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January 30, 2013

Maria asks…

How to convert a 1 bedroom apt into 2 bedrooms?

I heard some people saying they can ‘convert’ a 1 bedroom apartment into 2 bedrooms. How do they do that? Build a wall down the middle? Often I see an ad for rent like “2Bedroom Converted Apartment“. How would you split a 1BR into 2BR while still maintaining privacy?

Administrator answers:

It can be done, but probably shouldn’t be if you’re going to be renting it out, and not using it yourself. There wouldn’t be enough space. I’ve seen some closets actually turned into rooms with a lot of work and creativity, but it depends on the size. If you’re looking to create a seperate space for yourself, consider doing something non permanent and interesting, like using dividers or screens to semi block off the area. A good thing to do it take the dimensions of the room, draw it out, copy it, and play around with lighting and placement of furniture. It will give you a good idea of what would work and let you play around with options without breaking your back.
In my house, the advertised it as “3 bedrooms”. I have 2 downstairs, and the whole area upstairs is my room. I toook half of it though, the area near the stairs that has good lighting, and turned it into a reading area. I haven’t quite figured out how to semi block it off yet, but it seems seperate, and if I wanted to sell, I would be ok with selling it as a 3 bedroom plus office area.
If you own the place, you can do whatever you want. I’ve considered changing a closet into built in shelf space to make things more accessible, and make it seem like having more space.
Hope this helps a bit. Have fun!

Sandy asks…

What is the best way to find apartments or houses for rent?

I’m a college student and I would like to find an apartment or house within a decent drive to my job. I keep looking at websites online with no luck on anything matching what I’m looking for. I just need a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment or house within 50-60 miles of Gastonia, NC. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Apartment locaters can find apartments. You can find them in the yellow pages. Newspaper ads are good. Driving around the area will help.

Nancy asks…

How can you get an apartment in Chicago with bad credit?

My friend is trying to get an apartment and has not been approved yet. He applied for two different apartments, both of which he was not accepted due to his bad credit. What can a person do to get around this problem. He makes plenty of money, he just has a bad credit history. Does anyone know what he can do short of getting a cosigner?

Administrator answers:

You’ll need to rent from a private individual. It will help if you have a previous good rental history. I’d check the local newspaper, but don’t fall for those “good credit bad credit” ads and I’d chk Craigslist for rentals. You can also chk bulletin boards in public places for rental lisitings by private parties.

Richard asks…

When is the earliest I can call someone on a Sunday morning?

I just found the perfect apartment for rent this morning, but since today is Sunday I’m not sure when I can call to ask about it.

When can I call him? Should I wait until noon? I already emailed him at 7 a m. this morning.

Administrator answers:

If they have an ad re an apartment, then 10AM would be fine.

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