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January 15, 2013

John asks…

I need to find a place to rent but I have bad credit?

I have no repo’s but I have outstanding credit card debts and medical debts, every apartment ad I have looked at says credit check required, how am I suppossed to deal with this problem?

Administrator answers:

Be up front and let them know that you have outstanding debt and how you’re taking care of it. Honesty, surprisingly, blows them away.

Offer to pay a larger deposit, right off the bat. State you understand you do not have great credit and that you’re taking steps to rectify that, but that you’re willing to pay a higher deposit to make them more comfortable.

Take a look at your credit report too, there are lots of free programs. Make sure all of it is truly yours and that there are no duplicates. Have answers ready so when a potential landlord pulls your credit, you can explain the mistakes and inconsistencies and show them you’re pro-active at the same time! Good luck!!

Laura asks…

How do I find a condo or house to rent in Beaverton, OR?

I only seem to find apartments to rent. Or does anyone know where can I find lease option to buy condos?

Administrator answers:

Try I am the one selling a home and found the person that will lease-to-own on this site. You might also try
You can also find some on and

Daniel asks…

Can I rent a house from the owner and rent the rooms in the house to other people?

I found an apartment for rent by owner. My plan is to rent the entire apartment by myself and give the individual rooms for rent to other people.. Can I do that?
I live in perth Australia

Administrator answers:

If the lease says subletting is OK then yes you can otherwise you are out of luck. I’ve been big on keeping my finances in order from the day I got out of school and thought I’d do this after starting to work full time. Was I wrong….talk about a freaking nightmare! I put ads in a few papers and got lots of calls which was ok. Problem was almost every one of the people inquiring were not going to be able to come up with all the upfront money I was asking for (I’ve had tons of roommates and have friends that are landlords so I was asking for a deposit, 1st and last month’s rent). All these people would ask me if there was a way around the upfront money. Why in the hell would I ask for it if I didn’t want it and why in the world would you dare call me to see if I’d forgive it when I don’t even know you (there in lies the reason why I and other landlords ask for upfront money)? The 3% of people who didn’t broach this issue instead had “baggage” that would most likely make the living situation for all of us worse (new couple with a newborn, lady with a hyper dog, kid who doesn’t have steady income because he just started in sales, elderly wheelchair-bound woman who’s ditching her abusive marriage/looking for a cheap crash pad). After 6 weeks of no hope of just finding a normal employed person who just wanted my cheap rent and nice place to share, I gave up. I paid for the place through the term racking up my extra expenses on a credit card, moved to something cheaper and paid off my losses. Lesson learned. I hope your experience is better.

I should have known better already. My sister has been a landlord (not totally by choice-long story) and has a long line of bad renter situations even after doing extensive credit/work history checks on her tenants. When you sublet a place you effectively turn into the landlord and from everything I’ve heard it’s a crappy position to be in. I good renter situation is very rare. That’s why leases are so strict. Hope things go good for you though.

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