are sent to her, I will really appreciate your effort and i strongly
believe you will enjoy working with me.

Best Regards.

Administrator answers:

LoL its a very famous cheque cashing scam, So my client will be sending you a check of ($2850), so
you will take out $500 for your first week and send the rest $2350 to
the painter via western union which i will be giving you the painter’s

What ends up happening is the cheque ends up bounching lol. So you end up paying the full 2850 since he won’t be at fault for the bounced checque.
Tell him you accept cash only :) he will run away No no better yet. Tell him you reported him to the police. He will be havin panic attacks for weeks :D

Donald asks…

Employment question, relocating to a different state for work?

I have a dilemma, I’ve been unemployed for over a year, I live in California, my field is Retail/Visual Merchandising, the city where I live has very few to almost nothing available in my field of work, I’ve been applying and even changed my resume in a variety of ways, I’m not changing the info on the resume, just the presentation, and have gotten no call backs, also applied for other types of jobs, restaurant, clerical, etc. 99.9% of the job openings do not want walk-ins or accept phone calls, very few will ask that you apply in person, so I know for a fact that I’m doing the right thing. Lets face it, I’m getting no where.

I have a few friends in the same situation, they have either moved or plan on moving;
I never had a problem in the past getting a job, but now the city is so crowded and congested that even when I apply in person, I stand in line 3 hours;
So it has nothing to do with me, it’s just I’m in the wrong city.

The neighboring state of Nevada is higher in unemployment than California, however, when it comes to Retail/Visual Merch, I find that there is much more and have been wanting to send my resume but don’t believe they will call if someone is out of state.

My decision to move to Nevada is a definite one, unless I want to starve here in SO CAL.

I have been looking into month to month apartments in Nevada, because with me being unemployed It’s obvious no one will cut me a lease. There is a place where they will allow me to pay a 3 month lease up front, I do have some savings. Problem is that this apartment complex is fancy so everything extra would be too much monthly. The other option is living in an extended stay suite for a month or two till i find a job, that way I don’t have to pay utilities, internet, etc. sounds like a better plan. So my question is- If I apply for jobs in Nevada and I’m staying at the hotel suite, would they now the current address is a hotel? can they find out or would it be bad, and would that stop them from hiring me?
In other words, is it bad to have a hotel address on your resume even if it’s only for a few months? I wouldn’t be mentioning it’s a hotel
Again, the resume is not the problem, in the past I have gotten phone calls the next day, I live in a city that is very congested, there are 300 applicants per job.

Administrator answers:

I have been out of work 9 Months and live on Long Island which is very expensive and I am too chicken to move. Anyway why not see if you can do a short term room rental? Go to or craigslist and see if someone can let you live month to month till you find a job then you can get your own place. Hotels are very expensive and this maybe the way to go.

Also you never know who ever you rent a room from may know someone who is hiring.

Good luck with everything.

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