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February 23, 2013

Thomas asks…

When looking at Craigslist apartment ads, is the price per week or per month?

If I’m looking at an ad for say a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment on Craigslist and it says $500, does it mean $500 a week, or $500 a month?
Or is every ad different?

Administrator answers:

Most apartments the lease or rent is per month.

John asks…

Where is the best place to find houses for rent listed in Greenville, SC?

I have been checking craigslist and the newspaper and they are bogged down with apartment complex and scam ads. Where can i find LOTS of houses listed for rent in Greenville SC?

Administrator answers:


Linda asks…

What would a sleeping room be?

I have seen ads for rent calling them sleeping rooms. How would this compare to an apartment? Would this room include a bed and furniture or any type of kitchen? Should I consider a sleeping room or is an apartment better?

Administrator answers:

In my area that means you are renting a room in which to sleep. Sometimes they indicate additional privileges, like kitchen. An apartment is the whole enchilada, kitchen, bathrooms, living space and bedrooms.

Michael asks…

Where is the best place to find apartments in Juneau, AK besides craigslist?

I would like to know the best website to find apartments in Juneau, AK thats not craigslist because they seem to be lacking right now. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Juneau has a very low apartment vacancy rate, especially during the summer and legislative session. It’s hard to get an apartment in Juneau, many times when you call about an ad, you’ll find out the apartment has already been rented. It’s easiest to find a place after the seasonal workers leave and before the legislative session begins.

I do have a couple suggestions though about places to look on the web. Check the Juneau Empire classifieds. Also check the University of Alaska Southeast off-campus housing list. Links below.

If you will or do work for a large employer (university, NOAA, Bartlett) see if you can get a secretary to send out an email saying what type of housing you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay for rent.

Really though, it’s hard to get a good place without hearing about things by word of mouth.

Mary asks…

How hard is it to go to Community College and live in apartment ?

I’m 17 soon to become 18. I have to move out my home in order to become successful in college ( Doesn’t have to be explained) But This is the road i must overcome ad least for one year then get into a dorm at another college

Administrator answers:

I have a 19 year old cousin who is faring well. She has a full-time job and goes to class 3-4 times a week. She has enough money to afford her insurance payments and goes out a LOT. If you don’t go out too much, and if you can find a roomie, you should do well and still have some money for yourself.

She doesn’t pay for rent (lives at her mom’s) nor does she buy groceries. Depending on how good your job is, you can either be slightly uncomfortable or have little to no wiggle room. Sit down one day and calculate it all out. Good luck!

William asks…

How much would it be to rent one bedroom flat in Dubai for a month?

Preferably at Sheikh Zayed Road or Jumeirah.

And I’m not asking per month, but to rent it just for one month.

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

1.A one bedroom is almost impossible these days unless you can afford a hike of AED5000- AEd1000.
2. Or sometimes in the summer, some poeple rent out their home when they go vacation. So if you check newspapers ads you may get lucky and find soemthing that meet your dates.
3. You must go via agencies who will sublet you leisure apartments or many hotel apartments offere short stay facilities but most of them are not on Sheik Zayed or Jumeirah. These are prime locations.
You will need to look at BurDubai hotel apartment which offers both comfort and easy in-out of city.
Good Luck!

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