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Your Questions About Apartment Address On Resume

April 24, 2012

Sharon asks…

When can my fiance start using my address?

My fiance and I are getting an apartment. I’ve already found one and I’m signing the lease tomorrow. But my fiance is out of state and won’t be back here for nearly 2 more weeks, so he won’t be added to the lease until then. Can he start using the apartment address for filling out stuff like resumes and applications? Or will that cause issues if he’s not on the lease quite yet?
Sophie, you should probably take your lectures elsewhere. You know nothing of us or our situation.

Administrator answers:

Never never never take a person’s word if there is a contract to be signed. If you get in there by signing the lease then know there’s a chance you might have to pay the full rent so I hope you’re able to do so. If he comes in later then the apartment complex might consider him an add-on and any contract would be between you and him as a visitor and he won’t be responsible on the rental contract if anything occurs between the two of you. So once signed plan to pay the rent in total for that year, there’s no getting out of it. And no, he won’t be added to the lease “then”. It doesn’t work that way. Sounds to me like he’s being sneaky. I’m not sure why you’re concerned about your fiance using your address, it’s just two weeks and he says he’ll be there.

Steven asks…

is it fine to use a mailboxes etc address on a job app/resume?

the address looks like a legit real street address so i don’t think they will care since it’s not a PO box, but i’m wondering what hiring/human resources think of me using my mailboxes etc address on my apps/resume since i’m in the process of moving into a new apartment and it’s nice have the MBE address being permanent?

Administrator answers:

It seems like a good idea. You can even add a note on your app: that you are using the mailbox to protect your privacy…. But you are willing to give the company any information they need for you to start working there. Any employer would see that as reasonable.
They don’t really need an address until you are hired.

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